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    In the early days of fandom, while most others kept relatively quiet, the Sonic fandom was always loud, so it ended up as a frequent target (I mean, the game reputations at the time didn't help, this was 2005-2008, but this is looking at the fandom specifically). Nowadays this is considered the norm for most fandoms, so the popular target tends to be whatever is popular at that moment.
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    Welcome to the Forums! 👍
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    I like what one person said, “it use to be everyone in a village knew there was a village idiot, that the idiot could not be trusted, but now the village idiot has a polished social media, blog, and channels to lead people astray.”
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    There is a dark side to every fandom, and the majority should not be judged by it.
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    I agree this infighting is destroying fandoms, most notably the SW fandom. I think the best attitude is to love your favorites and be respectful of others who have favs in the Sonic Universe. For instance, someone may love 06, and doesn’t mean those who hated the flaws of 06 need to go Mammoth Mogul on that fan. There is room for spectrum of fandom, and I hope everyone can feel free to voice their likes and dislikes, while being understanding that what you dislike someone may like.
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