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    Leaving this pinned as replacement to another topic that was held as an example of what not to make in regards to yet another dumb SA3 topic. Too often they pop up and they're usually the same things, as well as 'cause a lot of arguments and drama. So no Sonic Adventure 3 topics please. Thanks. If the title ever does arise, you can expect a staff member to handle it.
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    hi guys my uncles pet cat works at hollywood and sega better with music
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    Now what we really need is a Shadow 2 amirite guys!??!?!?
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    Ken Penders Scrapped Sonic Movie

    Do I have to? It's really, really ugly.
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    Roarey Raccoon

    I R Retired

    It's been more than 9 years since I joined the SSMB staff, that's a lot of memories. I was initially against writing anything about leaving the team, especially making a topic about it, the idea seemed egotistical. I can't get around the fact that it pretty much is but I'll try and share a few things with you that I learned about the SSMB in my near-decade behind the scenes. Might make an interesting read, you never know XP. I personally haven't been the same since the old forum was wiped in March 2009; a lot of time, energy, effort and emotional experiences were put into SSMB, 5 years of my life, basically. All vanished instantly. It was pretty damn horrible for everybody and a lot of people moved on from that. For me, though, I felt everything I had worked for had died. Whilst my emotional attachment to SSMB was decimated, I was still wrong to think that anything had been wasted at all. Let me explain. In the early 2000's SSMB was a volatile place, drama everywhere you cared to look. It was a bit of a fucking mess really. The staff worked their asses off and went through a lot of emotional shit to get the forums into an acceptable state. Since the forum wipe, this process has not been needed again. I'm actually genuinely surprised that SSMB runs as calmly as it does, it's fascinating and lovely to see. I know some of you likely don't feel that way, that you feel there's still way too much drama, but believe me this place is a calm pond in comparison to how things used to be. The staff forum was filled with activity during those years, at least one person was being banned every day and many more were receiving strikes. These days it hardly happens at all, not because the staff can't be bothered but because they don't need to. The years I've spent at SSMB honed me into someone pretty ruthless, early on. I became adept at swiftly knocking down flamewars and dealing with aggressive situations. I was also often a gigantic prick. Since the forum has changed so much (and it's a good change) I feel out of place, like a relic of older times when ornery sons of bitches like me were required. I don't have that raw passion any more, nor do I have the setting that would make my services required. The SSMB staff are a close, specialized bunch and I think they show their effectiveness very plainly. My time away from SSMB in the aftermath of the server wipe has distanced me from that close group and from all of you. I recognize so few faces and no longer understand the environment here. Back in the day I literally read every topic, I would check over every new post on the forums for signs of people breaking rules or being jackasses. I loved it and as a result I knew the forum like the back of my hand. I don't have that passion to get to know SSMB all over again and, honestly, 9 years is a long-ass time. I met my partner here (10th anniversary next year), I made friends here, I've been part of SoS, I've made enemies, got hundreds of people to hate my guts. Maybe I even earned some respect. So it has been a truly special ride. To the staff: I love you. I have loved working with you, getting pissed off alongside you, wading through mountains of verbal abuse and emotional shit with you. I've loved your passion and your drive. I don't want to make a list of everyone's names because I'd feel like shit if I left someone out, but three names have to be mentioned. Bmn and Chris, my fellow admins, you two are the best. Bmn has always been there at the back, the literal spine of TSS, without whom all of this could so easily have gone to total shit. He has done more for TSS and SSMB than you can ever know. Chris, the guy who joined as a kid, who is now clearly the admin to whom the rest of the team look up. Glad you stuck it out, SSMB couldn't ask for a better-suited admin. Then there's Dreadknux, who didn't just give me the opportunity to be here in the first place but worked with me as a friend and colleague. Dread is the guy who decided in which directions the SSMB needed to be steered and has the patience and presence of mind to see things clearly. He also created the site, so there's that, lol. To the members: There are no forums without you. SSMB is as good (or awful) as you decide to make it. Staff can enforce rules but you set the tone of the boards, you make an atmosphere welcoming or forbidding, you show newbies how to fit in and therefore dictate the attitude of the site. Remember that. If SSMB is great it's because you made it so, if it ever ends up horrible you also share in that responsibility. You're doing pretty great so far XP. Be good to each other. I don't want to drag this out any further, I'm at risk of being entirely too long-winded and sentimental, so I'll just leave you with a final point. I'll still be around from time to time, but as a member (or in the Retired Staff group, I forgot that was a thing, haha). Whatever I've done here may or may not amount to a damn thing and perhaps few will give a damn about be stepping down, but I've had a blast either way. If you want to ask me about anything, feel free to; I'll answer honestly. Be seeing you.
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    Barry the Nomad

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Seventh guardian confirmed:
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    Mr. Awesomest

    Holy Dooley

    Mass x Acceleration = Force / time NOW HERE'S THE STATS OF SONIC THE MOTHERFUCKING HEDGEHOG: Weighs: 35 kg Travels at: 343.2 m/s 35 * 343.2 = 11977 n Don't worry, that's not a lot; a 2 ton truck moving at 43 MPH does like 7 or 8 times that damage, if it's crash lasted a whole second. This is going by if it took a whole second for Sonic to decelerate, too. This is where it gets fun. He can stop himself with his ARMS (as shown in many Sonic games), which are half a meter long from his shoulders to his fingertips. INSTANTLY. But, since instantly isn't a measurement of time, let's put .001716 of a second, the time that is needed for sound to pass through half a meter (his arm). The reciprocal (ex: in 1/2=.5, 2 is the reciprocal of .5) of .001716 is 582.75058275, and it goes on, but I'll stop there. 11977 * 582.75058275 = 6979603.72960372 N which converts TOOOOO...
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    What? Sonic had a period of really, really bad games? PEOPLE MENTION IT SO RARELY THAT I HAD FORGOTTEN
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    Sonic X animation styles

    Chances are, if you've viewed quite a few Sonic X episodes, you'll notice that throughout it's run it had wildly varying animation and drawing styles. Each style is so distinctive that it is very easy to spot which animators did which episodes. This topic was created to elaborate on the different animation/drawing styles used throughout the series' run and to pinpoint which animators did which episodes. First off, let's start with the positive. Too few episodes had on-model, decently well drawn scenes and characters but when they did pop up, they stood out from the other episodes for all the right reasons; The characters are well-proportioned, on-model and expressive and conform to the model sheets extremely closely. The animation is also quite fluid. This animation style was utilized in; Episode 1 Episode 20 Episode 26 Episode 32 Episode 38 Episode 44 Episode 52 Episode 63 Episode 67 Episode 78 Unfortunately, those episodes are the only ones that can be honestly said to contain quality. Now, we'll start looking into the ugly side of Sonic X's animation. And there's a lot of it! Next, let's look at the animation style I personally like to label as the "Mutant Sonic" style. Ewww....wrongly-shaped eyes, off-center nose, too pointed where it connects to his muzzle and his eyes are not joined when they are closed as well as a mouth that's just too small and horribly drawn quills. Sonic is the biggest victim of this animation style, he's FAR UGLIER than other characters when this style in utilized in episodes. This animation style was utilized in; Episode 48 Episode 54 Episode 59 Episode 64 Episode 69 Episode 74 Next up, we have the "Stoned" animation style. The irises and pupils are uncanny, unfocused and not proportional to the eye. This gives the characters an overall look of being spaced-out and distant. Arms tend to be too straight and too short and hands, ears and feet tend to be undersized. Overall a horrible style. This style was utilized in; Episode 25 Episode 28 Episode 36 Episode 42 Episode 60 Next up - "Lines on irises" style I personally call this the "Lines on irises" style because from all of my observances, no other animator(s) puts lines on the characters irises. This is probably the worst animation style IMO as characters tend to look too "chunky" (Just take a look at poor Sonic in the top-center image). Characters tend to have oversized, thick noses and odd expressions and overall poor proportioning. This style was utilized in; Episode 24 Episode 31 Episode 39 Episode 47 "Cartoony-er style" is the animation style I like to call the following. I personally think that this style makes the characters look zanier. Their eyes are oversized and their mouths tend to be larger than average, drawn distinctly differently than other styles. It's expressive (Sonic tends to look happier than usual) and Knuckles is very frequently drawn with very pointed teeth. but definately off-model compared to the "best" style featured at the top of this post. This style was utilized in; Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 5 Episode 7 Episode 14 ...And it appears that I've run out of space to write up this post. Oopsies. I want to post some more styles but the board won't let me in a single post. I will continue with the write-up in another post if this topic gets attention Opinions on the art styles used in X? Suggestions if you've seen this style utilized in more episodes that I appear to be unaware of? Please post!
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    I feel like I'm obligated to say my piece in regards to the Kenesis Freakout Model II and the Sonic 4 dilemma. Just, wow. I can get behind constructive criticism, no doubt there. I want a great Sonic game as much as the rest of you. No, really, trust me on this one. I want Sonic 4 to have proper physics, I want Sonic 4 to invoke memories of the Genesis Classics, and I want a solid continuation of the original Quartet. But for the love of all that is blue and spiky, I've seen some fantastic grandmaster douche-baggery going on at the Sega Forums as well as over here. Oh, it's not as bad over in Stadium Land, but some things I saw before making my returning post really irked me, but nothing really major. People here (and as I discovered, at the Sega Forums as well) have some genuine constructive criticism to give while still acting civil about it, voicing their valid opinions about the state of Sonic 4. Then I came across this: I'm very well aware that this is part of a joke macro thing going on that's more lighthearted than anything, but even for the sake of my own bloody sanity, I can't even begin to explain how much this pisses me off. Not simply the image, but the overall attitude that several members are displaying. It's this attitude that made me abruptly leave SSMB and retreat to the Sega Forums for a couple of days. Sadly, it isn't much better over there, but I expected much better over here. Guys, I was genuinely hurt by the incredible amount of juvenile criticism. Dissident can vouch for me, and at least he had the decency to talk to me personally about his gripes, and I respect that he's approaching it that way, but I'm done naming names. It's not going to get us anywhere. The fact of the matter is that this ridiculous amount of insanity was enough to get me emotionally wrapped up over a darn video game. That isn't a good sign on my part. But I want to bring up Ken Balough for a bit. This man has some serious guts. No, not gall, guts. He isn't out there to insult the fanbase, he isn't there to criticize our opinions, regardless of what you think after his posts. The fact that he went out there to try to talk to and calm down the overwhelming horde of criticism coming from the fans over at the Sega Forums was actually very gallant of him, but as we can tell it was far too much for him and he began to lose his patience. And I don't blame him. Not an iota. His job is to market Sonic 4 to the target audience, and quite frankly, Sonic 4 is, unfortunate as this is, is not for those who want a complete return to the Genesis gameplay. I'm not going to make a statement on whether or not it should be, but I am going to say that Ken (as well as Kellie) are not having a good time at the moment dealing with this attitude. They have to grit their teeth and try to make the connection between themselves and the fanbase to provide feedback, and this isn't a fun thing to do when they're being targeted as if they're the ones responsible for the trailer not being produced properly, or, Heaven help us, the lack of solo playable Tails. It's one thing to voice an opinion against it, and another entirely to actively attack and make harsh statements against the PR Team when they really can't do much of anything about it aside from relay information. It isn't their fault; they did their job. They relayed the info 100%, they held a press conference in Sega of America to address these concerns, among other efforts. It is not their fault that the developers are unable to change certain things or simply don't find it important. That is the fault (to a point) of the developers, not Ken nor Kellie. Now, I don't know if any of you guys at SSMB have made any harsh statements against Ken, but it irked me enough to be vocal about it over here, since I'm certain my voice will carry a bit more weight here. This is absolutely unfair to Ken, and that's what I have to say about that. Now about Sonic 4's issues, I can't really say that it's fine the way it is. People have particular expectations, and that's part of what makes us human. We're made with different opinions and desires, and if we weren't, we'd have a boring fanbase. But I'll be damned if I wasn't annoyed by the overwhelming amount of negative criticism and "THE SKY IS FALLING" mentality I saw around here earlier. Like I said before: I want a good Genesis styled Sonic game. No, really, I really really do. But do you know what else I want? I want a genuinely good 2D Sonic game, and for what it is, Episode 2 delivers with flying colors. This is a solid looking action platformer that preserves the key elements that make Sonic great. Speed. Platforming. Visuals. Thrill. Action. All of that good stuff. So it really shouldn't be a massive surprise to those who are vouching for 1:1 Genesis physics and nothing less that several of us, including myself, are incredibly annoyed at all of the backlash. To many of us, after years of absolute mediocrity with Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic '06, Sonic Unleashed and the Storybook Titles, this is a breath of fresh air. Now we're communicating in an atmosphere where it still isn't good enough, and that the developers are either lazy or don't care. I can't, nor do I wish to, change anyone's opinion. But please pardon me as I say: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR BLOODY MINDS?! Look, I know that we haven't reached 1:1 Genesis fidelity, nor may we ever, but my word, what the heck happened to the positive feedback? What happened to the encouragement? What happened to genuine excitement over a new and solid Sonic game? Isn't that what we wanted? The Sonic Rush series, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, and Sonic 4. Tell me right now, even with the issues they carry (that nobody aside from the fanbase seem to find all that problematic) that you would have ever realistically envisioned a line-up like that after THIS? And after all that we've been through, everything we've worked ourselves out of... now you're telling me... I'm sorry, but no. NO. I did not join the Sonic fanbase to constantly insult the company that actually managed to pick itself out of the ghettos for our sake with genuine effort. Do you see where I'm coming from? Sonic 4 isn't perfect. Few games are. I'm not going to say that the constructive criticism isn't valid. I'm not going to say that they haven't missed some blatant opportunities. I'm not even going to say that everything the PR says is valid and trustworthy. But I imagined ourselves to be more mature than this. Sonic 4 is not as great as the originals, but by NO MEANS will it equate to a "polished turd" when we worked so far from an ACTUAL one. Do you want to act like this? Go on ahead. I'd be a pretty pompous pissant to expect you to change your opinion or attitude on my behalf. If I wanted a change in scenery, I'd just up it and leave. But I love you guys too much. If my attitude seems rude or demanding, then I'm sorry. I'm not trying to force anything on anyone, however I am trying to bring across the general feeling that me, among others, are getting from all of this. And at that, I await for Sonic 4: Episode 2, another good and solid Sonic game. EDIT: I know you might not agree, but ily Dissy :3
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    EDIT (November 5, 2013) - Even though I am now a staff member, the principles listed in this topic are still guidelines and suggestions, not rules that are enforced by me or any other members of the staff. They are there to aid, but there will still be instances which may contradict what is taught in this tutorial. You are now permitted to ask me things where it says "ask a staff member but not me," but I will not always be using this guide as a reference when deciding the fate of a topic. Hey, you! You there! The one posting a topic in the Sonic Discussion forum! Stop right there! Are you sure you want to post that? "Um... yes?" No, you don't. At least, not yet. Here at SSMB, we like to encourage civil discourse and friendly debates about hedgehogs and timelords and pokaymans and a lot of other things that you may like, but the staff are very particular about the threads they allow to remain open. Many newcomers make the rookie mistake of joining and immediately heading straight for the “Start New Topic” button, which ultimately leads to poor topics being created and Newuser72 getting his feelings hurt when a staff member decides to lock it. So what can you do? How can you make sure your topic will be accepted by the community? Well, by taking the time to read this thread, you have already taken the first step to improving your topic-posting sensibilities. In this topic, I am going to teach you, the lucky user reading this thread, some pointers on how to make your thread truly great and ensure that it is accepted by both the members and staff. This will minimize the chances of your topic being locked, and will ultimately make discussing your topic much more rich and enjoyable for both you and other members. Please note before continuing that I am not a member of the staff nor do I claim to speak for them. The staff have their own discretion when locking threads and/or carrying out disciplinary actions and are not obligated to stand by the guidelines and principles listed in this article. This is simply a guide created by a member to benefit other members. Remember to always ask a mod about anything you're unsure of, and always take their word over mine. With that out of the way, let's get started. This tutorial will cover four main points: Good Topics Bad Topics Good Topics That Are Poorly Delivered How to Turn #3 into #1 But before we can get into that, it's important to understand why the staff has such a strict policy on topics to begin with. You see, SSMB fosters a vocal environment. We don't want to know if you agree or disagree with something. We want to know why you agree or disagree with something. We don't want to know who your favorite character is, we want to know what makes him or her your favorite character! That is why topics must be thought-provoking and open-ended, as described below. #1 Good Topics So, let's take a minute and think about what makes a topic good. A good topic should meet all of the following criteria- The topic must present a clear question with an open-ended answer The topic must encourage thought-provoking replies consisting of more than one sentence The topic must be all-inclusive. The topic must be unique. So let's explore each of these factors in detail. A topic must have a clear question with an open-ended answer. In layman's terms, anyone reading your topic should know what you're talking about and be able to form their own opinions about the subject. A good topic is a topic that fosters the expression of all different opinions as opposed to perfect unanimity. Basically, if your topic only leaves room for those who agree with a single mindset, it's probably not a good topic. Do not use these examples as they have probably all been done before. Good – Are Sonic games accessible to players of all different levels of experience? Bad – Post here if you love Vector! Next, the topic must encourage thought-provoking replies consisting of more than one sentence. This is what is commonly known around the boards as discussion value. A topic should not be simplified to either agree or disagree, but should encourage others to explain why they agree or disagree, as well as their own interpretations and analysis on the topic at hand. I will go into more detail about these kind of topics in the “Bad Topics” section below. For now, take these examples. Good – What are the ethical implications of cloning? Bad – Do you like Cheez-Its? Okay, so a good topic doesn't necessarily have to be philosophical in nature, but they should encourage deeper thought and question. A topic must be all-inclusive. Now, to be perfectly fair, there's always going to be some sort of exclusion in a topic. If you're posting about one game in particular, you're limiting yourself only to people who have played that game or are interested in playing it. If you're posting about scientific innovation, you're limiting yourself only to people who have a broad understanding of the scientific principles described within. For a topic to be successful, you want to aim for the highest-possible audience; however, you're going to have to restrict some users based on their experience with certain topics. This is a rather large community, so if your topic is interesting enough, it should still be fine without being too alienating. However, if a topic can only be answered by a very specific sample of members, then you simply do not have a good topic. For example... Good – Hidden Easter Eggs in Sonic CD Bad – What is your favorite thing about Shadow? (Girls only) Your opinion on Brad Pitt The former restricts itself only to people who have played or have viewed a playthrough of Sonic CD; however, as this is a Sonic forum, you can probably assume that most of us probably have. Therefore, this a non-specific sort of restriction, which is perfectly fine. The latter two, however, restricts the discussion to either Shadow fans only or female users, which though we have a decent number of both, is too specific of a restriction. This is a board that prides itself in diversity, and as such, all topics should be open to a plethora of differing opinions. Last, but not least, a topic must be unique. That is to say, it should not be a repeat of another topic. How can you make sure the topic hasn't been made before? Easy! First, skim the names of each topic on the first two or so pages of each forum. If you don't find it there, continue by using the search engine to search through the rest of the boards. The search engine is located at the top, right corner of the boards. It looks like this. But wait, Akito! Why should I scan the first few pages of a forum? Wouldn't the search pick it up regardless? I'm going to be honest here. Though you are definitely encouraged to make use of the search feature when creating a new topic, the cold, hard truth of the matter is that IPB's search engine, and search technology in general, isn't perfect. The search engine hunts for topics and posts based on words in the topic title, tags, and replies within a topic. Sometimes the words one might use to describe the same topic of discussion will not be the same as your own. So what can you do if you're still not sure? You can always simply ask about it in the status updates. Doing so might also be a good way to gain feedback on your topic before you post it and maybe even give you material to use in the opening post of your thread! General rule of thumb for creating a new topic: If it sounds like it should have been made by now, it probably has. Topics such as “Who's your favorite character?” “What's your favorite game?” “Why is someone in the kitchen with Dinah?” are all examples of topics that usually get made early on in a message board's lifespan. If you don't see it on the front page, it's because we've moved on past that discussion. However, “favorite” topics are generally frowned upon for reasons I'll get into shortly. Now, it's time to take a look at... #2 Bad Topics Okay, so this one's a little bit longer. Despite how it may initially seem, this site isn't extremely restrictive on the types of topics allowed here, but there many mistakes you can make that will ultimately result in your topic being locked and, if push comes to shove, disciplinary action placed on your account. Bad topics exhibit some or all (but do not limit to) the following qualities: Does not pose a question Is a "list" topic Is restrictive Is not unique/has been posted before Is inappropriate for users under the age of 18* Contains disrespectful content* Is spam* The infractions marked with an asterisk (*) indicate that a topic which meets that description is unsalvageable and can result in disciplinary to include permanent banishment from the forums based on the discretion of the staff. You do not want to post topics of that nature. Ever. With that said, let's get these out of the way. A topic that does not pose a question is not a good topic. Bear in mind, a question does not always have to be blatantly asked. By submitting a topic, you are already asking for opinions on the matter, so you don't need to end every sentence with “What do you guys think about this?” But you do need to make it clear that this a discussion on the matter and not just you stating your opinion. Good – Waffles: The Good and Bad of the Breakfast Favorite Bad – Waffles Suck Stating your opinion flat out with little in the way of analytical reasoning is not only a good way to make your topic look and sound pointless, but it's also a good way to look like a complete tool. Also, waffles are awesome, so don't you dare make a topic called “Waffles Suck.” Now some of you might be thinking “What about rants?” or “What about analyses and things of that manner?” Let me reiterate in beautiful, golden text so we can make it a “golden rule” of sorts. Anytime you make a topic, you are automatically asking for opinions on the matter. With that said, rants and analyses are perfectly acceptable... on the condition they are presented well. (More on that later) – If you're going to go on a rant, it would be wise to put in at least a couple paragraphs worth of explanation that is (1) analytical in nature (meaning “this is good or bad because it does this or that” as opposed to “this sucks because it's fucking stupid”) and (2) constructive in nature, offering suggestions for how a problem can be rectified or improved. Good – Waffles: The Good and Bad of the Breakfast Favorite Bad – Waffles Suck See the difference? One is constructive and analytical. The other is merely opinion... also the grammar is terrible. Learn from the example of the first. But really, don't make a topic about waffles. Because, just don't. List topics are generally frowned upon and are usually the most common types of topics created by newer members. These topics generally include “favorite topics,” but the two are not intrinsically synonymous. A list topic is any topic that warrants a one-word response. Meaning, the only response one must give is a single word or short sentence. “Who is your favorite Sonic character?” “What is your favorite Sonic game?” And now I hear someone saying: “But what if I said in the OP--” Nope. Still not okay. These types of topics simply don't warrant thought-provoking discussion. Your best option is to just not make them. End of story. Topics must not be restrictive. As stated before, topics must maintain the highest possible level of inclusion. Topics which do not permit or discourage the participation of users on the grounds of any factor other than experience with the subject at hand are not suitable for this community. If you wish to talk about something with only a select few members, shoot them a Private Message. IPB now allows for you to engage in a single private conversation with six recipients at a time, which is probably the same amount of people who would enjoy a thread that caters only to a very specific demographic. If a similar or identical topic has already been made, use that topic instead. Though not typically a bannable offense, you should always abstain from recreating topics that have already been made. Accidents do happen, and sometimes no matter how hard you look, you might fail to find a similar or identical topic even though one is later found to exist. But intentionally doing so... is just a douche move, to put it simply. All you're doing is cluttering the board and causing confusion. So yeah, if you can help it, just don't do it, but chances are, you're not going to get your hand sawed off for it. As per SSMB rules, topics must not primarily discuss or contain material that is inappropriate for users under the age of 18. This includes, but does not limit to, pornographic material in text, image, video or other format as well as depictions of intense graphic violence such as blood or gore. In addition, it must not contain content that is disrespectful (i.e. that which is alienating to an individual or one or more groups of people) or otherwise bigoted, hateful, or otherwise fall under harassment. Spam is something that everyone thinks is self-explanatory. But I guess it's not, so let me clarify. Spam contains at least one of these characteristics: It's pointless It's repetitive It does not encourage thought-provoking discussion It's made solely to advertise A topic is pointless if it has no subject to discuss. A topic without a clear subject is spam. Repetitive creation of topics that are pointless or are otherwise identical is spam. Topics that do not encourage thought-provoking discussion are spam. Topics made for the sole purpose of advertising a product, rather for profit or for views, are spam. Remember that the status updates are much more lax in regards to this. As long as you don't go overboard and follow SSMB's primary rules (as well as the ) then you're pretty much allowed to post whatever crazy garbage you want. However, topics are reserved purely for discussion and debate. If you want to talk about how much you love waffles, do it in the status updates. Sometimes, however, there comes a point when you think of a really good topic and it's shot down, anyway. Why? Many reasons, but often times you may find that delivery is one of them. #3 Good Topics That Are Delivered Poorly This is a problem that sometimes creeps up. A topic will seem perfectly acceptable... but the presentation will completely ruin whatever credibility the topic may have had. Let's look at an example. No, this does not involve waffles. Say, the new Super Sonic Bros game has just been announced and, what luck, you get to be the lucky son of a gun who makes the thread and... “Oh, yeah, I think I'm good.” Yeah, no. See, the topic itself isn't the problem, but the way you've conveyed it is... well, to be honest there's not much conveyance here at all. The strength of a topic is largely dependent on the opening post. If your opening post is weak, your topic is going to be weak. What can you do to fix it? #4 How to Turn #3 into #1 I'm going to break this down into different categories: Topic Title Body Support So let's talk about Mario Adventure 3 or whatever it was again, and see where this user went wrong. Topic Title – A topic title should be very specific and detail exactly what you are referring to. In this case, the user simply put “new game” Okay... new game about what, exactly? Nobody's going to even want to click on that to see what you're talking about because it's so vague. Let's work on it. Start by listing relevant details about the game. What is it called? When will it be out? What platforms will it be on? You'll want to answer as many of those questions as possible. The topic title should serve as a single sentence summary of the opening post. That way, your thread will draw more interest and users will know exactly what they're getting into before they click on it. Body – Just like any post, the opening post of a topic should never be one or two short sentences. Be sure to post a great wealth of information on the subject. A good opening post should be at least one paragraph, though different scenarios may mandate the use of more or less text. Support – Now that you have that settled, remember to post as much supporting material as you can. Multimedia is not required, but relevant trailers, screenshots, etc. should always be linked or embedded if possible. Obscure facts or claims should be backed up by reliable sources. Lastly, remember that your grammatical usage also plays a crucial role in how your message is received. SSMB rules mandate that proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation is a must on all areas of the boards. Typos will naturally occur, but legibility is the most important aspect of a post. If your fellow members can not read it, then they certainly can't hope to respond to it. On Topics in General One final point I want to make is... well, don't worry if you're topic gets locked. If your topic gets locked, don't get angry or discouraged. Use a locked topic as encouragement to improve, not as a punishment. Unless, of course, you receive a strike on your account for said topic, then you can view it as a punishment. Otherwise, 90% of locked topics go without serious repercussions. Just listen to the guidance of members and staff and don't... … Yeah, that. Don't do that. If all else fails, just stop making topics for awhile and stick to replies. Try to get the feel of the board before you try to create a whole new discussion. If you simply can't think of a topic that hasn't been taken already or wouldn't go over well on SSMB, then just... don't worry about it. Worry not about how you contribute but what you contribute. A good, well thought-out reply can be just as influential as a good topic. If you find that the topic you really wanted to make has already been made, don't be disappointed. Be glad that someone else was like-minded enough to make it so you can post in it. After all, there's no rule against topic bumping here. As long as you have something genuinely worth discussing, topic necromancy is not a taboo here. Basically, it doesn't matter who created the topic as long as the topic is made. _________________________________ And that's it. If you think you're competent enough and have a clear understanding of the principles outlined here, then go and make that topic you've always dreamed of. (Because people have dreams about topics, right? It's not just me? Hehe...) As a reminder, these steps are not 100% guaranteed that your topic will be successful or that it will have a great longevity. These are just a few tips that you can use to make sure your topic is meaningful and contributive to the community. Once again, I do not represent the staff, and as such, can not speak for them on matters which may contradict this post. If you're unsure about something, ask them, not me. I've left this topic open for discussion and so users can add their own suggestions and correct me on any silly mistakes I may have made. So please, do feel free to do so! In closing, I'd like to thank Nepenthe for giving me pointers on where to go with this thread and for giving me the green light to make it. If this causes any disagreement between staff and members, then feel free to lock this topic and pretend it never existed. I hope that these eight pages and several weeks worth of writing prove to be of assistance to members new and old. Thanks for reading! <3
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    That was fucking pathetic.
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    Wait, guys. I was wrong about the statues in Hydro City Zone. THEY WERE WARNING US.
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    In other news, GT makes #1 in the "Top Ten Worst List makers in gaming history" list.
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    Sonic Adventure 2 Comic!

    Hey guys, so I've been using this site for a while to look up Sonic news and such so I think it's about time I made a forum account! So to showcase my art, this thread is about my Sonic comic I've been working on recently in my free time, an adaptation of Sonic Adventure 2! I'll keep you guys updated as soon as I post on my deviantart page as well! (ziggyfin.deviantart.com)
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    Yeah I'm just gonna leave this here before I gather my thoughts
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    New Challengers Approaching

    Recently, two of our long-time staff members, Sean and Pelly, resigned from their mod activities. We here at the SSMB Staff are forever grateful for the influence they have had on these boards during the years and will miss them dearly. We would like to take this opportunity extend our heartfelt thanks to them for their years of service. With the stride that Sonic Boom is hitting and the heated discussions on the boards the Staff has done some thorough discussing, and we decided to recruit some active and varied new blood to fill the void. These are familiar names you might know, and we're very excited to bring them on board. Many of our members might have had a keen eye already to the details, but without further ado, please welcome SuperLink, Azukara and Ogilvie to the moderator team!
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    When it comes to matters directly between members and behind closed doors, our moderation tend to let them sort it out on their own. However, as of late we have been receiving more complaints than usual about some particularly untrustworthy members who go out of their way to find personal conflicts and wiggle into them. I'm not sure what taught them to poke the hornets nest with a stick, but this is where it ends. The stance of the moderation on this subject is as follows: "It is not our job to deal with gripes, arguments or concerns between two members on site or off. We will however, come down relatively hard if a third party is involved and spreading chat logs/nonsense without the consent of the member in an attempt to cause a fuss or it is taken to a public medium." In most of the complaints that we have received, the Skype chats and a select few individuals have been mentioned almost continuously. Keep in mind that most of the negative statements made within those chats will end up finding their way to the eyes of those who are at the brunt of it, so if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say it at all. To go over a few of the topics that have gotten as far as me: Attempting to cause conflict between moderators and/or other members; Going out of your way to mark another member as a stalker to 'friends'; Constantly spilling unfavourable information from the aforementioned chats to cause conflict and/or frustration; So many chat logs from 'private' conversations; Spreading outright lies or slanderous bullshit about other users through status updates or photoshopped images. If you think you fit the bill on at least two of the above then I highly suggest you keep yourself off of my radar for a while or you may find yourself out on your butt. Some of you will already be out when this post goes live simply due to the sheer levels of disrespect involved. This isn't a fucking elementary school playground. My advice about the whole matter? Surround yourself with more trustworthy people. I'm pretty disgusted that I even had to say this but after reading through some of the PMs and whatnot that have been exchanged... some members should be ashamed of their actions.
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    New Moderators

    I'd like to welcome two new moderators to the team this morning: Akito and Sonikku_Kiah. I hope the transition won't be too hard on you two and we're here to help.
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    http://youtu.be/CdMbX2MKZ0g Here you go.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Nintendo Exclusive I said this months and months ago and was met with a lot of disagreement. But honestly, I still stand by it being a good thing (so long as Nintendo can improve the U's installbase). Why? Because Sonic has just found a new home. A home with his most reliable group of fans and the company with which he best fits in. I can see Sonic games getting a huge bump in quality and budget as part of this deal with SEGA and Nintendo. Say what you will. I'm happy with this development.
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    So there was some discussion in the status about this today, regarding KKM's sudden ban earlier this afternoon. I'm not here to dispute the reasoning behind his ban - the decision has been made and I don't think fighting the mods over any particular banning helps anyone. What I and many other members are bothered by though is the complete secrecy with which bannings tend to be treated on this site. It's been made clear that a lot of people are bothered by this, and apparently some people are counting on me to make a thread about it I guess, so here goes. The rules have been made clear - we're not allowed to talk about banned members, and this includes asking why they were banned. Why is this though? I'm confused as to how it's beneficial to the community as a whole, as many other forums I've been to (including Sonic Retro) are very open with bannings without actually disputing them with members. I don't know why we can't have this, and I think it'd help a lot in making people feel more comfortable as members of the community when they know why certain problematic members are removed and are able to see with their own eyes, very openly, a constant and slow flow of examples of what kind of behavior will warrant what degree of punishment by the mod team. What I personally think is particularly problematic is that this creates some doubt on what's allowed and what's not, because nobody actually knows what people are getting banned for. I've never seen this on any other forum I've been to. Without the ability to even look at a banned member's profile (which I think is completely unnecessary tbh) there's no way to see what their last posts were before getting banned. I've been told in a status that it's "literally none of my business". I disagree. Many others do too. I don't think it's fair to the community at large to be kept in the dark and prohibited from even asking why some of our potential friends are being kicked off the site. And to be clear, I'm not asking to be able to debate bannings with mods after they happen. That's ridiculous and it doesn't help anyone. I just think that as members of the community, people who contribute to the site on a daily basis and are the people that make this site what it is, a little more transparency regarding bannings is not an unreasonable concern. And if nobody else posts here in agreement than whatever, I'll drop it and move on. So if you're one of those people who were bothered about this earlier today please don't just shut up about it now that we have a thread.
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    There there Tails, have a cookie and keep doing your best.
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    Did you ever get out of Sonic?

    BUMP! I knew there was a topic like this around here somewhere... I did get out of Sonic, and it was for a long while too. I've been putting this off long enough, as I've mentioned time and time again that I would explain what caused me to get out of Sonic for 15 years, as my circumstances that caused me to leave were rather different, as they weren't caused by anything Sega or Sonic Team did or didn't do. Anyway, now that I've found the topic, here's my story: My beginning with Sonic was back in June 1991 when I got a Sega Genesis with Sonic 1 as a reward from my father as I was the only one between me and my sisters that had made the Honor Roll for the whole school year. I remember seeing an ad from Toys R Us advertising Sonic and the Sega Genesis, and I showed it to my dad, telling him that's what I wanted after being undecided for about 2 weeks. I didn't know anything about either Sonic or the Sega Genesis, but I wanted it because Sonic looked so cool. I loved the game and eventually I had Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Spinball in my collection. I really enjoyed the games but it was the cartoons that really got me into Sonic, especially Sonic SatAM. I was so into the cartoon that I would record the episodes and watch them repeatedly every day. I also started drawing, painting, crafting Sonic and the SatAM characters (as well as Knuckles) with whatever materials I could get my hands on. But my main thing that I was doing in regards to Sonic was writing fanfictions. And I wrote a lot of them, be it short or long stories, with or without pictures. I was so into writing my fanfics that I would sneak a pen and paper in my pocket when I had to go outside to the park to play. I would sit behind a huge tree and I would continue my writing instead of playing with my siblings and friends. Then I bought a mini blue flashlight that I used at nighttime to continue writing my stories after my family was asleep, so I could write in peace. Some nights during the weekend I would pull an all-nighter as I would watch Sonic SatAM followed by more writing. I forget how many stories I had written, but I had hundreds of pages of writings and my drawings all based on Sonic. To say I was addicted to Sonic was an understatement. Apparently, my father wasn't too fond of my Sonic addiction, and he took matters into his own hands on how to handle it. I was 11 years old at the time and one day, while I was at school, he went into my room and threw out my Sonic stories, my video cassettes with my Sonic SatAM episodes in them, my Sonic illustrations along with my supplies. I came home and saw everything was gone and knew what happened, as that day was a Monday-trash day. I couldn't believe it, and I was devastated. I cried myself to sleep that night as everything I Ioved and adored about and worked hard for with Sonic was gone. My stories and drawings were in the trash, never to be seen again, along with my video cassettes. Both Sonic cartoons were cancelled at this point so I didn't have those as well. I didn't have my games anymore either because somehow my Sega Genesis picked up a virus from one of the games and it would freeze and got so bad to the point that the game was unplayable. So there I was with absolutely nothing in regards to my Sonic stuff. I had dreams of becoming both an author and an animator, so my dreams were thrown away along with my works. I found my losses to be too much to recover from, as I had nothing left but memories. Not mention I found the whole situation very painful. There was no way I could start all over again considering all that I had written and drawn. Heartbroken, I "walked away" from Sonic, never intending to come back to him ever again. But one night in March of 2010, 15 years later, at 26 years old, I was playing with my new cell phone and somehow ended up on Youtube on its browser. After coming across some Animaniacs clips, my curiosity got the best out of me, as I wondering if Sonic SatAM was on there. I didn't know what it was referred to at the time, so I typed in "Sonic cartoons". The first thing I clicked on was a clip from the first episode of Sonic X and it caught my attention. But I really wanted to find something from Sonic SatAM so I kept searching. I finally found my favorite episodes of "Blast to the Past (parts 1 & 2)". After watching both epsiodes I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and emotion. I realized that after all of this time I still adored Sonic like I had back when I was 11 years old. I was curious about the Sonic X clip and went back and watched the first episode. This was the first time I had seen Amy among others, not to mention the first time I saw Knuckles in a cartoon, so I was very excited and intrigued. I watched more episodes of Sonic X as well as cutscenes from Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic '06 and Sonic Unleashed. I got absolutely no sleep that night as my revitalized interest in Sonic got the best of me. For the nearly 3 years since my return to Sonic, it's been an interesting and fun journey in an effort to make up for lost time. Thankfully there have been many provisions full of information to help make that possible for me, including the Sonic Stadium. I honestly don't know if I will ever catch up with all the Sonic games, cartoons, and media out there that I've missed for the 15 years I was away, but I am sure going to keep trying, and I will continue to enjoy doing so.
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    New Moderators

    While a lot of you noticed this yesterday (or today) since some keen eyed individuals started making status updates about it (which I admit I love to read because seeing the positive reactions of the members is so enticing), I wanted to give our two new staff members a few hours to adjust to the orange banner and fancy title before posting this topic. I'm a bit surprised you guys haven't pointed out any other comments I've made in the last day hinting at some of the stuff to come, but there was one member who suggested a third moderator would be coming which I won't confirm nor deny. Where would the fun be if I outright told you guys otherwise? But before I do the proper introduction, I'd like to clarify a point about the differing usergroups between our new and our old. As you've probably seen mentioned, we currently have two usergroups for the staff: 'Moderators' and 'Super Moderators'. This change, while temporary, is simply a precautionary step for new staff due to the additional moderation ability that our existing staff maintain. It isn't saying that the newer staff cannot moderate certain forums or have a lessened ability to perform their tasks. But anyway, on to the task at hand! It's my pleasure to officially welcome our two new moderators to the team: Tornado and Nepenthe. You will both do a fine job, and I hope the transition hasn't been too hard on you!
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    Roarey Raccoon

    Staff Feedback - A Response

    Thanks for all the feedback that has been sent in, it's time you lot got a response to it, don't you think? Before I go on, I need to briefly warn you that this post is going to be long. Long, but worth it. First, here's a summary of the points that have been raised by you: Bad Staff swear/curse too much. Staff could be nicer to members, especially newbies. Staff could interact more on a casual basis, posting in a variety of forums. Staff need to be more professional. Staff are occasionally playing favourites with members. Staff appear to be an elitist social clique at times. Good Staff get the job done swiftly and effectively. Staff show personality so they don't act like robots. Staff are friendly and helpful. Staff use harsh language effectively. Majority of feedback stated that there were no complaints. An important thing to point out at this stage is that of over 4000 members on SSMB less than 100 actually gave their feedback. It would be entirely speculative to think of why each member chose not to give feedback (or if they even saw the topic) but what it does indicate is that the vast majority of members are just getting on with enjoying the forums. This is how it should be. Given this point, what is the significance of this feedback session? Firstly, if improvements can be made it certainly can't hurt to identify and address them. Secondly, it gives the staff an opportunity to respond to common complaints and explain why these things happen. That is what I will do now, point by point. Professionalism One could make the point that a professional is typically defined as a person gaining employment from their area of expertise, since that is the dictionary definition. However, when referring to the staff, the word 'professional' refers to something entirely different. It is taken for granted that the staff aren't on any kind of payroll; forum moderators seldom are. Professionalism in this sense of the word is to do with staff conduct and attitude. There are a few problems with demanding this type of professionalism from forum staffers. Firstly, the staff aren't professional, nor are we advertised as such; our role is to enforce forum rules and make sure the place doesn't go to hell in a handbasket; to make the forum function. Secondly, what one views as professional conduct is a personal thing, with different people having different expectations from members of staff. With some common expectations in mind, it would not be unfair to summarize professionalism as to behave in a mild, objective and calm manner, to remain collected and focused and to stick strictly to the rules one enforces on others. Seem reasonable? Unfortunately, this isn't possible. As much as you may imagine you know perfect people, they do not exist in any capacity, regardless of whether or not you label them as a professional. Forum staff, in their own free time, scour the forums, wading through pools of frivolous arguments and bad tempers, with the job of doing what they can to sort it out. Staff are going to get frustrated, they're going to get angry and they're going to snap, from time to time. It happens! Not very often, when compared with how much staff do, but it still happens. Once again, I return to an earlier point, the staff here at SSMB are not advertised as professionals, so it is unfair and incorrect to expect lofty definitions of professional conduct from them. Staff do their best and that's all is asked of them. If you find yourself regularly angry with the staff at SSMB, perhaps you need to look at yourself more; a few people running a Sonic fansite are not the Third Reich, so I'd be suspicious about your motives for constant displeasure. Methinks you're unhappy in general and that's not our responsibility. If you make the assertion that a staffer unable to fit your expectations ought to be relieved of their position, you are being very unreasonable and irrational. In summary: The staff are not professionals, nor do we claim to be; to expect otherwise is unreasonable. Swearing/Cursing It comes as little surprise that many people have an issue with harsh language, given that the majority of us are raised to believe swearing is a horrible thing to do. This is not a school or home environment, however, it is an online environment of free speech. All words derive their tone and meaning in communication via the context in which they are used. Words of any kind are not inherently 'bad' or 'good', their moral alignment is derived from how, when and by whom they are used. It is also commonplace for people to curse in general conversation. Swear words are not a forbidden fruit of sin and a demand that they never be used is an infringement of personal freedom of speech, so we do not disallow those words here. The staff are also people, so they too can swear if they wish to. The bottom line in this issue is of a personal dislike for when people swear or curse, a personal preference. Hearing, seeing or reading things you don't like is part of living in a society, so we each need to learn to deal with these issues ourselves. You're all aware of censorship and the damage it can incur, so chill out. If someone feels like a "fuck" here or there is how they want to communicate, then they will do so, it is how they want to communicate. To act as though an opinion is invalid or a person is bad because of the language they choose to use is ignorant and prejudiced. The Staff Team is an Elitist Clique This one comes down to a misinterpretation. The SSMB staff are a team and need to function as a team. If we were all mavericks it wouldn't work at all. As such, staff need to be cohesive, we need to stick together and behave as a united front. This does not mean we always agree with each other; we discuss things in private, amongst ourselves, and reach a consensus. Staff that disagree with an idea will still go along with it if the majority is in favour. That is what it means to be a responsible member of a team. We can appear elitist because we have to enforce the rules, but staff are no less sensitive to criticism or bias than the average person. You don't get a new genetic code when you end up on a forums' staff list, you're the same flawed person you always were, just with extra responsibilities. So, basically, the staff are a clique in a necessary capacity, you can't have a team at all otherwise. Be Nice! The staff here are receptive and friendly to members who ask them for help, some of the feedback left can attest to that. However, like all people, emotions fluctuate and different situations, different circumstances, lead to different responses. A moderator who is passionate about the forum they run are easier to upset and anger than a moderator who doesn't care about what they do. Take Sonic discussions here on SSMB as an example. There are often heated debates over topics that an outsider would conclude to be petty or pathetic, like Sonic's eye colour or game voice actors. It's not that these arguments are petty or the people having them are pathetic, but rather that those involved are passionate, they care about what is being discussed. Similarly, a staff member who cares about their role and the forum they work at will be prone to anger when members push buttons and break rules. Frustrations happen. This is not to say that staff can never be nice to people, or that we cannot improve how we currently behave; we can improve and will be making an effort to be more polite, especially to new members. This does lead to another important point though! Sometimes being nice just doesn't cut it. Every staff member here will be able to tell you instances when being nice/polite didn't achieve anything other than getting laughed at or ignored. Sometimes you just have to be harsh to get things done. Staff whom personally find it very hard to be harsh and are nice nearly all the time, like Flyboy and Diz, find themselves having to turn to other staff from time to time to deal with members who just aren't receptive to gentle treatment (and as a consequence, the staff who do have to be harsh will look like horrible people, when they aren't, so their reputation will be damaged just for doing their duty). It's a fact of life, not everybody feels like listening to reason, especially when they are so annoyed that logical thought is temporarily beyond them. You've likely all been in an argument with someone before who just wouldn't listen, so you know how hard it is to deal with it. A staff member HAS to deal with it, so they do so in a way that is tried and tested to work: they kick some backsides. Then there are times when someone says something so messed up it annoys you; you know full well what that is like and staff respond like normal human beings when something angers them: they get angry. Not very difficult to understand, to be honest XP. Talk more! This is a strange one for us, but the point has been made so I will address it. An obligation to reply to topics that don't interest you is not in the moderators' job description. No member, staff or otherwise, is expected to post when they don't feel like it. Sonic discussions in particular can be difficult to get involved in, even if you are interested. The Sonic fandom is very sensitive and takes its passion very seriously; to make a point is to have it nitpicked and criticized by other fans. A lot of members feel this and that includes staff. If a staff member doesn't want to post somewhere beyond their moderating responsibilities then they aren't required to, nor should they be expected to. They enforce the rules, they're not entertainers. Please be mindful of this basic fact, that they just don't feel like posting, and you wont end up making pessimistic assumptions about staff attitudes. Playing Favourites In all societies and in all settings where people gather, there are social hierarchies. Some people are more popular than others and you will like some people more than you like other people. This is a simple point to make and it's not intended to be patronizing, but do keep that in mind when you are scrutinizing staff behaviour. It may not seem fair that some are more respected than others but you won't find this absent in any social setting. That being said, the staff do not conduct themselves in such a way as to treat popular members better than members who don't have the same social status on the forums. The staff forum is private, so you obviously can't see what is being said there, but breaking rules is breaking rules and the staff do not like it no matter who is doing it. Nobody is immune from being striked or told off (except staff, who can't actually be striked, the site prevents it). It's true that staff will like some members more than others, but that isn't a result of us being bad people, it's a result of us being people in general. Everybody dislikes other people, the staff do too, but nobody is striked just because a staffer doesn't like them. Take vocal members whom have disagreed with the staff regularly, they aren't banned or striked for it, they're just disliked. Being abusive towards staff is another matter though, that shouldn't be tolerated (though it often is), as it says in the rules. It is also important to point out that members have favourite staffers and staff that they don't like. Moderators are often singled out by members and praised or bashed accordingly in status updates and so forth. But hey, we put up with that, so give credit where it's due. In Closing I hope this topic has better informed you of how the staff work and how we see things. None of this is an attack on you, the SSMB members, it is an attempt to inform you of our perspective, so you can see things from our point of view. It can be a stressful thing to deal with you Sonic fans, but we love it or we wouldn't be doing it. We're proud of you and we're proud of the SSMB. This forum has greatly improved over the years and members today are far more mature than has been the case in the past. A few years ago, we would be striking several members a day, these days we only have to strike one or two people every few weeks. It's a stunning improvement and a testament to how well the forum runs. Thank you for sticking with me and reading through this topic, I hope it allows you to appreciate the staff more in the future (I'm not speaking for myself here, I don't have that kind of ego =O). We will be working to be less scary towards members, especially newbies, but always keep in mind the points I have made.
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    Sonic Level Assistance Center

    Funny, I thought this topic could've actually had some use, both as a resource for the few stages that are indeed hard to beat, such as the Dino Egg mission, but also as a place to share tips and tricks on levels we may simply find difficult. We're not all the equivalent of amazing Japanese Unleashed speed runners on every single Sonic game that existed. No indeed, sometimes we suck balls. While it's easy to simply look up tutorials on YouTube which eats into its potential discussion value, I still saw enough possibilities in the discussion to at least keep the topic open and see where it led. Thanks for making a decision for me, because almost every single response in this topic before mine is nothing but unbridled dickery. It astounds me that this is the way you guys sought to not only shit up this topic, which is something we tell you not to do, but to treat a newcomer. So congratulations. You fucking failed. Topic locked. EDIT: If you're reading this now, more than likely you have gotten striked for poor behavior. Seems staff is still livid over this. I'm still livid over this. It continues to flabbergast us that nearly all of you reacted in such a poor manner to a topic that had some use and ultimately caused a newcomer to conclude for a minute that this was a shit place. And can you really blame them? I wasn't sure if the message had really been sent, especially after subsequent conversation with people, so here I am. What compounds on top of this is that some of you, either in the past or perhaps sometime in the future, are going to complain that SSMB has a volatile atmosphere for reasons that I hope are now exceedingly apparent to you, and it makes a lot of the discussion we've had before on this subject inherently hypocritical. As I've said before, it's just plain ol' negative behavior, which is frighteningly easy to avoid by just not being a jerk. So, pretty much all of you except for a few have been given warnings. I don't care if you were just playing. I don't care if you think this is old news. I don't think you care if I am in turn shit-stirring. Frankly, I sometimes think we're way too lenient because we worry constantly about whether or not we're coming off as fair. Well, I think strikes are fair in this case. As usual, you have an avenue for appeal. Take it up with an administrator if you feel this is unwarranted.
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    The Sonic Generations Review Topic

    I dislike the IGN review because he barely explains anything he says and just mentions his complaints as if reading off a checklist. This is a problem with the entire style of reviewing he uses, not with the fact that he gave the game a slightly lower score than I feel it deserves, and not with the fact that his complaints come off as completely arbitrary to me, as if he's simply clinging onto negative stereotypes Sonic's garnered over the years his games were shit. Allow me to go into more detail: First off... what vocal fueled soundtrack? To my knowledge there's one song that could be described as vocal-fueled, and that's Escape From The City. If "Up and down and all around" is supposed to count as "vocal-fueled", we might as well stop here. Why does this constitute sound getting a 7? Personally, I don't think disliking one song in a game with multiple dozens of tracks warrants a three point drop. Before arguing that maybe he didn't like the soundtrack in general, let me point out that he specifically says "The new arrangements for the game's iconic tracks are awesome". Taking an adventure to Google for a minute, I can see that "awesome" literally means "Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear" and "Extremely good; excellent". Now, if I remember correctly, the subtitle for 9's on IGN is "excellent". If sound dropped an entire two points from that because of one song, then as I said before, we might as well stop here, as the reviewer is clearly completely incompetent. "But Dissident! He didn't like the voice acting either! That warrants a drop in score!" Well, yes. It does warrant a drop in score. However, he never specifically says what he doesn't like about them; he merely casually states that they are "70% less annoying". As a consumer looking for a reasonable review to base my opinion off of, this offers absolutely nothing to me. Why is the voice acting bad? It isn't hard to explain. If one were to ask me what I thought about Sonic 06's voice acting, I could quickly tell you; "The tones used by the characters barely ever match the situations they're in, everyone's practically screaming all the time, and the voices sound incredibly forced on almost every single character. Tails sounds like a girl, Knuckles is always angry, Shadow has lung cancer, and so on and so forth". It isn't hard. On top of this, you have an entire game's worth of dialogue to demonstrate your point. If I want to say that Shadow's voice sounds forced, I'll show the clip of him shouting "DON'T TOUCH IT!". If I want to say that Tails sounds like a girl, I'll show a clip of him talking. Tones not matching the situations? "EEBLIS TRIGARR!!!". This way you can easily convey your opinion as the reviewer, as well as offer the viewer something to base his/her opinion off of. It's fine that these comparisons don't make any sense considering the differences in level design philosophy and controls between Classic Generations and Sonic 4, and Modern Generations and Colors. No, seriously. I don't expect him to be informed on details that specific (despite it being extremely clear by one glance that there's an enormous difference between this and Sonic 4). What I do expect is for him to back up his opinions, which he doesn't feel the need to do. Tell me why Classic Generations is like Sonic 4. Tell me why Modern Generations is like Colors. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Are the differences large or small? So far this guy's doing a pretty shit job of making me understand his thought process. What makes Classic Sonic "fun"? Explain, please. What makes Modern Sonic "fun"? Explain, please. How so? No answer, of course. [*]You're using the word "epic" wrong, chap. [*]How are they fun? What makes them fun? [*]How are they lackluster compared to past bosses? Name a few bosses to back up your point. [*]What "epicness"? You never mentioned the word before, so I don't have a clue what you're talking about. [*]What do they do to mix up the gameplay? [*]What's cool about them? [*]How are some of them annoying? What's so annoying about them? [*]HERP DERP STUPID FRENDZ And then he ends with a summary, so I'll do the same. Brevity is what kills the review for me, and likely many others. We aren't dissatisfied because he didn't give it a 9, but because we learned absolutely nothing about the game. All I learned is that some missions are annoying because they have dumb friends and that the controls aren't very good because the controls aren't very good. If this post comes off as whining coming from an idiot kid from a daycare center, then I don't know what to tell you. I expect more from something that's sole purpose is to sway my opinion.
  36. 59 points
    The reason is because there are more things that Sonic can't isn't allowed to do, than he can is allowed to do. Whereas, there is nothing Mario can't do. What I'm saying is; there is a very fine tolerance for what is deemed acceptable in Sonic games: -Can't be to linear -Can't be too fast -Can't be too slow -Can't have too blocky platforming -Can't have to little platforming -Can't drive a car (ASR proved all you disbelievers wrong) -Can't have a sword -Can't have too many bottomless pits -Can't be too easy -Can't be too hard -Can't be "cheap" -Can't have too many gimmicks -Can't have too few gimmicks -Can't be based on the real world, but with a fantasy twist -Can't have Pixar-like humans -Can't have Anime-like humans -Can't have realistic humans -Can't have humans at all -Can't have too big hubworlds -Can't have too small hubworlds -Can't have hubworlds at all -Can't have extra characters -Can't forget/leave out characters -Can't have a Monster as final boss -Can't be too mature -Can't be to childish -Can't have an epic story -Can't have a simplistic story -Can't have 'x' voice actor -Can't have voice acting at all -Can't have 2D/3D perspective shifts -Can't have too childish theme songs -Can't have theme songs at all -Can't have too much rock -Can't have too much orchestral -Can't have too much techno -Can't have too much jazz "Wait but aren't some of these statements contradictory?" Well, that about sums up Sonic's situation right now.
  37. 58 points

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Just announced exclusive for Wii U and 3DS on Nintendo E3 Direct.
  38. 58 points

    RIP Hiroshi Yamauchi

    Today we lost a man without which gaming would not be what it is today. Hiroshi Yamauchi, the former president of Nintendo, has passed away at the age of 85. This man took Nintendo from a humble playing card manufacturer to a world famous game developer during his 53 year presidency. Believing in quality and talent, he was willing to take risk and venture into new territories. He discovered and invested in important creative minds like Shigeru MIyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi, saw the value of software over hardware and made invaluable decisions that helped end the market crash of 1983. So rest in peace, to one of the most important fathers of gaming.
  39. 58 points

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Sonic, what're u doin?
  40. 58 points

    Sonic Lost World Announced

    Don't worry guys I'll fix it for you.
  41. 58 points

    Punishments, Statuses, Ponies.

    I think enough has been said today regarding the actions of our staff here, and I want to outline a few key notes before I pass out for the night (which are in no particular order and probably won't flow like a proper topic should, I'm tired). Taking into account the status updates and various posts about any of our staff taking action against members for not liking My Little Pony, joke or not - are you serious? This is what you come up with? I've been a staff member on this website for nearly nine years and witnessed a lot of random accusations, but even the rap songs I've been subjected to read about being unfairly treated have received more sympathy than this. We would never, ever take action against somebody for this reason. I don't even like the show myself, so take that as you will. Aside from addressing the rumored 'unfair punishments,' you're as welcome as you always have been to talk to me personally regarding any actions you disagree with. I investigate every comment I receive to ensure it's fair to both parties, but it must be a decisive statement. Simply messaging me "I think it's unfair but I don't know" only makes me think you have a hard time deciding what you'd like to have for dinner after work every night, not that our staff are at fault. Keep attitudes in check, please. If you feel provoked by a moderator, let me know - likewise, moderators do the same. They're hand picked members to keep conversations flowing and the forums clean so that you guys can enjoy yourselves without having to worry about being trolled. Human actions happen, frustration happens, but don't let it cloud your judgment. Status updates have an eye kept on them as well by yours truly so please keep that civil as well. We're friends with SEGA. I like to think we're friends with the SEGA forums as well, but it also houses a very large number of gamers under one roof so differing opinions come up occasionally regarding the direction of a gaming forum. While I have no problems with our members discussing things there, can you not discuss your disdain of our forums over there publicly? I think that's a very fair request to make since reading how much you hate being a member here over there doesn't really make me want to keep you around, nor does spreading lies about how issues are handled here. This isn't going to be open for discussion publicly.
  42. 58 points

    (Re)Introducing Member Badges/Awards!

    Couldn't resist
  43. 56 points
    http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/articles/122/1223896p1.html There - don't say I never point you at anything ...and emails about characters start in 10, 9, 8, 7... --- S0L ---
  44. 56 points
    I thought I'd just make a quick post about this. Normally I prepare a whole bunch of something to celebrate the site's birthday, but with things in my personal life a bit out of sorts right now I've not really had the chance. BUT. Let's celebrate anyway. Today is TSS' 13th birthday. It was on this day, 13 years ago, when I launched the original website on an Angelfire.com account... and was using catchphrases like 'Stay ICE'... and... and, God, I feel really old today. We're using this topic as a catch-all for whatever you want to do to celebrate the site as it enters its grumpy teenage years. Do whatever you like - write Happy Birthday, make a video, draw something, record an audio... thing? Whatever you feel like doing. Just know that no matter how crazy you are in celebrating the site's age, I still think you're all very special people. (in a good way, btw). Happy birthday, TSS!
  45. 56 points

    Story Speculation Topic

    Warning, could be spoilers:
  46. 56 points

    Sonic-related pet peeves?

    They are called rings, not coins. Say it with me: RINGS.
  47. 56 points

    Sonic is a boring character

    You derided Sonic for being an unrealistic shonen hero then listed Naruto as an example he should live up to? =/
  48. 55 points
    I told every single one of y'all.
  49. 55 points

    Sonic Dash (iOS/Android)

    Sonic Dash, tho.. There's an A and an S in that name. Switch em around. SA. How many letters up to "S" are there in "dash"? 3. SA3, ladies and gentlemen, the proof is in the digital pudding. :v
  50. 55 points


    You guys, this is all Advance 3's fault. Shut up, Logan! Sonic Advance 3 is the one that started all of the problems with Dimps, all because it's a really shi- Don't say it, Logan! ... ♫ Weeeelllllll... ♫ Don't do it, Logan! ... ♫ Weeeelllllll... ♫ I'm warning you! Okay, okay. I'm getting pretty sick of him saying Advance 3 is shi- ♫ Weeeelllllll, Advance 3's shit, Advance 3's shit. It's the worst Sonic game in the whole wide world. The level design sucks and the team gimmick blows. The last time I played it I nearly hurled. ♫ Shut your fucking mouth Logan! ♫ The music really sucks and the bosses blow and the partner gimmick is completely crap. Then on purpose just to be different the game doesn't even keep track of your score. ♫ Come on, you know the words! ♫ Have you ever played the game Advance 3? It's the worst Sonic game in the whole wide world. It's got bad boss fights and cheap level design. It's real shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit it is complete shit. Advance 3 is shit and it's just complete shit. ♫ Talk to kids around the world and it might go a little bit somethin' like this: 提前3是完整的狗屎 Trois Advance c'est de la merde complète Advance Drie is compleet stront Advance Drie is 'n volledige kak ♫ Have you ever played the game Advance 3? It's the worst Sonic game in the whole wide world. It's got bad boss fights and cheap level design. It's real shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. ♫ *Sean enters the topic* ♫ Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit it is complete shit. ♫ Uh, Logan. ♫ Advance 3 is shit and it's just complete shit. I really mean Advance 3, is complete and utter shiiiiiiiitt. That's what I'm talking about Advance Threeeeeeee, yeah! Cha! ♫ *Sean readies banhammer* ... What? ... Oh fuck. *banned*
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