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    Should Sonic take a break?

    You know, I used to strongly think that Sonic Team needed to take a break and then come back to the franchise with new and fresh eyes, but I've changed my mind since then. For starters, I learned from this board there isn't even really a Sonic Team anymore. Much of Sonic Team apparently has either gone off to other companies or now it's people being kind of rotated based on where they're needed the most. But other than that, I don't think a break will do any good. I used to think that it was simply a case of Sega being burned out and just cranking out Sonic games due to some sort of obligation, but now I don't feel it's that anymore. It's not an issue of being tired anymore. I think it's just an issue of not knowing exactly what to do. In this case, taking a break won't help. You can be an artist and take a break for ten years, but if you don't examine yourself and try to understand why you need to improve and how, that time means nothing. Ten years later, you'll come back and make the same thing again. Simply taking a break or waiting doesn't improve anything or make anyone better at their job. However, I do wonder if it'd be a benefit to maybe have some sort of meeting about Sonic? Not like a super serious "RED ALERT THIS IS NOT A DRILL" type thing, but just a kind of get-together of the current employees working on Sonic and really trying to work out the next game on a fundamental level. Examine flaws and strengths, look back on mistakes and achievements, and really try and put some sort of genuine heart into the project. Choose a direction they want to go in and stick to it with confidence. If it doesn't work, really sit down and understand why. I want Sega to understand their mistakes and improve based on what they find out. I don't want Sonic to just take a break only to come back and make the same mistakes over and over again. I want a genuine effort to improve.
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    Are the fans too excusable?

    The onus to improve should always, always be on the company responsible for releasing the product. No matter how shit something is perceived to be in the mainstream there will always be some people that like it. There's nothing to be done about that. It's not like Sega has been rewarded on the whole for releasing bad products, either. Of course there will be a fanbase that buys into it, but it's easy to see the growth of the franchise has been stunted by the wave of middling releases. If they were satisfied with where Sonic was at they wouldn't be trying so much crazy shit all the time to begin with. Can we as a fanbase get over this 'trying to make people feel guilty for liking something' shit? If you just don't like something contentious at all you're probably really boring and also in the minority.
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    Ironic? No Sad and a sign of continued failures, and an inability due to lack of ability or lack of trying to actually expand on any of the premises that worked with multiple characters. Yes. Don't worry, They might press the " adventure emergency button " sooner than later , so we'll get a bad version of that kind of game soon enough
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    The difference is all of those other examples are still relevant, with the possible exception of Snake due to the whole Kojima/Konami shite. SatAM and Fleetway aren't.
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    Okay yeah we're not doing this. Ask in a status update if you absolutely must.
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    a striking change, however even under management by Americans, which you would think would be the logical move for a franchise marketed towards American boys, you can only still assume Sonic will be a series controlled by aging Japanese men trying to figure out what small American boys like
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    Ah. This is the bad thing about being late to the party. You see the title, you scroll down, and people have already said what instantly came to mind. Yeah, if the four year gap in-between Lost World and Forces wasn't an indication that simply taking time off wasn't the issue than nothing would be at this point. The only thing that's a matter of time is how long their little cash cow can survive with its head practically cut off. A nice heaping helping of time can see a lot getting done if the passion and knowledge to see whatever vision you have come through is there. You just need the vision, the knowledge, and the passion. Actual passion. Not the fake kind they talk about in interviews and marketing. Also, an actual fucking team of people might be a good thing to have too.
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    Eh it's not a big loss considering their recent works. Still, I liked Runners at least. I'm pretty sure Sonic's next main projects will be classic from the Mania team, while modern will get more spin-offs like TSR, which is super fine by me, it's like the best of both worlds. Sorry for the fans who wanted a big modern game after the Forces disappointment. Yeah, we might have to wait long for that.
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    I say a big difference between Mario and Sonic that helps let the plumber get away with his cast size is that Mario ended up with a more solid world than Sonic does. More worldbuilding if you will. For example, koopas are treated as one species with plenty of members in the background as civilians instead of just serving Bower or Peach. Same goes for other Mario species. The closest Sonic has to a species as characterized from its diversity is the echidnas. Enough other anthro characters in a Sonic game are treated as one-of-a-kind or at most have another who's connected to them (like Sonic with Amy as his fangirl and Shadow as his doppelganger, don't know what's up with Silver). Miyamoto might not demand plot but he has let 2nd parties do a bit with the characters and world while still expecting Mario to keep to a solid direction. Sonic Team does the opposite (makes demands on how outsiders handle the world/characters yet refuse to hold them to a solid direction). Ian Flynn even talked about how his writing has been hamstrung by Sonic Team's rules on how to handle the characters (like how Cream can't take part in fighting anymore). As odd as might be to say this, I wonder if Sonic's cast size would have worked out better if the games bothered to have more normie animal NPCs before Forces.
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    Yeah, I have to agree for the most part. Maybe if they had actually been trying to properly incorporate everyone in these games through significant gameplay and story changes with each new title and just weren't able to, I could see the issue at hand being just the number of characters in the main and secondary cast. They haven't really, though. Sonic Adventure had 6 playstyles, one for each character. Then in Adventure 2, it went down to 3 playstyles despite there being the same number of characters. Then in Heroes it was technically only really one playstyle. You had a group of three that acted as a singular unit that could run, punch, and fly and that was copy and pasted across 12 characters, double what the last two games had before. And also, despite the number of characters, Heroes' story is considered to be one of the simplest in the series. And this is a game that actually managed to keep everyone hinged on their own motivations for the most part. Knuckles was starting to slip away a bit but at the very least his island and the Master Emerald have a few mentions in the game. Shadow's game is kind of where I liked how the characters were handled the best, honestly. They were off on their own missions and when Shadow comes across them, he gets a taste of what they're trying to do. Their exploits become a part of his experience like subplots to his main story. It was a good formula for creating a beefy adventure, a lived in world, and a war that actually felt like a war. I wish Forces had done this. Neither game had a good story to tell unfortunately. The only game that had multiple playable characters that gave them their own individual styles after the first Sonic Adventure was Sonic 06 actually. That method of making sure everyone played completely different from one another was time-consuming and unnecessary. I actually rather like the speed, power, flight dynamic they have. Or at the very least, do a Sonic Mania and change very little but keep the core of who they are relatively the same. Most of these issues just come down to bad planning and decision making to be honest. I can't speak for anyone else but for me, when it comes to the cast, their problems hinge mostly from how they're being handled. Not from how many of them there are. Seeing Charmy sting that one clone made me happier than it should have. Only really because I felt in my bones that there might be a chance where he and the Chaotix could be apart of something that mattered or have some general focus that meant something again. Brainstorming plot and story ideas is fun but when you see just how much of a good thing is being wasted on them just standing around in the modern games, it doesn't make a very good case for them sticking around in the eyes of other people, this is true. All Sonic Team is doing by shoving them in and having them stand around is validating the criticisms against them that say they're useless. A lot of people really like these characters and you're never going to endear these characters to the people who don't like them by having them do nothing and shouting meaningless nonsense. "It looks like a homing shot" indeed. I will say that I still don't feel like the cast being huge has contributed much to the different gameplay thing as much as some people claim it has. Again, the only time they've felt the need to make sure every single character played completely differently from each other was in Adventure and 06. Sonic 06 was the prime example of "what the fuck are you doing" since it tried doing this with 9 characters when Sonic Adventure barely managed with 6. Not to mention, Sonic being the only character in Unleashed didn't stop them from changing the gameplay styles either. I think when it comes to that, they're mostly just making dumb decisions. I'd still be fine if they stuck with what Heroes did and assigned each character a slot in speed, power, and flight.
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