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    What? Sonic had a period of really, really bad games? PEOPLE MENTION IT SO RARELY THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN
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    http://youtu.be/CdMbX2MKZ0g Here you go.
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    Sonic Level Assistance Center

    Funny, I thought this topic could've actually had some use, both as a resource for the few stages that are indeed hard to beat, such as the Dino Egg mission, but also as a place to share tips and tricks on levels we may simply find difficult. We're not all the equivalent of amazing Japanese Unleashed speed runners on every single Sonic game that existed. No indeed, sometimes we suck balls. While it's easy to simply look up tutorials on YouTube which eats into its potential discussion value, I still saw enough possibilities in the discussion to at least keep the topic open and see where it led. Thanks for making a decision for me, because almost every single response in this topic before mine is nothing but unbridled dickery. It astounds me that this is the way you guys sought to not only shit up this topic, which is something we tell you not to do, but to treat a newcomer. So congratulations. You fucking failed. Topic locked. EDIT: If you're reading this now, more than likely you have gotten striked for poor behavior. Seems staff is still livid over this. I'm still livid over this. It continues to flabbergast us that nearly all of you reacted in such a poor manner to a topic that had some use and ultimately caused a newcomer to conclude for a minute that this was a shit place. And can you really blame them? I wasn't sure if the message had really been sent, especially after subsequent conversation with people, so here I am. What compounds on top of this is that some of you, either in the past or perhaps sometime in the future, are going to complain that SSMB has a volatile atmosphere for reasons that I hope are now exceedingly apparent to you, and it makes a lot of the discussion we've had before on this subject inherently hypocritical. As I've said before, it's just plain ol' negative behavior, which is frighteningly easy to avoid by just not being a jerk. So, pretty much all of you except for a few have been given warnings. I don't care if you were just playing. I don't care if you think this is old news. I don't think you care if I am in turn shit-stirring. Frankly, I sometimes think we're way too lenient because we worry constantly about whether or not we're coming off as fair. Well, I think strikes are fair in this case. As usual, you have an avenue for appeal. Take it up with an administrator if you feel this is unwarranted.
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    Sonic Dash (iOS/Android)

    Sonic Dash, tho.. There's an A and an S in that name. Switch em around. SA. How many letters up to "S" are there in "dash"? 3. SA3, ladies and gentlemen, the proof is in the digital pudding. :v
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    Sweet! After lego's, ziplines and sand, can't wait to see what new addition they'll have for Green Hill Zone this time. Maybe they'll even remember it's supposed to be on an island next time.
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    Sonic Lost World - Debut Trailer

    Desperately trying not to hype. Failing.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Oh god, now I finally know what these things remind me of. They're not "guardians," they're Monstars.
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    you really need to get a hobby or something dood.
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    A new character? What could possibly go wrong?
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    For anyone complaining about the girl having a big head: This is how I'm reading the sillouhette. And... this is how you apparently are? Hey there sexy.
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    You tell me, considering you're posting from the same IP as the OP. Come on, entertain us.
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    The KKM

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Sonic Retro found some spoilers on SEGA's FTP, by the way:
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    I've been asked to chime in a bit here so I'll do what I can to share some info with you all. I've said it a few times in the past, but there were key reasons why we announced the Sonic Boom initiative when we did. Along with that, there are a lot of partners involved with Sonic Boom so we have to be mindful of their timelines and requirements for their respective fields. It's not just about a game anymore... This is a large group effort so any announcements and information shared publically needs to really be planned and organized carefully. We need to make sure that things we reveal don't impact other parts and vice versa. I completely appreciate the fact that you fans are hungry for info specific to the games, I really do. And that's why we all work these endless late nights and weekends... It's to get all the pieces in place for when the campaign does really kick off. We still have a ways until the cartoon and game launch, as well as the new toy line, so we need to pace all the info appropriately. And it all starts as we head into E3. You'll learn more, for sure, but not everything. And the reveal of new assets and info should be more frequent from that point on. But trust me when I say there is no lack of effort by anyone involved with Sonic Boom. This is, by far, the biggest united effort I have personally ever seen Sega be involved in. We want to share everything with everyone because we are so excited... We just can't... Yet. So, please be a bit more patient. I'm working on screens and commenting on releases so stuff is coming. We will even have a bit of a surprise in there for you, as well as the first info and assets for the 3DS version. There is quite a bit of cool stuff ahead so hang in there.
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    Strong Bad

    Xbox One Discussion

    new pics of the Xbox One
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    Every time I see someone complain about the modern design, I just think to myself... ... you could've had it SO MUCH worse.
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    http://www.sonicstadium.org/2013/03/mega-drive-classic-sonic-1-coming-to-android-sonic-2-also-planned/ (forgive me for the massive space below by the way, thats just the really dorky way SSMB handles massive pictures) This post confirms Taxman's involvement in this project, as if it wasn't already blatantly obvious. Also, the game was announced at a conference related to mobile devices, so knowing how Sonic CD came to be there's little doubt of there not being a release for multiple consoles. So yeah guys. Time attack mode (definitely with online leaderboards)? Remastered soundtrack?? I can't believe I'm saying this, but... its time to get hyped for a Sonic 1 & 2 port, guys. I am so down. EDIT: Also there is big following from Retro. I'mma drop the statement here too. Buy these games. Just do it. I know its ports of the most ported Sonic games ever, and I don't know what they have planned fully, but no matter the direction this goes (S3K port OR new classic-styled game), it's Taxman and Stealth. Buy this. And if you already bought the iOS version then update it. You should get it for free.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    "Even without wings, I can still fly!"
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    Spike TV have brought a Giraffe to E3. What... you think it's not real? https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/343556461433069568 I don't understand the things I believe anymore! Please let it freak out and destroy the Microsoft conference.
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

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    City Escape Act 2 - Night
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    Suddenly, NEW THEME APPEARS! We know that the recently-launched 'new' SSMB theme ended up breaking the moment IPB released a new version, so instead of trying to fix it I donned my designer's hat and decided to start again from scratch, on a new future-proof (I HOPE) set of skins. Welcome to SSMB, 2016! As you can see, this is the new 'Sonical' theme. It's very blue, isn't it? And it has that adorable classic Sonic smiling/sneering at you at the top of the page there. Nice. I also made sure that this theme works in most browsers, devices and screen sizes (although WiiU for some reason has this odd bug that only affects the homepage - we think it has something to do with the dynamic widgets embedded in the page, and are looking to IPB for a fix - every other page is fine so if you're somehow able to make your way onto a forum or topic on WiiU you're good as gold). That's not all. Every week on Sunday for the next couple of weeks we'll be releasing new character versions of this theme. Two Foxy will be released next Sunday. Oooh, exciting! Enjoy the new look SSMB, you guys. And a happy (belated) new year to you all!
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    Oh hey, I think I finally get what they were going for with that mouth...
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    New Year, New Staff

    I'd like to extend a warm welcome to our new staff members, some of which I know have already caused quite a uproar in the status updates: Monkey Destruction Switch, Zaysho, and Celestia! Also rejoining the staff will be Sean, whom for most of you needs no introduction. Welcome to the team! I would also like to mention that we have an ongoing moderation feedback topic. Please take a look.
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    Sonic Rivals 2 ~Ripped Artworks~

    All resources ripped by me - Mefiresu Some examples of artworks in archive: Characters: Costumes: Cards: Full archive here: DOWNLOAD. Have a nice day!
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    You have been warned REPEATEDLY by Staff to stop derailing this thread and stirring up trouble with your obnoxious attitude of excessive praise of Classic Sonic and your endless bashing of anything that isn't as well as your constant stating your opinions as fact and you didn't listen. Have a strike, and from now on actually contribute something productive to this topic or don't post in it at all. Seriously, absolutely no more of this unless you want additional disciplinary action. As for everyone else, this topic once again is getting a bit heated so I'm going to ask that everyone calm down and engage in constructive and respectful conversation and discussion, please.
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    shameless plug, yay! Hello one and all to the throwdown, the showdown, the hoe down you've all been waiting for, the matchup between two favor'd (or unfavored) Sonic titles that have the honor of being the games that but Sonic back on track. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors! While the quality of these said titles seem to be consistent to the general public, here on SSMB there have been many a heated debate of which game holds the top spot. And the purpose of this topic is to finally have a battle groud rather than constantly pot shoting each game in the statuses. First lets lay down the rules first. Now instead of having a free for all, I decided that it would be a lot more fun to argue/discuss/debate about which specific area Colors and Unleashed succeeds or falters in, and for about a week it will only focus on that specific topic of discussion and nothing else. Each week will be a new topic of discussion, and by the end of it I hope we can look back and see what wonderful debaters each and every one of us are. Oh and also. This probably goes without saying, but please don't bring in boost/modern gameplay arguments (well unless the topic of the week is gameplay) where they aren't needed. We are not here to compare how these games don't stack up to Sonic 3 and Knuckles or whatever, were just comparing these sole games and nothing else. Now without further ado, let the games begin! Round 1: Art Design Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors have a very similar looking style, but how they go about expressing it is literally worlds apart.. Sonic Unleashed art design focused on taking real world locales such as China, Italy, Greece, and New York, and transforming them to fit with in the relam of Sonic. Unlike previous games like 06 and SA2 where they tried to make Sonic fit into a rahter realistic world, this game focuses in a opposite direction in which the world around Sonic is made to fit with him. The characters have cartoony pixar esque designs and have a variety of colorful personality and expressions, and the locales have a visual flair that do good to make it all popout. Sonic Colors on the other hand, is much more fantasy oriented. Due to the theme of the game taking place in a theme park, Sonic Team had more leeway to go crazy with the game's art direction. You have the Neon filled, brightly shimmering Starlight Carnival, the Underwater Oriental beauty Aquarium Park, the vegas-like Tropical Resort, or the strikingly beatiful yet tragic Planet Wisp. They even create wolrd made up of nothing but fast food! Each stage has it's own persoanlity and charm to it, and it fits well in the context of being of Eggman's creations. Now then, lets begin the discussion!
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    People kept asking for shadow to return, little do they know this is what we meant, not this guy:
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    Wasn't sure where to post this but since it has what appears to be one of the Hard-Boiled Heavies in it this board seemed appropriate. Props to the artist whose name I believe is maxjcollins. Unfortunately he seems to have taken the post down from his blog so I can't link a direct source so I'll just leave the gif here: Apologies for the compression. But it really makes me wish we could see more like this in an official capacity.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's high time we give it up to the real man of the hour: Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, who just straight-up conquered the world after 25 long years of failed attempts. Finally, we're going to see what the world under Eggman's rule looks like, and see Sonic trying to undo Eggman's victory instead of merely prevent it. Plus, since Eggman's openly the bad guy from the start instead of the game using the Time Eater as a red-herring, we'll likely be seeing a lot more of the dastardly doctor onscreen than in the first Generations. Doc, you've been at this for a long time. And even though it's only temporary, a hearty congratulations on finally getting the world under your control! May the reign of the Eggman Empire be great and glorious, however short it will surely be. (And I swear, if a one-shot generic villain upstages Eggman in this game, I'm gonna FLIP. ALL THE TABLES. This is Eggman's moment of triumph, and the only one I want to see taking him down is Sonic himself.)
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    Sonic Lost World Announced

    How many fucking times has a Lost World thread been derailed on account of people getting upset that others are discussing the art style and then subsequently going off? How many fucking times do people have to have an embarrassing, snarky-ass dig at ArtFenix and vice versa as a result of this petty schoolyard squabbling? How many times have I said no one is obligated to respond to every single goddamn post or argument that may grate on your nerves a little bit? I mean, it literally takes less effort to continue reading a thread as it does to reply to a post. At the very least if you have to beat a dead horse, I've had enough of this. Anymore of this kind of nonsense, as well as personal attacks lobbed at one another, will be punishable with strikes on the spot. We should be able to discuss screenshots of all things without devolving into argumentative tools to one another.
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    Oh god, my pencil started moving on its own. What are you doing pencil? I ALREADY MADE ONE PENCIL, STOP IT. I think I have a problem guys.
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    I don't hate this as much as I thought I would.
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    Source: http://www.animationmagazine.net/tv/mickey-mouse-to-star-in-new-disney-2d-shorts/ 2D Disney shorts actually starring the main cast are coming back! When I read about this, I actually got really excited, as I really enjoy watching the old cartoons with Mickey actually being mischievous and going on all these different types of adventures in different places. I've been longing for them to come back to this for quite a while, so I'm really hoping this turns out to be something strong and well done. Using directors from cartoons like Dexter's Laboratory, Gravity Falls, and Powerpuff Girls, this is definitely some kind of collaboration. As it said in the article, 19 episodes are already confirmed at least, so I'm definitely going to check those out. One episode is already out, running at a time of just three and a half minutes, following Mickey through Paris trying to deliver croissants to Minnie at her restaurant. I really enjoyed the art style, animation, action, music, and simplicity. I think this works really well for some shorts of this length. I found it really entertaining to watch and should work well for the younger age group that they're going for. It's the kind of quality that I think is short and sweet, like it should be. If you didn't read the article, but still want to check out the first short, you can watch it here: http://video.disney.com/watch/croissant-de-triomphe-4d7b3aae690a98650d776d97
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    How many times have Sega said they wanted to make classically-inspired games? And how many times has that promise panned out in a positive way? Even if I cared to play classic games again, I have no faith for them to pull it off. Besides, the time has long passed for apologies. Make a great game already.
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    Welcome To Your New-Look SSMB!

    Hello! You might have noticed that this place has changed a little bit since you last saw it. Welcome to the Sonic Stadium Message Board - 2015 Edition! The moderators, Bmn and myself have been working really hard these last few weeks to make sure the upgrade from IPB 3 to IPB4 was as seamless as possible, whilst also taking the opportunity to update the look and feel of The Sonic Stadium in a modern way. So there are a whole bunch of technical things that have changed, as well as cosmetic changes that relate to how the forum works. You'll see your username above the main content area: click that and a dropdown menu will appear containing most of the options you need to work your profile. Next to your username are a bunch of quick icons that take you to Notifications and Direct Messages. In the blue bar underneath the header, you'll see an 'SSMB' link on the far right (next to the search button), hover your mouse over that and you'll see different sections of the forum, like Calendar and Forum Staff pages etc. Posting replies is simpler than ever, and a lot of the bugs that have been prevalent in the forum this past year have been squashed. (Needless to say though, that if you're seeing anything that's a bit wonky, do post in the Member Feedback/Bug Reports forum, as it will help us troubleshoot stuff!) The cosmetic changes are part and parcel of a wider initiative by myself to reinvent The Sonic Stadium in 2015. Did you know that this plucky little website will be 15 years old in October? It's been through an awful lot, and with the changing habits of forum goers and website readers alike I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to present the site (and forum) in a way that makes sense for everyone in today's era. That's why you see a chop-and-change of some of the forum listings on the homepage - SSMB has been re-organised so that discussion is at the top of the list, and the more popular forums are front and center so you can access them much more easily. Needless to say, SSMB's butterfly change into this current form is a prelude to what will soon happen on The Sonic Stadium itself, later this year - a lot more housecleaning is needed on the main site yet, before I can fully unleash the revamped design. Either way, I hope you like this new look and functionality, and are looking forward to what's coming soon! As this is brand new forum software, there will naturally be some elements that haven't crossed over to this new SSMB immediately - namely Badges. We are working hard to get these back, don't worry. They're not lost forever! We're working on a way of getting them back to you. Stay tuned on that front!
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    Did anyone know that Sega of Japan has and runs a Vine account? Well today they posted this animation of Sonic... and holy shit it's gorgeous! https://vine.co/u/959367536560979968 Not to be outdone, the Western twitter/social accounts also marked the occasion: https://twitter.com/sonic_hedgehog/status/613376017772580864
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    ... I just realized that with all this, Tails has completely upstaged Knuckles. ON HIS BIRTHDAY. GODDAMMIT.
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    Yesterday we had the Freeze microwave, today we make fire out of water. Is it too much to ask for a shrink ray before the end of the week?
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    So that's how Knuckles comes into the story.
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    AWROO! So while it hasn't been exactly the most concealed secret ever, for awhile now I wanted to hold a contest for you guys to win the ultra smexy, ultra wolfy, and ultra awesomely Sonic the Werehog badge ever. It's now Halloween month, so what better time to dish out this deal. It's totally simple and not really a serious contest by any means, so relax, I won't stretch my arms out to rip your face off just yet~ Basically, all I want you to do is "werehog" any character ever. Seriously, that's like it. What that means is totally up to you, whether it's laying out your favorite character on a stretching table to give it some extra arm length, werewolfin' your favorite character from Friends, or giving a football player spiked cleats; it's totally up to your awesome creativity to make something truly werehogwolfy (?) This contest will see what I'm most looking for in a pet werehog'd character, such as speed, agility, guts, style, coolness, awesomeness, and radicalness. You might find yourself asking if those are like all the same things, but you would think that, and that's why you would never qualify as my pe-*shot* Off-shoot references aside here, all the entries are totally only judged on your creativity, so don't be afraid if you can't draw like Lackadaisy or something ('cause I sure can't). Most important thing is to have fun with this and loosen up. We've been pretty bored here at the SSMB with the lack of Sonic information, so lets unwind and have an awesome time with this. Prizes are offered like so: Aroo! 1st place winner for most wolfiest of hedgehogs Rawr! 2nd and 3rd place runner up badges Grr! For participating in the event (should be self explanitory, but that means by posting your submission in this thread) Chocolate? ??? The contest will begin today, October 1st and end 2 weeks from now on Monday, October 15th around midnight Pacific Time (I'm too sporadic to keep to a schedule like this, so safe to say that it'll just end sometime this day lawl). Enter as many entries as you like. So yeah! Get out there and make me the most werehogginist abominations your sick and twisted candy fueled Halloween driven brains can fathom!
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    For those wondering, us lot one the news staff did get told about this yesterday, only we're not sure how to cover it, current theory is to set up some kind of donation for the life boat crew who tried to save his life... but again it's not as easy as that since it's still so soon to the funeral and nobody wants it to look like we're trying to intrude on the families grief or anything like that. And it's shit like this that makes me wonder if we should actually do anything about it. What the fuck is wrong with you two.
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    Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Not gonna lie that 5/10 score is satisfying as fuck.
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    Dude has his own logo on the bottom of his shoe what the heck
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    Forces is looking pretty swell huh
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    I... might just need a moment. Sonic Mania continues to be my favourite thing ever. I can survive the delay no worries, just make this thing perfect.
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    I'm completely and utterly committing thievery on the part of Super Link but man if this just isn't too cute http://julianachen.tumblr.com/post/89590475687 NOW TAKE ME AWAY OFFICER
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    Sonic Boom announced (Wii U/3DS)

    1. Please take this discussion out of this topic. It's irrelevant to the topic at hand. Plus, it doesn't relate to the announcement of the game directly (seeing as it's more about finances). 2. I'm glad you want to see the return of the Casino Night Zone! Make a new topic about it. 3. Conclusion
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