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    Okay, Beaker vs. the goose was far and away the best thing in the Game Awards so far.
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    I'm just staring at my ceiling wondering in what universe did they thinking having the Fast and Furious be their final reveal was a good idea
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    This is it. This is the Game Awards.
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    so sonic backed out of the awards nice i mean, the blue guy also hates having his time wasted, so it's in character
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    I still make doodles, sometimes. It's fun to draw.
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    okay i thought some nobody studio was responsible for making that fast and furious licensed game but it turns out they actually got slightly mad studios (need for speed shift, project cars) to make the game. that's not to say the studio is a graphical powerhouses on the level of, say, forza and gran turismo; but i've seen some user-created screenshots that have taken some pretty nice in-game photos of their most recent game (project cars 2 from 2017, on PC/XBO/PS4): ...so unless they were given a shoestring budget and threw this to some c-team group, i don't wtf happened that the F&F famila look like a early ps3 game that just entered development
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    oh well

    oh well
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    another bravely game, wolf 2 alive, and hellblade 2 not a bad night for me except for the disgraceful way ffxiv was treated
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    Reggie: The Video Games industry has become bigger than Movies, TV and Music. Game Awards: (Does everything in their power to bury his statement by shoving TVs, music and movies everywhere)
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    The biggest sin of the Game Awards this year was making The Fast and the Furious game their final reveal. End with a bang that justifies people sticking through the whole show. Seriously, seems like common sense.
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