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    COVID results came back NEGATIVE. PHEW. Now I just gotta ride out... whatever this is. Ow. Body aches. Owwww.
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    You know what, it's an article on the Sonic Stadium, so I may as well share my favourite SEGA memories: I was born well past SEGA's prime, and yet I felt the effects nonetheless. Gaming in my childhood started out as an "oh that's kinda cool" thing. But then my father gave me a Gamecube, and with it was a copy of SA2. I had never known Sonic or SEGA before this point, my life back then were racing games, Walt Disney movies and The Simpsons. But when I saw the cover to SA2, I was gobsmacked with how much attitude and colour dripped off the cover. And when I started up the game and saw the first cutscene, it was official, Sonic is the coolest person ever to have entered my life. Shadow the Hedgehog may have been the selling point of SA2, but he paled in comparison to Sonic. I think my life would have turned out very differently if I didn't get introduced to this game. Do my SEGA memories stop there? Oh darling, there was one place I always wanted to go to every time I saw it, most birthday parties I went to as a kid took place in one, and I still pop in every now and then if I get bored... I freakin' love arcades, and any arcade worth their salt had SEGA's Daytona USA. In almost religious fashion, that would be the first game I play, every time. SEGA made one hell of an arcade racer, and you'll always see someone playing it. Honestly, aside from Daytona USA, if you were looking for a good arcade game other than Time Crisis 4, it was almost a guarantee that SEGA had the good games. Seriously, check the publishers of a cabinet, it's likely that the game you really like is by SEGA. Even past SEGA's prime, their presence can still be felt. They've actually ended up one of my favourite publishers in recent years, because they've got quality offerings and oddball fun games. It's crazy, most people would think SEGA to be dead these days, but they're going incredibly strong. also they have hatsune miku, so sega is never gonna die anyway lol
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    My dog will live to see Christmas and the new year!!!!!!
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    Man I am so happy with this drawing I did today of my character I wanted to share
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    This site seems to get slower every day. Loading up the status updates takes an age and a half.
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    Here's my birthday haul! A Cuphead book, My Hero Academia Pops, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, a package of japanese snacks, and a brand new laptop! Pretty great day, if I must say!
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    06 rewrite image dump

    06 rewrite image dump
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    What in the hell is THIS?! If this has 15 Chuckles, I will make it my icon for the rest of the week.
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    I really dig this official image of the Sonic squad they posted for SEGA's 60th anniversary. Im pretty sure it's been a long while since we've seen art with them drawn like this all together
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    Phew... I pushed myself to finish the animated Kirby dance today. I still intend to add a background, music and maybe some other effects. The next time I show this off, it'll be my second completed animation.
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    Heya! Looking back on how I was back then, it is a little cringy to see others fall into the same trap I did. If I learned anything this year is that if I was true to me the whole time, I would have been happier. I am happier now and my goal is to work over at galaxy's edge. But I wanna make it at disneyland for a year first which i';m almost there. the experiance has taught me to love who i am. anyway, happy holidays everyone from sonikku ^^*
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    At the risk of sounding overly sentimental, I really appreciate this community and everyone's company. I may not know most of you super well, but having been acquainted with you guys for a while - some of you for over ten years - I really am glad I met everyone here.
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    Maybe I'm just old, but outside of one friend group I hang out with in a Discord server most days I actually have no idea how to interact in larger servers at all. I've poked my head into a few but when I see they have dozens of people talking all at once I just dip out immediately lol
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    Forgot to show it earlier, but check out this snazzy Death Egg Disco Ball made by @Spin Attaxx for this year's Musical Spectacular badge.
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    Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation...
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    Today has been a wonderful day! My aunt finally recovered from her Corona virus infection and my Bachelor's Degree with high honors arrived in the mail as well!
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    First step towards a revised TSS/SSMB design to prep for our 20th anniversary! What do you think?
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    Hey guys! Guess who just graduated college today and made it into the high honor rolls?
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    I won, I did it! I passed my online college exams!
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    Well, I just got some good news. My old DA friend I heard caught the COVID-19 a few weeks back? I just got word he's recovering. I'm really glad to hear this. He used to look over my stories and give me some writing advice, and I appreciate help he gave me.
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    Good news. My sister's self-quarantine came to an end last week. And it appears that she does NOT have the corona virus. Thank God it turned out well like that!
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    Best bud came out as trans today! So proud of her!
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    ouch lol

    ouch lol
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    the holy trinity of coronavirus memes the father the son the holy spirit
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    Shadow's complete contempt for humanity and nihilistic outlook in SA2 represents the opposite of Sonic's lust for life and positions him as the ultimate foil. You can also compare how inseparable Sonic and Tails are with Shadow's loss of his sister and how Sonic is a free spirit that is unchained to the past unlike Shadow. IN this ESSAY I WILL.
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    I don't normally talk about this stuff, but the situation developing around TLoU2 really makes me want to say this I sincerely wish people would stop blaming feminists, or SJWs, or whatever for The Last of Us Part 2's story being bad from the leaks. The story isn't bad because Ellie is a lesbian, the story isn't bad because of a specific gender that a character is, the story is bad because the story in of itself is just literally terrible, and filled with bad elements.
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    i drew aerith

    i drew aerith
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    Wow, the toilet paper shortage has really got that bad, huh?
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    Think I'm starting to get the hang of animating.
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    Good news: They told me it's most likely acid reflux since it's a common issue to have a burning sensation and not a cardiac related issue. All the other tests they ran on me (heart, blood pressure, etc) came back normal, which is the ideal scenario I can manage and improve that, just glad it's nothing deadly Bad news: 200 FUCKING DOLLARS I HATE THIS COUNTRY
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    knuckles after operation big wave:

    knuckles after operation big wave:
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    Big thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes yesterday
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    (tweet) Sakurai... Thank you.

    (tweet) Sakurai... Thank you.
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    AoStH episode pitch: Dr. Robotnik replaces Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts with Slicer, Asteron, and Shellcracker - a crack-team of elite Badniks from Metropolis Zone - who prove to be much more efficient at thwarting Sonic. Sonic and Tails have to team up with the old SSSSS Squad to sabotage the new robots and get the old ones their jobs back.
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    Remember the fangame project I'm a part of, which remakes Sonic Chronicles? One of the original developers, who worked on the core design of the game, gave us a nod of approval. ...w-wha...?
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    Miles Morales, in less than ten years of his debut: Got his own movie, was transplanted to the main universe and KEPT his Spidey identity, got into a television series, and is now headlining his own game. I'm so fucking proud of the boy and for Marvel not giving up on him.
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    Happy to announce that @SSF1991 is our latest addition to the TSS Writing Team! Everyone give him a hearty congratulations!
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    Sonic giving Pac-Man a pair of his shoes fills me with life.
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    Job interview on Wednesday. Wish me luck, broniks. 😥
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    I wish I could go on a Adventure 2 meet some Heroes but in about 06 hours it'll be dark and that's when the wolves are Unleashed, but when it's sunrise the sky comes in so many pretty Colors it'll be remembered for Generations. Lost World. Sorry, that last one kinda Forces me not to be clever
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    I wish for a mountain of toilet paper, Shahra, so you'll be safe in quarantine
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    SRB2 is better than Mania

    SRB2 is better than Mania
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    2020 is already over, everyone go home
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    To this day I have no idea what purpose the "Too Many Rings" reaction serves. What sentiment does it convey? How is it applicable to anything? What are the potential use-cases?
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    You know what the ultimate movie easter egg would be Finally making Chao in Space for real as an opening short.
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