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    Dee Dude

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    It's actually been years since I last coloured anything in the adventure style. That was originally with Photoshop, too. Now that I use Clip Studio, I'll have to alter the method slightly. Completion Rate: 57%
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    Notice Eggman is in his 'Man of the Year' PJ's in the new episode.
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    Finally got a Christmas avi up. Here's the full pic!
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    Happy Christmas! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some scores to settle... ...IN SMASH!!
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    I may have said I couldn't really draw today in someone else's status, but something about this Sonic head made me feel like I should finish it up regardless. Maybe someone here can tell me what works for this head as I just can't figure it out right now. All I can see are the flaws so I could use the help of someone who isn't me to help me see it.
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    Sonic Legacy - Our Legacy (Sonic Legacy Theme), EkoNeo & Pauly B (43% complete) Some things changed. I added bells in one part, and fixed up a few drums. There's a certain feel that we're all going for, each individual instrument has to bring it out. It's time to come up with a little more filler, perhaps add something unique to the background. Had to remove a few percentage points, EkoNeo has a melodic guitar solo to contribute. He's been practicing, practice makes perfect. I cannot wait to hear him shred that solo! Those percentage points were mostly added back with the writing of lyrics. As you can see, we now have a title for the song. I have two more lines to come up with and we'll have the first half complete. Sometimes writing lyrics is tough. There's a rhythm you want to follow, and you have to come up with rhymes that match the same amount of syllables. It's a slow process but it'll happen. And I feel like things will be getting done faster from here. The hard part is over . . . I think . . .
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    SEGA of America and Team Mania continue to deliver.
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    I rewatched the Peanuts Movie today. It's the gold standard for film adaptations of long-running franchises and it's almost a shame that a sequel won't happen.
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    Alright, time for me to bail SSMB and I'll probably miss showing up tomorrow as 2B drops into Soul Calibur 6 and I want to see how she plays (I'm a casual fighting game player and don't play online but still enjoy trying out new characters). So take care SSMB and I'll catch everyone later.
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