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    You want to know why Sonic and Shadow don't just kill Eggman? This is why. I'm not even going to fucking entertain this topic's existence. I'm thinking this series is genuinely not for you, so please stop talking about this crap here.
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    Given Yakuza Kiwami and Catherine Classic both shipped with no Denuvo, and now it's been retroactively removed from Yakuza 0 and Mania, it's safe to say SEGA is done with Denuvo. Which I'm happy to see.
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    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Perhaps it's better they delay anouncing the new game. Forces and Team Sonic racing show how awkward it is to keep fans excited for more then a year of development time if there's little content to tease on a regular basis. Not to mention I suppose we should be grateful they straight said there's a new game coming, unlike last time where even a simple anouncement as that was stretched over several twitter hints. Nothing says "this game has barely any content" then when the marketing team has to stretch out anouncing it merely existing and its name over several updates. And far as I'm concerned, they completely blew their load with Sonic Forces seemingly promising everything I wanted out of a Sonic game and then completely botching it, there's no way a mere trailer or proof of concept is going to give me anything more then sceptism and low expectations. They've gotta show something substantial to get me excited for the new game. Because at this point I cynically expect anything remotely interesting they promise to be wasted potential at best and mental manipulation at worst.
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    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    I dunno, I actually think the panel was okay, but I guess it's because I had different priorities. I wanted to see the customization in action, and I not only "got it", but I was impressed by the amount of it. I also expected to hear something about the animated series and I guess that's the 2-parter for a TSR tie-in? And part 1 was pretty cool. Also expected a music track or 2 and got that as well. No movie stuff - sure, whatever. No new mainline game teaser (except for Iizuka's "we started production") - that's also fine, didn't really expect a game reveal. The Q&A sucked, but that was par for the course as well. That said, still no proper TSR gameplay of any of the new tracks we kinda know about outside of 5-10 second cuts. Like, do a flipping track showcase for once. Don't have to do that for all of them, just some that we haven't seen. But for the most part I got what I wanted, so... yeah.
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    Maybe the adventures of some talking animals fighting an egg man and his ladybug robots just isn't meant to be treated like a serious real-world conflict.
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    After all the chaotic negativity with the Movie design, this is a breath of fresh air. Glad they finally got Denuvo removed. Catharsis.
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    Skull Leader

    Skull Leader's sketches

    Something I did yesterday:
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

    You do realize it's not day 1, right? They're being judged on what they're doing now, with decades of experience under their belt, and it's not impressive.
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    Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

    This is a fan-game, lol. And you can get way more than 15 characters (including Amy) with mods.
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    Frank Sawhit is also a pathological liar and a convicted murderer, so I guess we'll never know when the inferior US release will come out.

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