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    (I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong board) Hello, supposedly we are going to get some Sonic CD prototypes dumps. I'm really excited because I read that these builds have scrapped zones.
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    I hate that we still have to debate about this... Look, I get that Knuckles has other personality traits that generally get ignored, but even in spite of that, he has never been particularly smart or bright. You can make up any damn excuse that you want, but the end result is that he keeps making boneheaded decisions because he's a fucking meathead. That's literally the entire point of the character, and serves to contrast him with Sonic, who is much more down to earth and self-confident. Almost every damn appearance, Knuckles does some dumb shit; yes, his guardian duties were taken more seriously before but he was still doing dumb shit even when that was the case. Because, once again, Knuckles is a fucking meathead. So yea, it's not wrong to call him stupid. Does he have other personality traits that are generally ignored? Absolutely. But he's still not very smart, he's never been that smart. Like, I get that people hate it when he's treated like a joke more often than not and wish he did something worthwhile in newer material, but we also need to stop assuming Knuckles was some deep, philosophical character who's been "ruined". He's never been bright since the very beginning. Should they start focusing on other parts of his personality? Absolutely. But stop trying to rewrite history.
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    Hello 😁 I recreated a cutscene from sonic adventure 2 in sprite version (pixels) hope you enjoy :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEERzmX4mvQ
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    This is a valid perspective. I still lean slightly toward the first game because It's open ended and vertical design rewarded clever engagement with the mechanics. All the cheesy shortcuts in the game involving the spindash could be read as a game design sin, but to me I like it when a Sonic game rewards ingenuity in that way. SA2 is much more closed off and linear. I've actually come to prefer how Sonic controls in that game for the most part, but the level design doesn't leave much room to exploit Sonic's kit in clever ways. It's all on even ground and spread out when I prefer to have the level layered on top of itself in ways that allow the player to exploit ramps and inclines. It feels like I'm looking for the optimal way to play the same route rather than having more than one or two paths at my disposal It's a shame, because Sonic's kit is a lot more well rounded in the sequel. Rail grinding, the instant light dash and the bounce attack feel like they should be mainstays with how fun they all are to use. Speedrunning And racing in SA2 back in the day was some of the most fun I had with these games because Sonic and Shadow were so responsive with a good amount of tools to work with. It feels like the best route for the series sat somewhere in the middle of these two games, but Sonic Heroes ended up throwing all of this stuff away, so we never got to get there.
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    That's a sort of loaded question so I hope you're ready for a sort of loaded answer: I basically interpret this question as, "What makes a Sonic game a Sonic game?" and that's a sort of complicated subject so I hope you're ready for me to go off on a bit of a tangent: For a while, Sonic was defined by his physics and pinball like momentum. That was kinda lost with the jump to 3D, where it seemed like the high-speed thrills and spectacle became more of a priority than anything. Which, I should say isn't necessarily a bad thing, but at a certain point it gets too style over substance (or it could be Forces that had neither style nor substance) and at that point, what is there to go back to? Gameplay is a big part of what makes this series special. There's nothing quite like Sonic out there. There are games like Freedom Planet that are close to be sure, but they miss the mark in a few ways that stop them from fitting in with games like Sonic 3 or Sonic Mania. Sense of freedom and adventure is a big one, too. Sonic is a character I always imagined as kind of a drifter, in town one day and gone the next, always looking for the next big thrill, which lended itself well to all the different locales we see in the games which lead to a lot of unique and interesting level design and expansions on the gameplay. Not as loaded of an answer as I thought, but there's my take anyway.
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    This is a topic that I wonder about, especially considering that everyone has their own views on Sonic. What is the “Soul/Spirit” of Sonic the Hedgehog to you? Whether it’s the characters, the world, the games, the visual aesthetic, everyone feels there’s something at the core of it all. And whenever one makes a Sonic product without that “soul”, it suddenly doesn’t feel like Sonic to certain people. To me in particular, Sonic is about the freedom, being able to run as free as the wind to see the world, and abiding by your own rules. Sonic runs in a world not unlike ours, but much more surreal and improbable, as if our world was intensified (think to things like the original Mega Drive titles as I say this). In addition, I don’t feel like Sonic is naturally cool, but that he’s cool because he’s so free. Things like much of the main cast being young is something I also feel adds into the feeling of freedom, being free from responsibilities. There’s more I can say, but I’ll keep it short. So how about you, what is the Sonic “soul/spirit” to you?
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    On the subject of Pumpkin Hill, I have this (probably unpopular) opinion: Pumpkin Hill is the most creative setting in Sonic Adventure 2, it uses a theme that the series rarely uses, a spooky yet still kinda toy-ish type of level. I think that the location would have worked great redone in classic style, 2D, with a daytime act 1 and nighttime act 2. It's a pity that not even Generations 3DS revamped this zone, and they went for the more generic San Francisco city levels instead. I was hoping that the prediction of a Pumpkin Hill track in Team Sonic Racing was real, because I was interested to see a modernized version of this zone.
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    Vanilla the Rabbit is Jewish

    What an odd and specific question. I imagine all Sonic characters subscribe to the religion of "Please let us be in a good game again, it's been so long"
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    Vanilla the Rabbit is Jewish

    3 months and 24 days too late, babe.
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    Looking at the cutscenes(albiet one of questionable quality to say it's 720) now and I think that might just be what they did--whenever Buddy is actually onscreen, the lighting and resolution gets this brighter, somewhat more "thin-liney" look to it. This is particularly noticeable with Eggman, who with a variety of colors to his scheme is darker and smoother looking in most of the scene until he arrives at the top of the Tower. I'll look up another video just be sure, but yeah. EDIT: Okay, so the thin white lines I mentioned may have just been an affect of the first video I saw, but there is still a slight difference in terms of how comparatively bright the characters look. Also, the shadows on the characters become more jaggy.
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