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    Dr. Detective Mike

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah. Which is why the way Shadow's game handled it is still the best to me. I honestly like that most of them don't know each other that well. It helps the world feel big and it makes them feel more interesting. Forces stripped a lot of the intrigue from the characters away by forcing them to stay together like some sort of gelatonous mass.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Most of these characters don't know eachother that well and there would probably be no concentrated resistance effort without Sonic to begin with. The whole the idea of the resistance doesn't feel like it was thought out very much without even getting into who should lead.
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    Blue Blood

    Weird Official Sonic Art

    Remind me never to ask you for a glass of water...
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    Holy shit, I had finally reached 50,000 page views! Which totally wasn't a result of me refreshing my profile almost 90 times. Anyways, thanks y'all, especially the last five people who checked my page out.
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    Radiant Hero Ike

    [Tweet] Day 17 and 18

    [Tweet] Day 17 and 18
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    I did it. It's crude and very rough but I made a very basic animation of what I imagine Shadows Final Smash could be if he was in Ultimate.
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    Weird Official Sonic Art

    That wasn't suppose to be in defense...jeez.
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