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    Finally got a Christmas avi up. Here's the full pic!
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    I rewatched the Peanuts Movie today. It's the gold standard for film adaptations of long-running franchises and it's almost a shame that a sequel won't happen.
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    Alright, time for me to bail SSMB and I'll probably miss showing up tomorrow as 2B drops into Soul Calibur 6 and I want to see how she plays (I'm a casual fighting game player and don't play online but still enjoy trying out new characters). So take care SSMB and I'll catch everyone later.
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    Apologies if anyone mentioned this, but Tee Lopes just dropped his first album. https://teelopes.bandcamp.com/releases
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    I beat Kingdom Hearts 1!

    I beat Kingdom Hearts 1!
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    The Rhythm Heaven spirits are out to play. I see.
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    Rediscovered Markiplier's pro-trans Tweet today and it's still wonderful to see him voicing his opinion and most of his fans backing him on it
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    When you got soap in your eyes (Pic)
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    Made a new video game medley! https://soundcloud.com/sirkoto51/another-day
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