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    Arin on Game Grumps "I WANNA SEE SOMEONE SPEEDRUN SONIC HEROES DUDE, ITS NOT POSSIBLE, ITS NOT." People who grew up with the game/ it was their first 3D sonic:
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    I think Tropical Freeze is my favorite platformer
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    The Invincible Meme will never get old.
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    Do you remember those weird pipes thing in Tropical Resort DS/3DS that have two faces (one at each end) and they will eat and then spit you out when you go through them? Well I just discovered that they are very likely inspired by a stage in Konami's game "Kid Dracula". Ironically the same game has a spell called "Homing Attack"... EDIT: Is Kid Dracula a series? I'm playing through the GB game and it makes allusions at the fact that the bad guy has been already defeated once... after a very short search I realized that a NES version also exists, and it's probably a prequel; wathever. The game does have some Sonic influences as well (?) like those rocket-powered turtles in the rollercoaster level coming directly from Sonic 2's sky chase, and well... it does have one of Mario's airships too. I noticecd that the airship boss is similar to a death egg robot, and it does have a laser from eyes too... it gave me flashbacks of Sonic Advance 2's final boss (especially because I finished remaking it in Mario Maker 2 just yesterday lol)... it wouldn't surprise me if someone at Dimps was fan of this game and got influenced by it when working on Sonic games.
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    Rift Apart has officially gone gold!
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    DBZ Dokkan Battle's OST fucking slaps.
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