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    Happy 20th SSMB, it's been awhile! I remember back when there used to be a joke that you could never really truly leave SSMB, and I guess it still holds true as every now and then I'll get nostalgic about the many years I spent here in this community. I did a lot of my growing up here from 2005 to 2013 or so, but it was a lot more than just being on a forum I guess. Relatively new to the internet even at 14, I pretty much treated this place like home and got to meet so many fantastic people that I still consider some of my best friends to this day. I got to experience so many cool announcements, be apart of some cool community projects like the music albums and such, as even try my hand at helping maintain this place for others. SSMB is still a very special pocket on the internet and am so happy you guys are all doing so well. Thank you everyone that still keeps this place kicking and making it a home online like it was for me once upon a time. I'll be sure to stick around a bit to go say hi to old chaps and new faces.
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    Mysterious cover character revealed in a tease for the NYCC panel:
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    TfB dropped the ball hard on basically everything that isn't the main levels themselves. Gameplay wise, I like a lot of these levels, but the completion and difficulty spike in general is atrociously horrid. So many of the design ideas clash against each other in silly ways. It's like they realised that since there's no lives counter, they could go nuts with the difficulty, because you wouldn't be risking game overs, but then they immediately thought "we need all of this other junk from the other games" to count or something, and so they copy/pasted it without thought. Time trials have never been fun in this series, especially platinum trials. But Naughty Dog, and to their credit - even Vicarious Visions both realised this, and didn't ask for absolute perfection. You only needed sapphire relics in Crash 3 for full completion, and you only need gold for platinum trophies in N. Sane. The latter was still difficult as hell, but it was doable at least. But Crash 4 is just a total joke. You have levels with literal hundreds of crates in them, most of the time requiring you to go out of your way and risking death to get one or two stray crates. You need to do platinum time runs through these ungodly long levels, where any mistake, any fuck up will send you back to Square 1. You need to get all of the crates in every level, yet a lot of them are hidden in ridiculously cryptic places. Even the bonus stages, the things that were meant to be a quick break from the main level to bolster your fruit and life count has now been turned into a trial in tedium and frustration, missing the point so damn hard that it's not even funny. And then there's the N Sanely Perfect Relics, where they expect you to not only finish the level without dying, but they expect you to get 80% of the boxes, they expect you to do it collecting enough wumpa for the three gems, and they expect you to do basically every requirement bar getting the secret gem. It's just too fucking much, and none of it is remotely fun. It's infuriating, it's frustrating, it's tedious, it's disheartening, and it's all around just completely unfun. Crash 1 has it's fair share of bullshit, but Crash 4's requirements feel like Stormy Ascent in every single level. That's not to mention that these requirements might've been fine for an original Crash level where the level is done within like 3 minutes tops, but that's not the case - these levels stretch on for ten minutes, and even that's being generous. They require absolute perfection for 10+ minute intervals. It's too much. It's so annoying because there's a great game here, but it's just lodged under so much unneeded garbage only thrown in for the hell of it without thought or reason. You get some kind of spin move for beating either the game, or the N Verted levels. Be warned, it's nowhere as effective as the Crash Dash.
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    Whether you enjoy Unleashed or not, you shouldn't be advocating for the Unleashed project as a definitive version IMO. This isn't meant to disrespect the mod since it was made with the best of intentions, but cutting such large chunks out of any game wouldn't sit right for me if we're talking about a definitive experience. I wouldn't like it for any game, but specifically talking about Unleashed you're missing out on a lot of the slower paced "breather" sections that made people appreciate it and serve as a nice way to break up the high octane day levels. There's a lot of top notch world-building, art design, and music in those Night stages and hub worlds that made the game rocket to the top of my favorite Sonic games list. The gameplay is rough around the edges in both cases, but I can't see how someone could be a 3D Sonic fan at all and suggest that invalidates the whole idea. It's worth preserving and it's worth experiencing if only so some of the most talented people that have ever been through Sonic Team's revolving door get a little more appreciation.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    They can just make a 3D Sonic game with gameplay better than okay + a complimentary gimmick and that'd be alright with me. I'm not even picky at this point, just give me a 3D game that doesn't suck and I'll eat.
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    Deactivated my Twitter account. Good riddance.
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    The KKM

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Most of you are overthinking this. Ages are irrelevant in Sonic. They just serve to say "this character is older than that one", the specific number doesn't matter. Rouge didn't use an alias because of her age, and I thought the issue made that pretty obvious- it's because she didn't want to immediately blare out WORLD FAMOUS THIEF ROUGE THE BAT IS HERE by using her own name. Tails is 8 but isn't treated as a child any more than Amy or most anyone else for it. Amy, for that matter, is 12, which is pretty much just as much as a child, but like everyone else that isn't used as an element of her character. Cream is a child not because she's 6, but because her character is child. Her archetype is "sweet naïve polite young child". She's specifically designed to be a young child, act like one, and look like one. If you don't look at gameplay specifically, her motivation in her intro game is literally "I want my mommy", her motivation in her second game is "I want my poor pet", and after that she mostly serves as a secondary character to go "Miss Amy, please be more polite" because she's a prim and proper polite young child. In Sonic X her role by and large is entirely "the polite child who leans back from the action because she's a child". The only exception to any of this is Battle, where every character had their motivations heightened in order to justify the constant fighting. I see people here all the time decry Amy in Battle as exaggerated, why wouldn't Cream be too? I mean, come on guys. They literally gave her a mother. The only character to have a mother. Because they're meant to make a pair of mother and child. Charmy's also 6 and doesn't have a mother, no questions are raised about him, because his role is brat, not polite and proper innocent child. You may disagree with her being used like this, but the motivation is pretty obvious and clear, and has been so since 2003.
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    Remember the mayor's office in Majora's Mask? One guy argues with a screaming blowhard over a very looming, ominous threat and how this isn't the time for big, crowded festivities? Fucking sucks that anything from that game could mirror reality.
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    When you're so into pop culture and you start seeing it in nature:
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    What they're doing now essentially is sonic universe with a breather between stories and more of a focus on the new characters in this universe. It's more than I expected in this early stage So I can't complain
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    So I beat the game. If you don't give a crap about 100% and want a good, challenging platformer then this is a game for you. But getting 100%... I was fine with the "beat the level in three lives" gem, that was a reasonable challenge, I mean, you can just get the box gem and the lives gem in separate runs, right? It would be maddening if you had to get every gem in one go, after all some of these levels kinda drag on and no one has the reaction times to get those rail grinding and animal riding crates in one run, right? Oh, what's that? There's a collectable for doing just that? Well then... Like, who at TFB thought the Perfectionist Relics were a good idea? I wouldn't care if they were just for fun, a bonus challenge to prove your mastery, but they're not. They count towards 100%. I could stand the hidden crates, and was preparing for having to try to get platinum relics but the these relics just cross the line. It's like the game's saying: "Oh what's that? Ya managed to get through levels like Draggin On and Cortex Castle with less than three deaths? Well up yours pal, do it again! Oh, and get all the boxes this go around without dying, because I hate you." Again, I like this game, it's a good game but TFB just went way too far with the completion requirements. I personally feel you would have an easier time beating the Dev times in CTR:NF than just 100%ing this game, and that's just wrong. Also, the Triple Spin is a bad move, the timing is awkward, you need a lot of flat ground to pull it off and the speed you get from it is not worth the effort it takes to pull it off.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Here's the connected covers for Bad Guys
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    Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #92: The Wrath of Khan I’m shocked, nay, stunned that it took this long for them to make the Star Trek joke. Who could have seen them holding off until issue 92? Not I. I do like how, on this intense looking cover where Khan has exploding laser like eyes, the bottom just says "Also in this issue: Sonic Shuffle." Wonderful. The cover is fine. Coincidentally, Ian Flynn made reference to this issue of the comic on this week’s Bumblekast. He said it was terrible. Not a particularly good issue. The first story was hampered by horrendous art and frustrating dialogue. The ending page of said story was so embarrassing it nearly sucked the soul from my body. The second story was a Sonic Shuffle tie-in that I honestly had more tolerance reading than the main story, partly because it was easier to look at despite it still not being drawn that well, but also partly because it was just a simple summary of an existing game’s plot and it’s open-ended nature means I don’t need to commit it to memory. Thank Christ. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #93: Crime ‘N Punishment This is an awful cover. Parts of Sonic look okay but others look mangled and broken. Sonic’s weird, wiggly, Xehanort fingers look gross and painful. However, the big fail is Sonic’s horrifying mouth. Don’t stare at it for too long. The rest is just people pointing fingers at him. Overlanders and at least one Mobian are to be precise, with the others just looking on. I guess this is another one of those issues where Sonic’s public enemy number 1. Well, so long as we’re treading old ground, we might as well do this again. Well, that comic was actually fairly enjoyable until it became the Ken Penderp Show at the end. Elias is a good character and one who’s sympathy rests with me. I’m truly hoping to see the outcome of this development concerning his standing as king. I’ll admit to being less interested in seeing how Sonic overcomes his sadness since I feel like this situation regarding him is treading on old ground, just a bit. However, it’s nice seeing him be so humble and open to punishment for the very stupid thing he did. Obviously, fucking obviously, the Penders story was garbage from king garbage of the garbage dynasty. I don’t know how Archie allows him to get away with that embarrassing stock background bullshit. How are we past the time of Sonic Adventure and still lacking in quality control? My God. Archie Sonic the Hedgehog - Issue #94: New Order What’s this? We’ve been mandated to suddenly take the Sonic characters to school? Why the fuck would we do something as mental as that? Surely, this obvious and disgusting ploy at being hip with the kids by reminding them of the horrors of school in their escapist fantasy about talking animals fighting an evil mad man won’t come to pass… surely! Nah, but, you see… Peter Parker goes to school and these are the days of desperately trying to win over the audiences of other people rather than catering to your own. So, since Sonic is just like Peter Parker, he has to go to school too and deal with bullies, and tiny mini-skirts, and HOLY HERA! WHAT’S WRONG WITH MINA’S FACE?! Talk about school anime-ing it up. It’s even more alarming that it’s literally just her. Whose bright idea was that? Who thought any of this was a smart thing to do? So this was awful. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world or anything but there’s no defending this. What even is this? Who thought wasting their time with school drama in a Sonic the Hedgehog book would go over well? Even the Nazi stuff could probably be explained away as just being a parallel to Eggman being a tyrant, even if a lot of it is handled in the worst way you could possibly handle it. I mean, this isn’t worse than taking a Holocaust poem and re-writing it to be about anthropomorphic cartoon animals but the decision to do this at all comes from the same dense well of missing the point. It’s going to take a while before this comic is able to efficiently resemble something comfortably "Sonic the Hedgehog" and stay that way.
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    I think if we raise enough of a fuss they might start shifting back toward the old look Or at least I really hope so. This look doesn't suit the place Peter was at in his life at all. I actually liked the more mature face and the unkempt hair a lot. It kinda sold how worn down he was. The new one just looks like a weird Tom Holland lookalike. He will look weird next to MJ and Black Cat No such changes were made to other characters's faces so I'm really suspicious of their reasoning.
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    A custom made Chaos 0 Boss Battle in Forces??
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    Misinterpreted sprites are the best. Apparently lots of people thought Gardevoir looked like this:
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    I actually got recognized at work today. This is something that's never happened in Disney. I worked my butt off there, and yet you only get praise from the higher up if a Guest writes something positive about you. I've seen some toxic, snobbish assholes who constantly bully their co-workers and managers... and yet the higher ups never did anything about it, and awarded him because of how well he treated the guests. ...You know what? That's it, I made up my mind. I'm sticking with Publix. It's a much better environment than the toxicity of Disney.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    About the mysterious figure...
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    This is the only one here I'd take issue with really. Every other game on this list, you could take your advice on the version to play - even unofficial ones, and be able to say "Yeah, I've played [Sonic Game]". The Unleashed Project is a marvel, but it's also just a novelty and not in any way a reasonable alternative to playing the official game if the official game is what you want to play. Most Unleashed fans, even those who simply put up with the Werehog, would agree that it's a game that provides a certain experience that is greater than the sum of it's parts. That experience isn't for everyone, and I'd heartily recommend someone play the Unleashed Project AFTER they've tried the official game if they come to the conclusion for themselves that they like the daytime gameplay to some degree but nothing else and cannot bear any more of the game's other content but would like to try out the remainder of the stages. That's the point where I would recommend the Unleashed Project to someone who initially wanted to play Sonic Unleashed. Just to re-iterate, this is purely in the context of "I've never played Sonic Unleashed and I want to see what it's like". If someone hasn't played Unleashed, but isn't particularly interested in trying the full experience, but they hear the main levels are fun, by all means I'd point them towards the Unleashed Project. But the Unleashed Project doesn't replace the original game in the same way the other fan-made recommendations on this list do. For any people who are curious, my understanding is that Xbox One and the Xbox Series X/S both support backwards compatibility with many 360 games using either the original disc or buying them digitally off of the Microsoft store, and Unleashed is among them.
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    checked into a much nicer motel tonight. this place has got two bedrooms, two TVs, cable service, free wi-fi, a couch with a bed inside of it, a decent little kitchen... it's a pretty nice place for a cheap-ish motel! feels like a mini-apartment in here. meanwhile the absolute disaster we had to sleep in last night was just two beds, a small bathroom and a cramped kitchen, and absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke. that place didn't even have any paper towels, or soap. the kicker? this far nicer place is only $5 more a night. that thing was highway robbery!
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    Rally 4 Sally

    I think it'd be the bees knees if Sally was a playable character in this mobile app that is adding Knuckles in a cowboy hat here soon. She could have a spinning dash that utilizes her ring blades as her Boost Item, a lightning shot seemingly from Nicole as her Projectile Item, and maybe some acorn shaped mine as her Trap Item. I also think it'd be just neat if at some point we have a game where Sonic finds her protesting a new golf course Eggman's built because she knows it's gotta be some new nefarious plot by him even though everyone besides her, Sonic, and whoever else of Sonic's friends are allowed to be around is giving him the benefit of the doubt. If that could lead to her riding around in an acorn shaped car in Team Sonic Racing 2 that'd be swell. Reasonable request? Incompatible with the canon? You make the call.
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    What a crazy month it's been. I applied for a job I didn't think I'd get and wasn't very interested in, but two weeks I had later learned about just how amazing the job would be and somehow managed to successfully stumble my way through the interview process. Now two weeks after getting the job offer, I've moved to Oxford for said job despite never having actually visited the city before. My family were completely unaware that I was planning to find a new job (and even less so that I was planning to move away) until I got the job. This is just the abridged version. It's kind of overwhelming to go through so much change so quickly. I start my job on Monday.
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    So, good news: just got back from a job interview and I got the job right then and there. Bad news: It's only part time. In the end, I think i've made a decision. If Disney calls me back, between now and the time I start, I'll accept the offer. I work full time there, and I'll feel better the insurance and benefits in mind, especially with these current events. If I'm laid off, well, at least I'll have a job.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    lol I'm not expressing gratitude to Sega for doing the bare minimum and still fucking up as they do it.
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    Sonic punched Mario into Minecraft, so I think it's only fair we blame Sonic
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    Please tell me Kirby turns into a cube when he eats him.
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    I like what one person said, “it use to be everyone in a village knew there was a village idiot, that the idiot could not be trusted, but now the village idiot has a polished social media, blog, and channels to lead people astray.”
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I can almost say you'll get a Sonic wallpaper on 2nd December.
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    In the early days of fandom, while most others kept relatively quiet, the Sonic fandom was always loud, so it ended up as a frequent target (I mean, the game reputations at the time didn't help, this was 2005-2008, but this is looking at the fandom specifically). Nowadays this is considered the norm for most fandoms, so the popular target tends to be whatever is popular at that moment.
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    Your Vest Friend


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    Did an interview with Disney for a displacement transfer process... ...I'm gonna be honest though. I'm seriously considering staying with my current job at the supermarket. For one, there's less guest traffic coming in, so there's less of a chance to catch the virus, as opposed to Disney's constant guest flow. Another thing... The way this supermarket treats their workers is how Disney thinks they treat their own. I feel so much more welcome at this place than I ever did at Disney. Finally, the environment is so less toxic than all the places I work a Disney. Many people at Disney are bitter, always complaining about the management and work... And a lot of the time, their reasons are justified. Disney works people like dogs here, with their managers constantly on the workers asses 24/7, which have lead me to near panic attacks at times. At least at this supermarket, I don't feel like I'm being constantly watched. Finally... This supermarket is listed in many top ten best places to work for in official business reports, whereas Disney isn't anywhere near that top ten. ...Yeah, I think I might stick with my new job.
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    I just got issue #33. I almost missed that an issue was coming out today. What a lucky surprise for me. I enjoyed it too. I'm very much into witnessing something a little more reliant on conversation and espionage to carry them through whatever's happening next. Although, with Sonic and Tails, I'm mostly looking forward to just seeing them hang out. One of the quickest way to my heart is to just take those two and show them working off one another on their own little adventure. With someone who knows how to write actual, good dialogue that a person could conceivably say, it makes anticipating their scenes more fun. I don't think it'd be too much of a stretch to say that Rouge was the star of this issue. The more shady side of her character is usually mostly explored in spin-off titles or comics such as these nowadays but it's definitely where most of the intrigue behind the character comes for me. Her being someone who fits right in with the heroes and the baddies alike places her in a position that only elicits fascination from me. Just having that connection with the criminal underbelly of this world alone kind of makes me wonder what kind of Goodfellas-esque situations she's stumbled upon just trying to get her hands on something valuable. Shadow is here too. There's not much to say aside from the fact that he's still the same. Although, it really hits hard seeing him say he's not interested in helping to fix Omega. I didn't think that would stick out as bothering me but it kinda did. Other than that, he's gotten into another scuffle with a glowing red thing so we'll see how that pans out I guess. I'm always up for a bit of mystery. Enjoyed it. Well done first issue, Evan.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    This cute picture was shown on the October 2020 Fanart Page of Sonic Channel. According to the site, this was created by しょうゆさし.
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    I passed my driving test today
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    I agree, but at the same time, would you want to publicly admit to getting a commission from him?
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    Rally 4 Sally

    I think you've made your purpose for joining this forum loud and clear. Unfortunately we're not accepting registrations from members who are solely interested in attacking and trolling others repeatedly for their opinions. Take care.
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    EDIT: One of the official game artists, FromHappyRock, made this fusion
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    Sonic Mania: Any flaws?

    I didn't know about this mod until you mentioned it. I tried it out and it's now resting comfortably in my "always on" mods subfolder. Thanks for that. Link if anyone else wants to check it out:
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I mean most franchises end up compromising because that's the most stable solution when dealing with large sums of money. Resident Evil returned to its horror roots without abandoning over the shoulder gameplay or action elements because that was the combination that would get the most people on board. There were more fringe enthusiasts that wanted the series to lean even harder on classic elements but that just wasn't realistic. The tough pill the loudest Sonic fans will have to swallow is that their perfect Sonic game that just focuses on one era in the series is probably never going to exist. It makes sense to adopt more classic elements to a degree but Shadow and Silver arent going anywhere as long as kids are still buying their merch. To that end, it does kind of make sense to try to include a little of everything. It might piss off the people that don't like their peas and their vegetables to mix, but it's fair to say most casual or new players won't care and that's the majority of cash flow right there. Otherwise these forums and communities would be a lot more crowded. I think the problem I have with the way Sonic Team handles it lately is that they try to bring these elements together while also trying to maintain their "purity" in a way that feels contradictory. Classic Sonic is it's own seperate character spearheading it's own seperate canon but he also gets to be a main character in Forces, a modern game. Modern Sonic is supposed to be the more action driven one, but the majority of releases are still lighthearted and comedy driven and take place in pastel green hills, making you winder what the tonal difference actually is in the first place. Compromise is clearly the path forward to me, but Sonic Team hasn't done it very well at all.
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    I've seen people say the original model looked too old, but if that's really the case, I'd have preferred they rescan the original actor for the new model. This is him: Looks younger than the old model, but still more mature than the current and more importantly, Miles. Current one looks the same age as Miles, which may hurt the mentor relationship, I think.
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    Today's the big day! 4 years ago, Crow and I opened up the RP! And now, the time has come to celebrate the countless stories, characters and writers we picked up along the way! We look at the past, but also look to the future! My contribution to the collab is a sneak peak at Season 4 of the RP! Featuring a newly redesigned Avenger, member of the elite team of villains we'll be facing off next year: The Warmongers! Who are they? Who do they work for? What are their goals? Why do they look like Sonic? We'll soon find out. Furthermore, I'd like to officially introduce the logo of the RP's brand new rebrand! SSMB Heroes Academy is now SKYLANDERS: DIMENSIONS, and with this being a core element to The Disciples storyline, all interconnected RP material from now on will be part of The Disciples Saga! Thank you to all the RPers throughout the years for making these past few years the best ones I've had! Without this RP, I would never have learned of my love of writing, and I would never be where I am now. Here's to many more anniversaries to come! Bring on the art, guys!
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    So at the end of the day, they just added another sword character.
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    I see discussion on here hasn't particularly matured in 3 years.
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    Various Sonic art of mine

    A couple more Matt Herms collabs. Pencils/Inks: Me Colors: Matt Herms The rest of these are all me.
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    There is a pandemic
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