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    Phew... I pushed myself to finish the animated Kirby dance today. I still intend to add a background, music and maybe some other effects. The next time I show this off, it'll be my second completed animation.
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    A bunch of concept art for a Chaotix remake idea I had.
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    Almost finished the Kirby dance. I animated his features separately and change the position for each frame. The moment when his hands, feet, mouth and cheeks freeze in place is the part I'm still working on.
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    One of the things that always makes me feel dumb is accidentally going backwards in a dungeon or something, and then taking a minute to realise what I've done before having to backtrack to where I was.
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    Two new Chaotix mockups, because I can't stop I guess.
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    Some mockups of my Chaotix remake concept.
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    Enjoy some sonic 2 art by me: Wing walker:
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    My sides have left orbit Again.
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    Now that Michel Ancel is leaving the games industry, my hope for a new Rayman game is even lower than before, and I was already close to rock bottom
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    Capcom vs. Tezuka... this is not something I expected to see, ever. (It's a Museum exhibition, in case anyone gets their hopes up)
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    Remember that time Big just decked Eggman in the face
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    I owned Wario Land 3 as a kid but never played much of it. Popped my old copy into my GBA SP recently and I'm enjoying it more than I expected to. It's a fun, easygoing game with no lives or damage counter so it feels like there's a lot of room to just try things without any pressure.
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    Pff. I guess they know now.
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    Indigo Rush


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    context, you ask? nah

    context, you ask? nah
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    Steve Blum does that. At the same time that Uncle Vic goes to a convention and makes fun of people wearing masks.
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    this is still one of the best tracks Dreamworks ever managed to put together outside of Shrek 2 imo the whole thing screams "I'm in my element now, its over- I can't be stopped."
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    Rouge: *rubbing up sensually against the Master Emerald* Tikal, sealed inside the Emerald:
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    Why do the authorities of Isle Delfino care so much about prosecuting Mario for supposedly scaring away the Shine Sprites when actually most of the Shines are instead just blatantly being held hostage by residents as ransom for box breaking minigames and Blooper races etc? Maybe arrest the tanukis trading in untraceable Blue Coin currency for stolen Shine Sprites and seize all their assets, no?
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    Mario sex game confirmed
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    Friends and I dusted off a Wii U last night (don't ask why) and I was sort of blown away at how much content the Wii U's eshop actually has. Like, it's not the best (even compared to Sony's offerings iirc) but damn, coming from the Switch it's like day and night. What happened? on a side note, Nintendo Land is actually pretty fun btw. the Metroid's ground to air mini game is literally just the ground gameplay from KI:U lol
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    Sonic Battle artsyle is lit
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    The fact that this took 4 years to make on a 3ds is insanely impressive, the 3ds is a legendary console: https://kotaku.com/anime-created-on-nintendo-3ds-took-four-years-to-make-1845060793
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    dear sega, just announce your 5/10 sonic game already and save me the trouble. yours truly, princess toadstool. peach
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    That has to be one of the most painful hits Sonic had to take
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    Such a small thing, but I love how shy Tails was here, and how Sonic had to push him forward and give him a small confidence boost.
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    Just got around to playing Sonic GT... wow, this might be my new favorite fan game creation tbh. The blend of ideas and mechanics from across the series is incredible. The sense of speed and flow you can gain through the levels is satisfying af. Hell, they even packaged in a little plot to it all. It has its rough spots certainly but I honestly can't remember the last time I had a genuine smile going while playing anything Sonic related. Here's hoping more comes of this. Great stuff.
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    I honestly just fuckin love One Piece so goddamn much you guys
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    Ok, I finished Sonic GT; I liked it for the most part, but boy is it rough around the edges. I appreciate the focus on momentum, but it often feels like Sonic has no weight to him and will be airborne at the drop of a hat. Also, the level design of the first two levels is obnoxiously large, and there's really a cohesive flow to where you're supposed to go. Also voice acting is bad; I know unprofessional fan actors and all, but oh man. Music is also kind of forgettable Other than that though, I thought it was pretty fine. Once you get a solid flow going, it's pretty damn exhilarating, and the last two levels were better designed for what they were going for. Graphics were pretty on point, though I think the lighting was off in a few areas. I like the idea of having the Motobugs try to snipe Sonic while speeding. Its good to actually have a finished fan game for once.
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    Forget rolling physics and level design, Metal Sonic in GT actually makes the boost good again Builds up speed gradually but has no (noticeable) top speed Eats up rings like no tomorrow, demanding that you focus on collecting them to play well... But doesn't cancel back to the base speed when you do lose it, leaving the best way to play through using it throughout the level rather than one area like Colors And it doesn't break platforming in half, since if you're falling already, it's too gradual to stop you from falling Plus when you do fly, it's as Metal Sonic, and it feels cool as hell to pull off
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    As soon as I saw the final boss for Sonic GT, I knew I had to personally run through it and document this for the good of the Sonic community and humanity itself It is done
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    Sonic actually looks pretty cool here....which ever one is sonic. Boy, this would've really messed with GUN and Amy.
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    a warning tomorrow

    a warning tomorrow
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    lost saturn concept art found??
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    i should give myself a promotion
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    I sighed, then laughed, and then sighed a bit again
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    “There can only be one Sonic.” -Metal Sonic, Sonic OAV Tell that to Evil Sonic/Scourge, Evil Super Sonic, and the subsequent Mechas. 😛
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    Fuckin' hell. Boseman was young, in the prime of his career, and a major star. And he was fighting cancer all this time? I'm completely shocked, this doesn't feel real. Someone like Boseman feels untouchable, unable to die, but life surprises us sometimes. At least there's solace knowing he passed away while he was on top of the world, even if it feels hard to comprehend. It makes me wonder what would happen to his role in future Black Panther movies, considering that was his star-making role that everyone wanted to see him return in, and that he became an icon for a generation through it. Boseman feels like someone who can't be replaced. Still, that he's done all he's done while fighting cancer at the same time, that's impressive. He really doesn't let life get in the way of entertaining others, and I admire that. I'm still shocked, and I'm going to be for a little while. But may Chadwick Boseman rest well; he put up a damn good fight.
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    God, fuck 2020. This year sucks. Even my own personal life has been crap this year. But with a deadly virus that's out there, the riots, the deaths, the lock downs and the overall climate... Jesus. What a goddamn wonderful way to begin the new decade.
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    Chadwick Boseman passing away is one of the most heartbreaking deaths for me in this whole year, and right after Joe Ruby passed away yesterday. Man, just fuck this year.
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    This year is the fucking worst, the actual worst...
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    just slugged an ale and because i'm a lightweight without a filter, i'd like to say that sega/sonic team are idiots for not realizing the potential of fancharacters/custom avatars sooner and making a sub series/alt universe with that as the focus customization and personalization is extremely profitable and if you add the avid obsession of the sonic fanbase to create their own characters, you basically have a money printing machine which would be just as profitable, if not moreso than a friggin chao garden game, which, by the way, they're also stupid for sitting on for so long i wouldn't even play these games and i think it's a lucrative idea
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    The fact that Mario Maker 2's internal file name is just called "Slope" made me laugh more than it really should've. But, when development started they sure were to the point.
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    Remember when Sonic fans would make White Space remixes of Sonic songs? Good times.
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    I thought I saw it all with Tangle and Whisper coming to Speed Battle. Apparently not, holy shit that's actually unexpected.
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