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    Phew... I pushed myself to finish the animated Kirby dance today. I still intend to add a background, music and maybe some other effects. The next time I show this off, it'll be my second completed animation.
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    Almost finished the Kirby dance. I animated his features separately and change the position for each frame. The moment when his hands, feet, mouth and cheeks freeze in place is the part I'm still working on.
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    Now that Michel Ancel is leaving the games industry, my hope for a new Rayman game is even lower than before, and I was already close to rock bottom
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    Capcom vs. Tezuka... this is not something I expected to see, ever. (It's a Museum exhibition, in case anyone gets their hopes up)
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    Remember that time Big just decked Eggman in the face
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    Sonic Battle artsyle is lit
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    The fact that this took 4 years to make on a 3ds is insanely impressive, the 3ds is a legendary console: https://kotaku.com/anime-created-on-nintendo-3ds-took-four-years-to-make-1845060793
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    dear sega, just announce your 5/10 sonic game already and save me the trouble. yours truly, princess toadstool. peach
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    That has to be one of the most painful hits Sonic had to take
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    Such a small thing, but I love how shy Tails was here, and how Sonic had to push him forward and give him a small confidence boost.
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    Just got around to playing Sonic GT... wow, this might be my new favorite fan game creation tbh. The blend of ideas and mechanics from across the series is incredible. The sense of speed and flow you can gain through the levels is satisfying af. Hell, they even packaged in a little plot to it all. It has its rough spots certainly but I honestly can't remember the last time I had a genuine smile going while playing anything Sonic related. Here's hoping more comes of this. Great stuff.
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    Alls well ends that and well right?
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    I guess this is my life now

    I guess this is my life now
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    >when everyone around you has preordered a PS5 but you're so poor you will not be able to afford it for another 1-2 years at least
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    This is why Capcom will always be a bad company
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    anyways hi it's been awhile, still busy working on a lot of cool games. my hot take is indies should be $30-40 minimum within the next few years
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    Unpopular(?) opinion: Knuckles Chaotix could have been a much better game if it was a puzzle-focused platformer instead of a classic Sonic spin-off with co-op. After giving it another shot, I think the Combine System doesn't work very well with standard 2D Sonic level design (once you learn the controls, the game becomes easy to the point of being too boring), but would be fine in a more methodic structure similar to one seen in titles like The Lost Vikings or classic Mario vs Donkey Kong.
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    I'm beyond stoked for the Classic Sonic comic. Mighty, Ray, the Hooligans...Maybe even the Hardboiled Heavies? Wacky worlds with more lighthearted fun instead of the constantly action/drama focused Modern Sonic book... The possibilities are enormous... If they're really gonna go out there, they could bring Hones back in the future? I really hope this is gonna be a side series to the main book, like Universe was.
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    A drawing of marble zone I made looks like a five year old could do better
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    The music for the past 5 Ratchet games have been so bland and forgettable, the remake was the worse offender of this as the original had such a catchy soundtrack, it's literally like if Rare or Microsoft remade Banjo-Kazooie but replaced all the original tracks with generic superhero film music.
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    I always thought it was super cool how the original Sly Cooper had full on anime/manga inspired cutscenes for the Japanese version, to contrast the American Comic Book style it had around the world.
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    you know i really hope sega adds another human in a future sonic game and sonic kisses them. heck bring back merlina XD haha
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    >Country has over 130K deaths by Covid, with 1K deaths per day 2 months straight. > President says we're defeating the Covid and that our country is one of the less affected by it in the world. I don't know in which world this guy lives or if he speaks this shit on purpose.
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    AAUK just replied to a 9 year status update of mine!! https://board.sonicstadium.org/profile/268-badnik-mechanic/?status=20428&type=status
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    A wild west steam engine

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    13 years later...

    13 years later...
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    I’m salty those mock-ups fans made that made limited edition switch consoles based on previous Nintendo systems was never a thing. I would have loved a N64 or Wii themed Switch
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    Is Shadow the Hedgehog a bad man?

    Is Shadow the Hedgehog a bad man?
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    I got the Mama Mario collection!
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    Super Mario 3D All Stars isn't really deserving of the name. It's like just "so okay" and nothing more. So far the collection is perfectly functional and playable (apart from the awkward inversion of the right-stick axes), but apart from this collection being official and easily playable on the telly, there's nothing that I couldn't get through Dolphin and other emulators. And if I did did that for Sunshine in particular, there'd be a ton of other improvements available. Not to mention the Mario 64 PC port... Super Mario 3D Adequates
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    Twilight but the apple on the cover is crushed by the 'Gripping Food with Force' guy
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    Establishing a three way rivalry between Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles was probably one of the best things the comics have ever done, because it's something I never thought I'd ever want or like. We need more uncommon character dynamics like that.
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    The PS5 showcase today was good, but I can't help but feel like there was a spark missing to really make it a wondrous time.
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    (tweet) ...now if only this was the way it actually happened in the movie...
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    I really don’t get kink/fetish shaming. I think it’s unproductive to go out of your way as a content creator to analyze what some people are into, and put it in a spotlight for people in the comments to go on about how weird it is. The fact I see straight up disdain towards certain groups of people for this shit, to the point of some saying they should not exist or be dead, is just...wow.
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    i've really been sitting here for an hour waiting for a nintendo direct partner showcase scheduled for tomorrow to start because i got the date wrong
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    -thinking- undertale.. .

    -thinking- undertale.. .
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    Spin Attaxx


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    Beat Super Paper Mario. And with that, my Paper Mario binge is over. My final thoughts on this game? Kinda mixed on the story gameplay was kind of bland. The story was good, filled with twists and turns, a pretty good romantic plot (this is coming from someone who doesn't like romance), and really likable villains.I gotta say, they stuck with me more than the X-nauts or Ollie and the Legion of Stationary. Wish we could see them again in some way, shape, or form, but given Nintendo's current handling, I doubt that'll happen. However, I do think that the story was a bit out of place for a Mario game almost as if this was initially planned as a different game but Nintendo stepped in and suggest it be a Paper Mario game... I don't know, this happened before, maybe I just have my tinfoil hat on too tight. The tone, while good in its own right didn't really Mario-ish to me. The gameplay, though... I hate to say it, but it was very bland as a platformer, really with some really annoying parts. Exploration just didn't feel as fun or as awarding as the previous two Mario games and I didn't even bother looking for the extras this time around. And I can't say I really like the visuals of this game, that much... It goes for a geometic/digitalized theme for this game, but it just feels kind of bland in this one. I have to say, gameplay wise and visually, this was probably the weakest game. So yeah... that's it for Paper Mario for a while. What a ride! I have to say, I'm really gonna miss the classic style and the creativity of the designs and darker stories, But if this is the direction Nintendo insists on taking, then I think Origami King is at least step in the right direction, personal gripes aside. Here's to hoping the next Paper Mario game follows in those footsteps
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    Favorite music track from SAGE:
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    That 30th anniversary logo is clean af

    That 30th anniversary logo is clean af
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    Military recruiters should not be on fucking Twitch. Especially ones making racist jokes
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    Return to Angel Island is the first time in the entirety of Archie that Knuckles feels like he's finally written in-character hoo boy what a god-send
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    *leans very close to your ear* ... he's a phantom
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    Forces is proof that a game being technically sound, having good presentation, music and graphics is not all there is to making a good game.
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    Eggman and Dimtiri decide to mind swap Sonic and Knuckles for fun they say they wanted to destroy them, but then decide to screw with them for kicks Eggman could've roboticised Sonic, and Dimitri probably could've converted knuckles into a dark legionnaire with one of those mindwipe chips Julie-Su had for ages these two are meant to be evil geniuses
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