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    Yo I'm getting married TOMORROW 😱
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    (Tweet Receipt) Had a pretty great day Love you guys and thanks for all the congrats! Will look into Mrs Indigo getting an account
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    Chauvin guilty on all three counts.

    Chauvin guilty on all three counts.
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    Have great news today. My tendonitis case seems to have finally cleared up and my wrist is out of brace at last!
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    Chauvin has been declared guilty. Good.
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    I for one will always prefer "Shonen Sonic" to the "Saturday Morning Sonic" we've had for the past decade. I do wonder what new direction we may get now that we're in a new decade of Sonic, though...
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    the entire balan wonderworld budget went into the tim plush, i love it so much
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    I really wouldn't mind at all if the humans in Sonic games looked like those characters in Balan Wonderworld. I have never quite understood why some people are so against the idea of humans in Sonic games. Sana for one example: Or Leo for another: They would just fit in so well. And that's really no surprise considering who designed all of these characters in the first place. I always liked the Pixar-esque humans of Unleashed and certainly wouldn't mind seeing those designs again. This style blends in with the design is Sonic and the other anthro characters even better though. It leans more into a Japanese, anime look. SA1 had verrrry 90s anime human designs. Anything other than the hyper realistic humans of 06, basically. And SA2 and Shadow didn't do a particularly good job of it either. If they look too realistic like in those games, then off course is going to feel weird to a lot of the audience. But if the humans are designed to match the anthros, everything would blend together seamlessly. And the humans can be designed as creatively and stylised as the Sonic and the rest. The Balan human characters would be pretty perfect, I think. The only problem with the Balan characters is poor animation in 3D, where they all have the 'mascot suit' and 'grapefruit hands' problem from half-arsed mo-cap.
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    The Deleter

    Movie Knuckles Sighted 😳

    Movie Knuckles Sighted 😳
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    Got my first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine a few hours ago. Thankfully no major symptoms, besides my arm being a bit sore.
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    I really hope with the renewed interest in lost content and finding old betas and all that, we'll eventually get some of the more famous cut stuff from Twinsanity. It'd be so cool to finally see proper gameplay of Gone a Bit Coco.
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    You like crossovers?
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    My favorite fake Sonic leak was back in 2008, when someone claimed Unleashed's final boss was going to be a "Were-Eggman" where Eggman turned into a walrus.
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    Man, this little guy was tricky to build! You guys should give these guys a look, thanks @Badnik Mechanic for showing these off, bought him cause of you!
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    There's almost a lot of Sonic news right now. Like, we're expecting to hear about so many different things and nothing has amounted to anything yet. SEGA have been waiting on news of some kind since SXSW was cancelled last year, but have gone dead silent on the matter. There's likely a 2021 major new game (/one to be announced for a release next year) for the 30th anniversary celebrations, but SEGA haven't said a peep. Several voice actors have left, but we haven't got a clue who the replacements might be. Sonic Colours Ultimate's existence has been leaked, but there's no saying when SEGA will actually show it off. Sonic Prime exists, but we know nothing about it apart of the most basic premise.
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    I know every generation will say "man, cartoons back in such-and-such date were unreal" but man... thinking about 2002-06 cartoons just hits differently for me. Every channel just seemed to be firing on all cylinders with hits coming out left and right. Of course a lot of legendary shit came out before and after but... there's something about a time when Codename: KND, Code Lyoko, Fosters, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Kim Possible, Danny Phantom, and the mf og Teen Titans (to name a few) were all airing at once and I just get dizzy with glee
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    Getting my second COVID shot tomorrow. I can't wait. I should celebrate with a smoothie.
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    so pontaff may not have the best reputation, but "let's make like eggman's hairline and recede" is legendary
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    They’re removing Balan’s demo lol
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    I love YouTubers who have absolutely no technical knowledge of videos games, their development process and the years of work by dedicated community members to datamine them, but rake in millions of views just lifting articles almost verbatim from places like TCRF, Hidden Palace and Sonic Retro. They basically just steal the work of orders, and when there are citations made they're typically so poor that people don't know where to look to learn more themselves. Bonus points for when they inevitably include ludicrous theories that are demonstrably false, again because they don't actually have a fucking clue what they're talking about.
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    2nd dose get!
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    My latest pixel art:
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    Legitimately shocked.
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    I honestly think that Movie Sonic was a surprisingly interesting take on Sonic the Hedgehog character overall. Even though game Sonic had some moments where he showed some emotion (Sonic Lost World and Sonic Adventure series), the movie had an interesting take where Sonic is lonely and craves for friendship. I thought this take on Sonic was really interesting because we rarely see Sonic in the games show a vulnerable side and I would like to see where the sequel takes this characterization of Sonic next. Maybe they will even show a more vulnerable side to Tails as well in the sequel, if they explore his tragic backstory of being bullied.
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    Why stop at collecting amiibo when you can make your own?
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    My parents got their first dose of the vaccine. It's both a great feeling and a huge relief to know that they're safe now.
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    Sonic 2 is the first movie I'm really following for behind the scenes footage. It's actually really fun to see all this set construction and shooting. Granted, we probably only see this much because people actually care this time.
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    Blue Wisp


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    Rayman 2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played and will ever play so I’m sad it’ll never get the follow up it deserves. RIP
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    *spoiler* Guess Team Sonic will be in the sequel.
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    Got my first shot. Yay
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    The Spider-Man Raimi trilogy definitely still holds up to this day. Not just as silly camp affair, but as one of, if not the best translation to live action for Spider-Man. Topher Grace notwithstanding, the casting was on point for it, and even at its worst in 3, it still does provide thought provoking character work and writing.
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    Maybe it's just a personal thing, but listening to the SA2 soundtrack never fails to lift my mood when I'm feeling down.
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    I'd really love to play all those old Dreamcast (and maybe Saturn) games one day. Perhaps in some kind of a collection. One that isn't just the same old 2D classics re-released over and over again as a result.
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    Things we have to thank Ken Penders for: Uhhhhh. @Blue Blood's avatar.
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    me if I see the composer list for the next Sonic movie and it says Junkie XL... and Jun Senoue
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    Hidden Palace in Sonic 2 mobile is such a good level. Really crap boss fight, but the level itself is so fun and full of original ideas. I was really pleased to see that even it got a bit of representation in Mania, as the Jellygnite Badnik made for this level reappears in Mania's Hydrocity. Such a nice detail. The fact that SEGA have slept on this lovely bit of content for so long bugs the hell out of me. The mobile ports of S1, S2 and SCD are brilliant. But SEGA never uses them, and actively trashed them all when they were updated to the SEGA Forever brand.
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    Diablo does what Sonic don't.

    Diablo does what Sonic don't.
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    You know I think its rather clever that Pokemon Black and White made the critical beeping sound into its own remix and I actually miss it.
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    I want to say that I'm still happy to wait for Sonic news, but lol no at this point I need it to distract me from the shit going on in the real world.
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    Just loitering... I'm bored.

    Just loitering... I'm bored.
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    I will be genuinely amazed if the rumour is true that Star Wars Detours might actually be getting an official release in a few weeks. I never thought Disney would actually give in.
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    welp, time to go back in time and tell my kid self not to give up on getting into the industry and to keep on honing my animation skills (which are super rusty/ non-existent in the current timeline) until this exact day at this exact time in 2021 when this tweet came out...of course past me won't know what Twitter is but I'll just be like "you will." https://twitter.com/CNschedules/status/1382778892075692034
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    My oldest brother is the first in my family to get the second Covid jab tomorrow.
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    I've picked up the switch versions of the first 3 Dragon Quests and holy hell is the leap in quality between 1 and 2 massive. It's like if Sega made Sonic Unleashed immediately after making Sonic Forces. Same game but a million, billion, trillion times better in every way.
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    I just want a new Sonic song to have on repeat until the game releases.
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    Wow. My dancing Kirby animation has since got 15 likes and 3 nice comments. It even has 1 dislike and since every YouTube video I've watched has always had at least 1 dislike, it's almost like I'm an official YouTuber now. XD
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    I did a funny https://twitter.com/Sonikko06/status/1382287912235106304?s=20
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    Is there anybody else on here that still plays on a PS3 apart from myself? This stuff worries me but maybe I'm the only one...
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    Being a Youtuber focused on one specific series is probably the most miserable experience ever. I don't understand how you can make an entire channel dedicated to one specific series and think you're gonna support yourself off that, it makes no sense. Forget Sonictubers, Poketubers are just as bad. Shofu said it best, if you're focused on just one thing, you're not gonna get very far, and he's somebody who started as a Poketuber before just focusing on anything that caught his interest. BRANCH OUT DAMMIT, stop limiting yourself to one thing.
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