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    Sonic Heroes is fun. Eat it.

    Sonic Heroes is fun. Eat it.
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    Underrated as hell OST

    Underrated as hell OST
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    Agreed. Coco's a thousand times more interesting when she's a genius who's not above her brother's tomfoolery. Even the infamous Titans games had some adorable interactions between them, like how kidnapping her is one of the very few ways to truly tick Crash off. And even though both siblings are goofy, they still have enough unique traits to not feel like clones of each other- Coco loves science and tinkering (Even though some of her inventions are completely impractical, like a butter-recycler), and Crash is lazy, reckless, and too trusting for his own good. (Crunch also fits nicely into the family in the Titans games. I don't really care if he's Mr. T; he had a lot of funny lines and an actual personality for the first time) I'm really not a fan of the Women are Wiser trope (Or the inverse, for that matter), so I applaud later games for establishing that these two are on equal footing despite having different skills and interests.
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    sometimes I wonder how screwed up my perception on the series' gameplay is based on the fact that Heroes was my first 3D sonic game. I found it decent and fun and still do whenever I replay it, so whenever I see the hate it gets years down the line I'm like "do I even deserve to speak right now?" when discussions start up over where the series should go and stuff
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    sonic heroes fans unite

    sonic heroes fans unite
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    Sonic Heroes has the best casino zone, not-Green Hill, and Super boss in the series. (But the worst Special Stages)
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    I'll stan for the Wii version of Rodea the Sky Soldier until the day I die and the under-utilization of Yuji Naka's creativity and skillset is one of the biggest, most aggravating tragedies of gaming
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    I believe random twitter person.
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    Not quite. Word out is that is that she's a new character, possibly even a confidant, but not quite a female protagonist.
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    What if the book attempts to visualise Sonic via words? "Standing at half a foot was the blue furry Sonic the Hedgehog! His shoes were red, his hands were white, and he had these marvelous long, healthy, supple, strong, cool and lickable human-like legs." ...I wrote that myself, and even I feel scarred from the pain.

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