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    just remember that it wasn't SEGA hyping this up; it was some "insider" or something
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    Oh god hahaha if that’s the announcement I think I’ll die of laughter
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    SEGA's big announcement

    SEGA's big announcement
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    I'm saying that you shouldn't have to choose between taking risks and quality control. It's simply not a decision consumers should have to argue about because no matter how different the new Sonic game is from the last one, quality control should be a priority. To put it another way: whether you liked the new ideas in Breath of the Wild or found them alienating, it is an undeniably polished experience. Every Zelda game is. On the flipside, There are Sonic games that are completely different from the last one and set it upon themselves to juggle as many new gameplay concepts as they can, and Sonic games built strictly off the foundations of other, great Sonic games. No matter which end of the spectrum I'm talking about, there are more than a few examples of games were subpar and needed more time in the polishing phase. Quality control is not enough of a priority when it comes to Sega. It's a completely separate problem than the question whether they're taking enough risks or not.
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    So how many people are going to conveniently forget who was actually hyping that thing as "Revolutionary" and default to the typical blame game?
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    So SEGA was making a prop for Ant Man 3?
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    look at it this way, they fixed the game gear's problem of being bulky as shit
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    honestly this is the funniest fucking thing i am not even a bit mad give me game gear for newborns
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    I don't know if we can play halo on this one gang
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    And? If you release a game and don't test its ideas and mechanics thoroughly, you are taking a risk that people will like it and buy it? Edit: I mean, you are anyway for sure, but releasing something without it being tested raises the chances it won't be received the way you want it to be. This series took risks over and over during the 2000s for consistently putting out games without regard to quality control. If noting else, that happened. So whats the use in saying something like that? Aaron Webber just said it outright on a livestream less than a week ago...
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    Blizzard claiming they stand by the protests/riots going on with BLM, basically just admits how much horse shit they were peddling about “not wanting political discourse” when in regards to Hong Kong/BlitzChung and the protesting for human rights
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I suppose this is related more to my personal tastes as a person, but I'd honestly prefer a game that tries to do something more and falter than a game that simply does just enough to get by. Do not get me wrong, I loved Mania and I do think it was a wonderful game, and from what I've seen of SOR4, it is similarly a great game that builds on what the classics did. But I grew up in an era when Sonic wasn't afraid to take risks and go headfirst into a new idea regardless of what the outcome was; I know that isn't exactly good business sense in the long run, but ever since 2010 things have just been so lackadcial and boring. I don't wanna say that there's no care, but it does certainly feel like the series is just going through the motions at this point.
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    ...Do the NORMAL Sonic comics even have other language releases? Mobius Encyclopedia lists Brazil, Germany and France releases of some of the NEWER stuff, but nothing from before 2011. I know Japan is just NOW getting the IDW comics, but is this guy getting translations done for a follow up to a story most foreign audiences never read?
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