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    06 rewrite image dump

    06 rewrite image dump
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    Forgot to show it earlier, but check out this snazzy Death Egg Disco Ball made by @Spin Attaxx for this year's Musical Spectacular badge.
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    Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation...
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    Today has been a wonderful day! My aunt finally recovered from her Corona virus infection and my Bachelor's Degree with high honors arrived in the mail as well!
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    Best bud came out as trans today! So proud of her!
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    ouch lol

    ouch lol
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    AoStH episode pitch: Dr. Robotnik replaces Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts with Slicer, Asteron, and Shellcracker - a crack-team of elite Badniks from Metropolis Zone - who prove to be much more efficient at thwarting Sonic. Sonic and Tails have to team up with the old SSSSS Squad to sabotage the new robots and get the old ones their jobs back.
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    Made a pixel art beach:
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    3 reactions and I level up? Any volunteers?
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    Remember the fangame project I'm a part of, which remakes Sonic Chronicles? One of the original developers, who worked on the core design of the game, gave us a nod of approval. ...w-wha...?
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    "A coronavirus? You mean like the one that DOESN'T EXIST!"
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    Real talk; I genuinely support characters that most people would shut down because it's not Doomguy or Dante or Geno, etc. Nothing against the characters themselves or their fans, but I'm actually kind of sick seeing people consistently put these kinds of characters on their wishlists and being all aggro to other people when it's not that character. Henceforth, I support the idea of adding completely new franchises to each Challenger Pack so people can broaden their horizons to game genres beyond all the mainstream schlock. This doesn't mean I want NO big names (Sora and Crash are among my most wanted); I just gravitate more towards characters who simply have potential for a fun moveset, regardless of whether or not they're popular. It's like Sakurai said with Terry: fun gameplay is more important than how much of a superstar a character is.
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    sakurai be like "yeah i couldn't beat those spirit battles either, heres how to cheese them"
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    This is how Twitter acts like whenever Nintendo tweets something out
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    I fucking love this game lol

    I fucking love this game lol
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    I was looking through my old stuff and put all my Genesis-era Sonic games together for the hell of it.
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    (tweet) HOLY SHIT

    (tweet) HOLY SHIT
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    Pretty pumped about all this myself tbh as the current trajectory of western animation is exactly what I used to dream about 10 years ago. (of course in said dreams my future self was part of said revolution rather than watching from the sidelines like i am a decade later but hey)
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    Sonic Battle is honestly an unsung hero of getting Sonic's story tone pretty dang good. The plot overall is taken pretty seriously, but there's still a ton of comedic moments and snappy dialogue. It's neither hamfistedly dark nor does it make Sonic a parody of itself; It finds a nice happy-medium that I'd love to see in more games.
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    Make this one of the like-reaction thingies on SSMB please
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    Noooooo I’m dying XD

    Noooooo I’m dying XD
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    Honestly? I really REALLY dig this.
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    I'm so glad that I went back to Unleashed this week. I played it and all the other mainline 3D because I wanted to see what my opinions were on all of them, because recent years (Colours onwards) have left me wanting so much more from the Sonic series. SA1 was a delightful experience. SA2 was frustrating but really good when the stars aligned. Heroes was frustrating and boring. ShTH was frustrating and bad. '06 was a clusterfuck of unfinished good game design, sloppy game design and the worst aesthetic direction. Colours was decent. Dull but ultimately better than I remembered. Generations was like Colours but a bit better. And then there's Unleashed. Why SEGA thought it was a good idea to include the Werehog considering that Sonic had been through critically by 2008 I'll never understand. And they were so focused on the delivery of a Sonic game for Christmas that they squandered their chances of having Unleashed received well by putting it out the door when it was still so unpolished and unbalanced. But the game aside from the obvious issues... Holy shit. It's really good. The game has style, it's huge, it's exciting and it's so full of personality. Everything lacking in Colours, Generations, Lost World and Forces is right there in Unleashed. I forgot how sparing the 2D sections were in this game, and the fact that the game didn't feel at all arbitrarily segregated into 2D and 3D like subsequent boosters. Sonic is ridiculously slippery on the ground, but he's actually got control over his jumps; he can turn in mid air and gain or lose lose speed at the push of the analogue stick. And the levels are so fast and so big. Each one is an adventure. The Werehog isn't bad either. It doesn't belong and it's certainly repetitive, but it's not unpleasant. Iron out the cheap deaths, fix up the performance, tighten Sonic's insane controls and streamline the hubs... Then Unleashed would be a great game.
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    Indigo Rush

    New job, woopwoop!

    New job, woopwoop!
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    So, I just saw the Spongebob musical online. That was actually really charming! The songs (Written by many famous artists) were solid, the actors really nail their respective roles, and the story had a really good message. You can really tell everyone involved was a big Spongebob fan. Really glad I finally watched it.
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    *dramatically pulls off sheet* "hey, it's not his laziness. he's using the chaos lasagna to nap!" (also some more new art in my art thread)
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    Absolutely stellar OST that barely gets any recognition: The Sega CD version of Ecco the Dolphin: Seriously, this OST is absolutely mesmerizing.
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    Baby crocodiles sound like Star Wars lasers.
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    Today will go down as the day that Nintendo finally remembered Baby Wario existed.
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    Yo so I heard something Pokemon related happened today, how was tha- ... at least we have Pokemon Snap...
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    I did a lil' fanart for the big day:

    I did a lil' fanart for the big day:
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    In a parallel universe, Sonic Adventure 2 opens with Eggman releasing a character who would become Sonic's rival and change the series forever: It's-a WAAAAANIC, the greediest 'hog around! He tells Eggman to "bring-a me more Chaos Emeralds, you worth-for-nothing human" but doesn't actually have a plan for world conquest; he just swipes the Emeralds and hocks 'em for cash. Then he spends the whole game running around stealing everything that isn't glued down, calling Sonic names every time they run into each other. He becomes a fan-favorite and gets his own spinoff where he fights the Hook Arms, a rowdy crew of space pirates led by the charismatic Captain Doom, in which he crashes their comet and takes all their treasure. But then he gets a bunch of minigame collections and never goes on adventures again.
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    We get a glimpse of the footage, storyboards and voice acting for the Cuphead Show on netflix!
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    Jacob/Alpharad in a recent video came out as bi in a recent video. Nice good on him! He didn’t even make it a big deal, he just casually brought it up
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    checks out.

    checks out.
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    Dreams are powerful things. You just accept the weird crap that happens in it and give zero questions why it's happening other than acknowledging it as though it actually is. Like, just recently I was like "Holy crap, why did no one tell me we had a Sonic and Digimon Tamers cross over??" as I watched it unfold. Like it was a real thing that existed. But it did not. Alas, it was a dream.
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    To my fellow American SSMB users (And I suppose others if they want): Tomorrow is Blackout Day Please participate if at all possible by not spending money unless absolutely necessary (i.e. Emergencies or unexpected problems) all of tomorrow.
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    Woo! Got approved with excelled grades this "semester". Including 6 (Six !) 10/10 grades. Thanks Quarantine, I guess. Apparently this SU wasn't published.
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    Sticks next pls

    Sticks next pls
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    every copy of sonic forces is fursonalized
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    Pelvic WOO! engine

    Wh0'5 THa7 PõK€Moñ?

    Wh0'5 THa7 PõK€Moñ?
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    The First Amendment means that the government cannot arrest you, fine you, or otherwise criminalize you for your expression. It does not mean that you can't be criticized, fired, boycotted, socially shunned, banned from websites, or face any number of other consequences. It astounds me how many grown adults either don't know or willfully feign ignorance of this basic distinction.
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    I hope everyone else is doing well during these very trying times.
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    This is great Part 2

    This is great Part 2
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    The three forms of Arle.

    The three forms of Arle.
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    Part of me is glad that I never bothered with TLOU at all.
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    He has no style He has no grace
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