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    That's a poor excuse, robotic beetles and monkeys not making sense is exactly the point, it's Dr Robotnik. He's already being portrayed as the eccentric "last resort," that could include drones and droids that look like colorful bugs and such with no problem. You don't even necessarily need to stuff animals inside of them. Just going with the established motif would've been good enough for this movie, but they wouldn't even make a concession for that!
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    Just need other real life and fictional things to keep happening and this'll be done in no time.
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    Small update. Ken has revealed that he just now came up with a solution on how to deal with where Sally is in TLSC. And the solution is...she's off-screen. A brilliant and unique idea that no one else would have ever come up with. Definitely not an obvious solution that everyone already knew was going to be the case.
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    "Cool" these days is saying random thing and not taking matters seriously. Jokes, however unfunny, are paramount. You see it a lot in super hero films where any time something serious is supposed to happen, one of the characters makes an unnatural quip to show the audience that they're not taking themselves too seriously. This isn't supposed to be a "back in my day" kind of post; I'm just trying to say how things change. Having an attitude used to be cool, being dark and brooding is still cool in another way. The problem with being a cool character like Sonic is that trends change. What most popular though is being loud, quotable and memeable. Gotta be loud and constantly pointing out the obvious. The Sonic movie is going right for that kind of humour. Fuck, even the first line of dialogue we every heard from this film was "gotta go fast". Treading the line between cool and annoying is hard. But yeah I do agree that this Sonic is incredibly annoying. "Hey look at this I took nine million steps today", "Whoop whoop!", the whole of the "world's largest rubber band ball" and baseball scenes. It's all subjective, but everything about this films take on humour and cool is a big miss to me.
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    The problem is that sthick becomes real old real fast, and makes his character even more one dimensional, since he's constantly spinning at 100% percent. It's always "gotta be fast, gotta be loud, gotta be wacky and obnoxious".
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    I also liked the cow butt footage, the joke is ok, whatever, but I'm really loving the energy, Sonic isn't cool in this movie, he is super confident, hyperactive, energetic, cocky, not relaxed… Actually my favorite Sonic is cocky and rebel, which is sorta here too, but he acts like a child in this case, which is more of the downside for me, but still pretty in-character. I don't get how bored and "done" Sonic is cool in any way though, he's just… bored and cynical, like in Sonic Boom. This Sonic is the opposite of cynical, which I do like, actually. Annoying is basically the line they don't have to cross for him being too cocky, I get it, Sonic is like that sometimes, but it doesn't make for a good protagonist, we also have to see how he and Tom contrast each other, Tom is more the cynical sarcastic guy in this film, but good hearted, and Sonic is also good hearted so it should be interesting to see their dynamic. Not gonna talk about Maddie because she's basically a minor extension of Tom here. But I do looooove this spot! Sonic vs Robotnik, so much energy and banter, Jim is killing it here. It's exactly what I want to see from a Sonic movie, can't believe they delivered, look, I never thought this movie would be absolutely awful, I don't think it'll be that awesome honestly, it will be in the middle, not generic but very cliché as Others said it would be. It's a cinecomic starring Sonic, although comedy adventure is what it needs to be, probably the best option, it still feels like it's playing very safe.
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    Junkie XL, the Sonic movie composer on the music.: Also, a Sonic movie lollipop.:
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    I wanted to come in here and type a sarcastic comment about how its okay to complain because Smash Ultimate Racing only has 15 characters or something but nah. This game's roster includes every character thats ever been in Smash and started out with the expectation of very few new additions. Cut to 2020 and its still adding in new characters, with the promise of even more on the way. I couldn't imagine being truly upset about this, even if they add someone I don't care about.
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    I mean I'd say we've had this happen several times already to different degrees. In fact probably more modern Sonic games try to re-attact old fans than those that don't. Sonic Heroes - Went for a lighthearted Classic-esque tone with the teams presented as different difficulty modes. Sonic 2006 - Tried to take popular game design sensibilities at the time and apply them wily-nilly to Sonic (terribly). Sonic Unleashed - The inclusion of 2D sections was a novel concept that many folks outside of the fanbase saw as a welcome return to Sonic's roots, and the Werehog was specifically designed to capitalise on the popular cinematic brawler genre that God of War popularised. Sonic 4 - A game that absolutely looked like the classics and was designed for mobile first, where most adults "out of gaming" were playing their games. It, bizarrely kind of worked, Sonic 4 wasn't a complete flop in terms of reviews and sales from casual players outside of the fanbase. Sonic Colours - Including this just so it doesn't seem like I forgot it, but this one DIDN'T really seem to be made to reintroduce people to Sonic, even though it accidentally did and was recieved better than 4. It was made at the same time as 4, and came off as if 4 was for the nostalgics and Colours for those who were already on board with Sonic, particularly kids. In the end it turns out if a game is good enough quality as a general experience, everyone can enjoy it, who'd have thought!! Sonic Generations - Duh Sonic Mania - Duh x2, but of particular note is again they seem to reel people in with nostalgic zones upfront rather than the new content. They could have easily made Studiopolis the first or second stage if they really wanted to, but they deemed it more important to really get people's nostalgia going with the big two everyone knows from Sonic 1/2. Sonic Forces - Basically Generations + Mania what with the use of Classic Sonic and Green Hill/Chemical Plant, but just with a helping of second-hand embarassment due to how transparent, repetitive and desperate it all feels at this point. One could argue that it was partially for budgetary reasons, being able to re-use assets from Generations, but... there were 7 other stages that weren't "the big two" if that's all there was to it. All of this said, it's hard to know how I would re-introduce people to Sonic if I was making the next game and that was one of my goals. But I'd definitely want to lean on the accidental success of Sonic Colours... just... make a really good game that fans and newcomers alike can enjoy and let word of mouth do the rest.
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    Surprise, surprise, it's Ray the Flying Squirrel. So, if any of you remember @MightyRay (honestly, why wouldn't you?) then you know her birthday is in January. I've also seen her on twitter talking about possible leaving the Sonic fandom and I wanted to leave her with a good fandom memory and gave this pic as much as I could to celebrate her and her birthday. For this pic in particular I decided to go with a clear blue sky as well to hope for the future of Australia where the fires are still raging out of control. @MightyRay has some links up on her twitter to some charities for those who can donate. I hope she has/had a great birthday and that the future of Australia isn't as bleak as it looks. Happy Birthday @MightyRay!
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    Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that. You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
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    The film does seem to reek of the writers plugging its characters and their world(s) into a previously-established set of tropes, instead of drawing on the brand's own lore. Sonic's a cartoon animal, so his parents must die. It's a movie adapting a cartoon, so it must be mostly live-action and feature the title character warping into our world. Its villain is a mad scientist who makes robots, so let's make them look like generic SciFi robots. So making Sonic hyperactive because he runs fast maybe falls in there as well. I still say that not much in the original games conveyed that Sonic was laid back, though, and him being hyper could let them squeeze in a lot of his most spectacular antics. Kind of like Amy Rose in Sonic Battle; I really like her portrayal there as a gung-ho, reckless type who actually has the will/talent/abilities to make that work for her, learning to box as a mere side-effect of her working out to lose weight and look prettier, and keeping going even after everyone else has nearly collapse from exhaustion. That appeal could easily belong to Sonic himself. If the cost of that is a Fitbit joke that will become dated, so be it. That said, if ALL of this movie's comedy is bad, it had better really have good action to make up for it.
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    Yeah, about that. I keeping reading on Reddit that this is only working for some players, apparently? It's working for me tho', but I admit I didn't did the math to verify if it's real or just a visual bug. I got 103 coins racing offline on Polar Pass and was like "whaaaaaaaaa"? This is great! Perhaps they buffed the coin earning this month because all you can buy are legendary skins, which are a 1000 coins more expensive than a new character. Beenox has the best of intentions, too bad their programming is buggy a lot of the times xD Also this: https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1217956541619302400?s=20 Is anyone seeing this?
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    Apparently, there will be run and walk event that will happen in Brazil. Here is the link. (Website in Portuguese.): http://sonic5k.com.br/ It's seem like it will go on certain dates in certain cities with the 1st one happening in February 16 which is a few days after the movie is released in the US. The rest will happen in March. Here is the list.: Sao Paulo: February 16, 2020 Rio de Janeiro: March 8, 2020 Belo Horizonte: March 15, 2020 Campinas: March 22, 2020 Participants will get clothes like these seen in the pictures.:
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    Just gonna echo what I said on Twitter: While it can be seen as an anti-climax, I think leaving Byleth till last probably made some sense. They'll have wanted to get the big hitters, the huge surprises, out of the way earlier to get people to buy the Pass sooner - by now most people who were gonna buy the Pass have it, so they already got their money and it's not like they can take it back - whereas a pick like Byleth earlier on might've made people uneasy about buying that pass given the reputation Fire Emblem's garnered with a lot of Smash fans. Anyway, I'm not mad about it. Byleth looks fun, the stage in particular looks crazy-good, and I love the Mii outfits we're getting. Main thing for me is that Arle still hasn't shown up as a Mii outfit, and with six more fighters on the plate... I've got my fingers crossed.
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    Again, considering we haven't seen the entire film, and that this is an origin story, it's kind of reasonable as to why they don't look like badnicks. This takes place during a time before Sonic and Robotnik met, and we know that Robotnik gets crazier as the film progresses. My prediction is that Sonic is the one that caused him to have a fascination with capturing animals and using their powers. I wouldn't say that's a spoiler because it's pretty clear that's what's happening in this film. A sequel or possibly towards the end of this film is when we start to see badnicks develop. Also epic photos, where did you find that?
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    Who's Amy Rose?

    While on the topic of other female characters, what about poor Cream? She's one of my favorite Sonic characters and it pains me to see her get shafted from not onlu main games like Forces, but also spinoffs like Team Sonic Racing! Her sweet, gentle and polite nature in any situation but willingness to toughen up, go against her own pacifistic ideals and lend a hand in fighting evil or even just helping out in her friends' adventures is something I really miss. I loved having her playable in the Advance games and Heroes. (And even in the 3DS version Rio 2016) She needs more love.
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    Who's Amy Rose?

    Saying Amy was toned down because people didn't like her in 2019 is weird because, handheld games aside, she got progessively more tame as time went on. I'd argue that she wasn't even that bad in Heroes, aside from the Team Sonic fight. Also people really like to make the 06 quote as bad as possibly when it's supposed to be a cute moment.
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    The movie has officially been rated PG. https://www.filmratings.com/Content/Downloads/cara_rating_bulletin.pdf
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    I chose that because Sonic is acting as if saving the world is a simple or fun essential task (hence the word "basically"). His tone of voice and the fact that he's smiling with somewhat of a smug expression while saying that, kind of gives off a "I'm going to have fun kicking Robotnik's ass" kind of vibe to me.
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    It took me some time to think about it, but definitely Amy's version of Twinkle Park was one of those moments. The massive tone shift from being outside with the cherry music changing inside the mirror maze, becoming eerily quiet except for Amy's footsteps and Zero's targeting system, really spooked me for a bit.
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    Honestly, the more I see of Tom, he’s the one getting more annoying to me. He’s really starting to push that supposed audience surrogate stuff by pointing out how dumb a lot of the stuff Sonic does is. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.
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    No, they're Square Enix and Konami characters respectively.
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    Just finished up the Saiyan Saga, I've been having a lot of fun so far. The combat's got a few flaws, but is fairly fun when you get used to it, and for the boss fights, they all have a noticeable pattern that you can work out and punish, instead of just being the ki spam nonsense found in Xenoverse. The graphics, and retelling of DBZ is the best game easily in terms of story. There's so much fanservice, extra touches, and what have you that make it really fun to play through. This is about the first time I've ever given a shit about seeing Gohan grow, and I liked how it's even reflected in game. First time you play as Gohan, he isn't even able to run, then he grows up a little more and you can run, jump, and hunt, then you unlock more as Piccolo continues to train you up. When the game really goes all-in on the cutscenes, it's downright spectacular. Goku and Vegeta's fight in particular is a spectacle to behold. I also really like how it uses RPG mechanics to represent story fights. Nappa is several levels ahead of Gohan, Piccolo and such, so he ends up being a powerhouse you need to be very careful fighting with. Goku appears and he's higher level than Nappa, and easily destroys him, only for Vegeta to end up being an even higher level again, requiring Goku to go on the defensive again. It's really neat so far. If you're a DB fan, I think you'll love it, if you're looking to get into DB, I think it's worth a shot, because it's easily the best game retelling so far, and has a fair amount of coverage and detail to make you care enough about the story, although granted, I think you need to be willing to forgive a few issues here and there.
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    All I know is that Sakurai will probably have to make sure the next DLC character will be enough to please the rabid dogs, whoever it is. Good luck bro (release the Bandicoot)
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    Sega Ages Collection (Switch)

    I think it's likely he is, just he's that much of a non priority, since he promotes none of the new extras (and the more they spotlight him, the more obvious that would become). That said there was a concerning early screenshot that shown 2 Player VS taken out of the title screen menu.
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    The line between how much of this is Sakurai's choosing or Nintendo's orders is so dang blurry. XD
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    Well that was underwhelming. You wanna know what wasn't tho? Cuphead getting a Mii costume. And Assassins Creed assist trophies. The characters for the 2nd fighters pass are already decided. I hope Phoenix Wright is on that list!
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    Who's Amy Rose?

    I get why Amy is used more as she came first so she's better known, but I do wish they'd use Rouge and Blaze more. I'm always impressed with Rouge's debut and it makes me wonder what it'd have been like if she had continued to be used well. They don't even have to be a huge role, seeing Blaze in Black Knight was still cool. I'm not caught up on IDW and it's been awhile since I played Forces so sorry if I missed anything, but for example while a bit predictable wouldn't Rouge make a great scout? She's already had spy experience so this would be an extension of that used for war and have her contribute to the team.
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    Who's Amy Rose?

    See, this is exactly what I mean. There's nothing "inappropriate" about it. Characters are allowed to change over time given the story. That is literally how characterization works. If you wanna criticize HOW it happens sure, but this inherent idea that she "can't be mature because it goes against her character" is ludicrous.
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    Who's Amy Rose?

    I haven't read much of IDW but I'm kinda on the same line. I mean don't get me wrong, I don't mind Amy having lucid and smart moments, and it's refreshing she's not a one note violent and obnoxious loudmouth like her later Sonic X characterisation, but making her just primarily down to earth and positive faceted and diluting her flaws instead of moderating and writing them properly feels like a lazy tune up. Plus I'm kinda bored with the whole 'straight man female' archetype that's less flawed and more dignified than everyone else (ie. boring), I always read Sally thinking she could have been something far more three dimensional than just the right to other's wrong, but with Amy it feels ridiculous. Is it THAT hard writing flaws for girls while still keeping them competent? It's sadly not the first or even worst time it's occured either, STC outright mandated Amy be drained of her (ironically game accurate) personality and be the most mature and logical Freedom Fighter. Yeah Amy shouldn't just be a fawning damsel in distress but she should remain a bastion of childlike high spirit and idiosyncrasies. I truthfully LIKED Amy was one of the more naturally flawed characters in the series beforehand, at least until they started relying on her tsundere traits more than a little too much. Truth be told, if it wasn't for exagerating her crush on Sonic, I'd have thought Heroes struck a good balance for Amy, we saw her progress somewhat in that game, actually take the leader role with two less experienced heroes, and we saw how she was the life and party of the group BECAUSE of her childish bubbliness, how when the others were getting scared or losing confidence she would remain headstrong and energetic, assuring them they can keep it going in an almost cheerleader-ish way, even if she still kept her temper lowkey or could act like a 'little brat' in confrontations.
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    Who's Amy Rose?

    I think Amy's perfect incarnation is a mix of Lost World, Boom, Sonic Mania Adventures and her mature moments from the earlier games. Kind, compassionate and empathetic to anyone and everyone no matter how bad they might be (Shadow, Silver, Metal Sonic, even Eggman), having a huge crush on Sonic but not overly obsessive or obnoxious about it (it's really obvious, but she keeps it under control and doesn't overstep her boundaries), and also having her own moments of heroism, initiative and competence. She should be her own character we can identify with and a hero we can root for instead of just having her whole world revolve entirely around Sonic (as she used to be so proud of at some point). If Sonic's the cocky, but brave hearted and ultimately selfless Hero, Tails is the helpful, dependable and adorkable Lancer/Smart Guy and Knuckles is the thick-headed, hot-blooded but well-meaning and protective Big Guy, Amy should be the kindhearted, supportive but also competent and capable Action Girl/Chick. (going off of Tv Trope character types here, but I think they fit in this case) Also, unpopular opinion, even though I think her Sonic-obsessed yandere characterization was awful, I think it's acceptable as part of the past because it does play a part in making her more well-rounded compassionate character she has recently shine even brighter when compared to her early characterization. I view this obsession starting some time after her romantic feelings for Sonic rescuing her in CD grew out of control when she was a hormonal teenager/tween just entering puberty, but now that she's grown a bit (Sonic had his birthday, logicallly Amy should be a little older too), she's matured into being less obnoxious about her crush, and returning to the natural sweetness she always had even back as a kid. As seen in Sonic Mania Adventures she not only helped Metal Sonic, the very robot who kidnapped her but also gave Sonic a flower, expressing her feelings without being obsessive, which is very similar to her current characterization which is mostly this, but with some added heroism and active involvement in Sonic's adventures too instead of just being a damsel in distress or watching from the sidelines). This gives her character some pretty neat character development and natural progression of someone her age who's had a huge crush on her hero since they were kids, and makes the contrast between her One-track minded Yandere self and compassionate, heroic Deredere self. Makes her a complex character with ups and downs but overall a very likeable character with her currently developed character.
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    I feel like Adventure fans, even if they abstain from newer games, have never really distanced themselves from the series like people who played Sonic as kids and then "grew out of it" did. For whatever reason, the type of fan who loves the Adventure games tend to stay very much in the fanbase, buying all the games in spite of their grumblings or at least keeping close tabs on what the new ones are doing. My post was more talking about people who loved Sonic at one point, but are almost surprised to hear that Sonic games are still made regularly or that they're any good - like they have no idea what the series is really doing these days at all, other than Sonic is still like... around (well, mostly, I have met adults who genuinely talk as if Sonic stopped existing when the Mega Drive went out of fashion). I think OP was starting discussion about those types of people, who might be seeing the movie as if it's a revival of a long-dead franchise or even have no familiarity with Sonic at all but are going to see it with children related to them.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic Channel

    It's just a regular flying Chao, which looks like NiGHTS.
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    The Introduction Topic

    Thanks! ☺
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    What Sonic Merchandise Do You own?

    Plush: GE Rouge (1st release) GE Classic Tails, Knuckles, and Amy GE Cream, Amy, Blaze, Shadow, Werehog Handmade Blaze plush Toy Network Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow (1 or 2 each) Tomy Sticks Jazwares Classic Sonic (2 sizes), Classic Tails, Modern Tails (large) I used to have more, but I later gave them away. Examples include Kellytoy Cream and Toy Network Mecha Sonic.
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    They must have spent a very long time creating all those new Pokémon models for this game.
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    Of course. Gotta have that pregnant Elsa, 35-45 minutes Maiu, off brand Miraculous pool parties, and the legendary Peppa Pig bath of skittles and shit.
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    I don't remember how old I was, probably around 10, but I remember watching video where Sonic dies in very gory way. It was disgusting and stupid, and while I would prefer never seeing it, I don't remember being 'messed up' by it. Then again, there are probably worse "Elsagate" out there and younger kids.
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    Honestly, in addition to working on the next Anniversary cake(because that's most of what we're getting lately), I hope they continue outsourcing Sonic and/or other IPs to whoever is able to make a neat spinoff.
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    Sonic Movie Fan Art Thread

    Here are some more new art!
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    Welp, the end is here. My final art post and my final over all post on SSMB. I asked way back in May of 2018 if folks could offer me a Sonic character to draw, and boy, oh boy, did you guys pop out of the wood work to ask. So with out further ado let's do this! All done, just in time for Christmas! I was going to have one final post with Ray planting his old reaper staff into the ground (if you're familiar with the RP you'll know what I'm waffling on about.) and walking away but I got caught up in a lot of stuff... so instead I'm going to leave this here as my goodbye message. So long SSMB. Take it easy.
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    SSS tier: big's big fishing adventure 3 F tier: every other sonic game
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    "Byleth/Edelgard arrives! DEAL WITH IT" is the only tagline I will accept.
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    The Steven Spielberg of today is not the same Spielberg from the time of the show's original airing. He's an older guy with kids and friendlier sensibilities. Will this be as reverent and adult at the original show was, especially when we've already got things like Gumball that already fill a similar-ish niche'? Also, I'm curious about the music. Richard Stone was the composer for all of the Spielberg Warner Bros. shows and theatrical shorts and specials at the time, and he did well in capturing the sarcastic and incidental orchestral music that Carl Stalling did for the original shorts. However, Stone died in 2001, so will they try to find a replacement for him and stick to that style or just go in a different direction? Hoping for the former.
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    So Tyson Hesse put his own take on it and I have to say the design isn't that bad it was the artwork that they used is what gave us a bad first impression
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