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    EVO 2019 line up Melee is dead.
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    So how long before the inevitable “Spider-Verse wasn’t that good” crowd shows up?
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    This is a spectacular evening for the animation industry.
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    I can’t believe Sony Animation came from the Emoji Movie to Spider Verse. Feels like the first time Sony didn’t strangle them to do some stupid trend movie and let them create something with passion. Really happy with how much they’ve improved and upped their game when the chance presented itself.
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    Oh boy, it's that time of year at college again. Career Fair Day.
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    Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield Can't wait for Pokemon Gun
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    Hm, I tuned out after Best Animated Picture, but it's cool that Black Panther got Best Score. Not only is the composer incredibly talented, but the score was one of the things I liked about Black Panther.
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    Man, Miles really rose in quality and prominence after Bendis left him.
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    Spidey won? Phew, that's a relief. Now to wait and see how this affects things in the future, for Sony and the rest of the animation industry.
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    WE DID IT!

    WE DID IT!

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