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    Deactivated my Twitter account. Good riddance.
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    The KKM

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Most of you are overthinking this. Ages are irrelevant in Sonic. They just serve to say "this character is older than that one", the specific number doesn't matter. Rouge didn't use an alias because of her age, and I thought the issue made that pretty obvious- it's because she didn't want to immediately blare out WORLD FAMOUS THIEF ROUGE THE BAT IS HERE by using her own name. Tails is 8 but isn't treated as a child any more than Amy or most anyone else for it. Amy, for that matter, is 12, which is pretty much just as much as a child, but like everyone else that isn't used as an element of her character. Cream is a child not because she's 6, but because her character is child. Her archetype is "sweet naïve polite young child". She's specifically designed to be a young child, act like one, and look like one. If you don't look at gameplay specifically, her motivation in her intro game is literally "I want my mommy", her motivation in her second game is "I want my poor pet", and after that she mostly serves as a secondary character to go "Miss Amy, please be more polite" because she's a prim and proper polite young child. In Sonic X her role by and large is entirely "the polite child who leans back from the action because she's a child". The only exception to any of this is Battle, where every character had their motivations heightened in order to justify the constant fighting. I see people here all the time decry Amy in Battle as exaggerated, why wouldn't Cream be too? I mean, come on guys. They literally gave her a mother. The only character to have a mother. Because they're meant to make a pair of mother and child. Charmy's also 6 and doesn't have a mother, no questions are raised about him, because his role is brat, not polite and proper innocent child. You may disagree with her being used like this, but the motivation is pretty obvious and clear, and has been so since 2003.
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    Remember the mayor's office in Majora's Mask? One guy argues with a screaming blowhard over a very looming, ominous threat and how this isn't the time for big, crowded festivities? Fucking sucks that anything from that game could mirror reality.
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    A custom made Chaos 0 Boss Battle in Forces??
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    Misinterpreted sprites are the best. Apparently lots of people thought Gardevoir looked like this:
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    I actually got recognized at work today. This is something that's never happened in Disney. I worked my butt off there, and yet you only get praise from the higher up if a Guest writes something positive about you. I've seen some toxic, snobbish assholes who constantly bully their co-workers and managers... and yet the higher ups never did anything about it, and awarded him because of how well he treated the guests. ...You know what? That's it, I made up my mind. I'm sticking with Publix. It's a much better environment than the toxicity of Disney.
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    I like what one person said, “it use to be everyone in a village knew there was a village idiot, that the idiot could not be trusted, but now the village idiot has a polished social media, blog, and channels to lead people astray.”
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I can almost say you'll get a Sonic wallpaper on 2nd December.
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    In the early days of fandom, while most others kept relatively quiet, the Sonic fandom was always loud, so it ended up as a frequent target (I mean, the game reputations at the time didn't help, this was 2005-2008, but this is looking at the fandom specifically). Nowadays this is considered the norm for most fandoms, so the popular target tends to be whatever is popular at that moment.
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    Your Vest Friend


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    Did an interview with Disney for a displacement transfer process... ...I'm gonna be honest though. I'm seriously considering staying with my current job at the supermarket. For one, there's less guest traffic coming in, so there's less of a chance to catch the virus, as opposed to Disney's constant guest flow. Another thing... The way this supermarket treats their workers is how Disney thinks they treat their own. I feel so much more welcome at this place than I ever did at Disney. Finally, the environment is so less toxic than all the places I work a Disney. Many people at Disney are bitter, always complaining about the management and work... And a lot of the time, their reasons are justified. Disney works people like dogs here, with their managers constantly on the workers asses 24/7, which have lead me to near panic attacks at times. At least at this supermarket, I don't feel like I'm being constantly watched. Finally... This supermarket is listed in many top ten best places to work for in official business reports, whereas Disney isn't anywhere near that top ten. ...Yeah, I think I might stick with my new job.
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    (tweet) "We're aware it might seem unrealistic when someone says that 21 days can make any difference in such a massive and complex day, but you have no idea how effective 20 hour work days are! You get a lot of shit done if you don't let people go home!"
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    FUN FACT: The Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation was a SEGA mandate, that ended up pushing the plans for all issues after it back by one. So the plot of issue 100 was actually supposed to be issue 99, and 101 was to be 100. FUN FACT 2: I also used to think that issue 99's cover had a robot arm on it, but it's actually just Mina's glove's design. Strange isn't it?
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    *is playing a Mario game* *My Dad sees it, sees the red cap* "Looks like a Trump campaign rally." And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Super Mario was forever ruined for me.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Pretty much. . Espio would probably be a better fit for that analogy, but the point is clear enough I suppose. Anyway, the concern is that Gemerl acting as a frequent protector for the rabbit means that he can always just swoop in to take whatever action scene could have Cream at the helm and potentially even attract whatever content her place of in a story has by virtue of what he is in comparison. While it's mostly a product of Kaotic's views of how the comics have fared in using her for some time, there is technically some merit to it. I honestly didn't consider how it also impacts Cheese, who is a more intrinsic part of the character. That was the initial solicit, but it was quickly changed the next we heard of the issue. Or if it was at least Rouge having to make a case to Vanilla or Cream, for that matter. Yeah, I recall actually hoping/preferring if it was mostly a standoff between the two of them(who are opposite in tone without getting into Mephiles or Infinite), with the other heroes either being among those who support her or not being involved at all. Yeah, I can't help but feel that Cream is a character where I notice there's some insistence on leaving them into some not very productive boxes. Like, isn't the whole point of a story seeing a character go through something that involves them trying to achieve something or at least dealing with some conflict? A character having passivity about them doesn't nor shouldn't mean they can't do anything--it just means they aren't super gung-ho about action compared to some others. And yeah, it looks especially silly considering she actually did take quite of bit of action(which isn't exclusively about violence, btw) in most of her game appearances to start off with, including the one that had her go through an arc about being willing to fight.
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    One of the worst feelings in the world is planning on getting a lot of things done during the day, then spending the day goofing off instead, but you feel guilty that you're goofing off, so you don't enjoy it. Blech.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Cover B for IDW #37 is out: Also someone on twitter posted previews? for Bad Guys #2: (Guess we have confirmation about the hooded figure?)
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well, that explains the artwork Evan did
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    Happy 20th SSMB, it's been awhile! I remember back when there used to be a joke that you could never really truly leave SSMB, and I guess it still holds true as every now and then I'll get nostalgic about the many years I spent here in this community. I did a lot of my growing up here from 2005 to 2013 or so, but it was a lot more than just being on a forum I guess. Relatively new to the internet even at 14, I pretty much treated this place like home and got to meet so many fantastic people that I still consider some of my best friends to this day. I got to experience so many cool announcements, be apart of some cool community projects like the music albums and such, as even try my hand at helping maintain this place for others. SSMB is still a very special pocket on the internet and am so happy you guys are all doing so well. Thank you everyone that still keeps this place kicking and making it a home online like it was for me once upon a time. I'll be sure to stick around a bit to go say hi to old chaps and new faces.
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    Years ago, at this very website, the Hash Slinging Slasher used to be a poster, just like you...ONLY CLUMSIER!! And then one night, when he was typing a post, it happened... ...he cut off his own hand by mistake! Except he wasn't a sponge. SO IT DIDN'T GROW BACK And he replaced his hand with a rusty specula... AND THEN, HE GOT HIT A BUS AND AND AT HIS FUNERAL, THEY BANNED HIM So now, every...uh *looks at day* WEDNESDAY NIGHT...his ghost returns to the Sonic Stadium Message Board to reek his horrible vengeance!
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    There is a dark side to every fandom, and the majority should not be judged by it.
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    So Disney called me back... apparently they want me to be working custodial at Magic Kingdom on Nov 1st. LOL no. I already made my decision, but even if my mind wasn't made up, I refuse to work at Magic Kingdom. Of all the parks to work, I hear that's the worst place to work at.
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    Yes, of course not Ken. After all, this is the company so short-sighted not to rehire you, of course they aren't a stable company!
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    I agree this infighting is destroying fandoms, most notably the SW fandom. I think the best attitude is to love your favorites and be respectful of others who have favs in the Sonic Universe. For instance, someone may love 06, and doesn’t mean those who hated the flaws of 06 need to go Mammoth Mogul on that fan. There is room for spectrum of fandom, and I hope everyone can feel free to voice their likes and dislikes, while being understanding that what you dislike someone may like.
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    Lani-Loli and Aku-Aku are literally Billy and Grim lol
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    Got a chance to play Sunshine for the first time. Maybe I'm just finding Switch controls a bit alien, but has anyone else found to game to have too many controls? I just struggled completely to familiarise myself with what does what
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    Reminder that Motobug’s Halloween stream is upcoming! We’re doing our first ever triple feature featuring Scooby Doo and the Witches Ghost, Alien Invaders, and Cyber Chase, and following this will be a host of Halloween specials including Halloween Night is Grinch Night, and various Halloween themed Mickey Mouse shorts!
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    Is it me? Or are these issues where the comic feels like its just being overcrowded with stuff? And I dont mean like intentionally overcrowded, but just overcrowded as a result of ideas coming and going without any resolution.
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    Wow, now I'm really feeling old! SSMB was my first main forum home. I had been around GameFAQs just a bit but this place is the one I went to most often. I was super active here for 4 years from ~2005-2009. Nice to drop in every now and then and see how people are doing. Other than random SegaSonic Radio moments with various DJs from the olden days, I think I'll always remember the elaborate April Fool's day pranks the most. Anyone remember Knuckles DS? 😆 Happy 20th TSS! Here's to many more.
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    Chamomile #184
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    My Mean Bean Machine video is live. Dr Spudhead lives!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I went back and checked. It was "don't go that far" "pls don't directly show violence against the child" to his original plan of Zeena kicking Cream while she was already down. Here's the timestamp if you wanna hear that specific Q&A: (The question was about what Ian thought he wouldn't get away with and whatnot about IDW. ) My longest question/confusion about Cream & the more younger cast is.....at what age range are the considered/treated as "kids"? I can see Vanilla's concern of Cream more as a concerned mother-thing, but iirc in the Chao race they were told "we don't allow children to participate in this race". Maybe it was supposed to mean the specific race was for "adults" only, but makes me wonder...ok at what age are they considered & treated as equivalent to RL kids, and at what age do they stop questioning/be treated as mature? I always assumed age worked differently/didn't mean anything in Sonic games (not in the WRONG way, mind you), and when Archie brought it up it was because the writers tend to base stuff on RL. I mean almost all of them are minors and act independently, the most obvious example being Tails driving & going on adventures. Would Amy who is a preteen be considered "too young" to enter the race too? It only happens around Cream too, interestingly.
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    Ahh, good ole 2000's AMV energy.

    Ahh, good ole 2000's AMV energy.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm probably the only one exception who would have preferred if the story was about Team Dark with Cream replacing Omega, rather than having Amy in it for the sake of they are all girls. I don't get the hate of Gemerl by Cream fans, I already said it in the past but honestly think that Cream and Gemerl are a cool team and IMO Gemerl could help Cream to show up more if done right (I think that Gemerl being overprotective is actually a flaw that can be used as a way to put the two characters against each other in a friendly fight). I think that Vanilla does more harm to the character of Cream than Gemerl does. Like, imagine if that scene at the beginning of the issue was Amy interacting with Cream directly, instead of talking to the phone with Vanilla. "We need Cream and Cheese, let's go to their home and meet them directly". I'm not saying that Vanilla should not exist at all, but her presence should be a lot less frequent, because she limits what Cream can do, and when the interaction with Cream goes through Vanilla, Cream becomes a very passive character that's almost just a plot tool rather than an actual character. This said, I think that hating Gemerl because of Cream is not much different than hating Vector because of Charmy... it's not even exactly the same thing, but I think it makes the point clear. What's the point of a character who can't fight and can't be hurt, or can't even directly interact with other characters? This is what I mean when I say that I don't like how Cream is portrayed in recent stuff. Especially when she does the boaster against the bad guys but at the end she does near to nothing to fight or defeat them (in the metal virus arc she did it at least twice, the worst time was at the end of the arc against Zavok, when she says him to give up because his evil friends were all defeated). That's very annoying, it's like, Shadow level of boasting, but without even trying to be credible. I like Cream, she's actually one of my favorite characters, but sometimes I feel like the Cream I liked was only in the Advance games (and I mean the platformers, not Battle) and all other iterations of her I don't like, they almost never get her right (at least IMO). Sorry for the rant, I don't mean to bring negativity to the thread, just my two cents about Cream since @DabigRG quoted me from the Cream thread.
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    Sonic Channel

    Oh, those are Bat Chao wearing Pumpkins, right? This is genuinely cool.
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    I think I found either a Sega Genesis or an SNES in the Animaniacs Reboot trailer.
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    That latest cover is the bomb! I love how the artist used the different special stages for the background.
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    I hope the next few movies do well. I really want Sonic to get back on his game again.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Here's a listing on Amazon that popped up with seemingly no announcement: Sonic The Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Vol. 1, a graphic novel containing issues 1 - 12 in hardback. Pretty much the best value if you want to get into IDW Sonic, or collect old issues. Releases June 8th, 2021.
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    It's kinda surreal seeing Animaniacs and Beavis and Butt-head coming back at the exact same time. I'm half expecting for someone to announce a new season of Seinfeld at this point.
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    To celebrate the release of the Crown Tundra, there has been several promotional artwork of past & present Legendaries by different artists. Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, & Mewtwo Lugia & Ho-oh Groudon & Kyogre Dialga & Palkia Reshiram & Zekrom Xerneas & Yveltal Solgaleo & Lunala Zacian & Zamazenta Kubfu & Urshifu
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    This is an old and tired topic, plus I'm no Pokemon expert, but do fans really want every single mon from every single game into each new title despite that the Pokedex number keeps growing? I definitely don't want to be one of the devs. I prefer having new Pokemon in a new game, that's the appeal, a mix of new and old stuff, not everything. I know people are passionate and want to "catch them all" but don't take the motto too seriously. It's been 24 years and the series has grown. I know Sword and Shield is disappointing in quite a few areas, but the quality of the game has nothing to do with the Pokedex. You need to separate the 2 things.
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    Oh, the Sonic Stadium and its forums. TSS and SSMB. Been here since the Lost World hype and adamantly stating there are no wisps in the game (despite there clearly being a wisp in the screenshot). The hype for each game is always fun, and it's always fun to join in with the events and general talk. 2013 also got me to watch the livestream of the Summer of Sonic, which eventually led to me going to the 2016 event. Still unsure and lacking in confidence, I had my best friend with me and survived the weekend without succumbing to a panic attack. And what a weekend that was. Getting to try out Mania, getting the poster that still hangs proudly (if a bit battered) on my bedroom wall, seeing the goings-on within the environment instead of through a screen. And who can forget listening to Crush 40 live? That was a great experience, with such a charged energy throughout. Elsewhere, the hype of Sonic Boom was a fun year, with a certain low-effort Boom!Vader edit of mine being a particular highlight (since we were all making fun of the sports tape and asking "who's next"). SEGASonic Radio was a good thing to have on, with plenty of surprises to be found within its runtime, introducing me to the songs of a few games I hadn't played. And who could forget the community-led projects such as the Music Albums, Spectaculars, and even the Motobug Cytube channel. That last one introduced me to many new things, including a few Youtube creators (such as Caddicarus and AntDude) and a few TV series from the olden days (Kirby and DK shows come to mind here). We have a great community here, that has stayed strong over these 20 years with many new additions across those years, and everyone has a story of how they arrived here and the adventures they got up to upon first arriving. It's always great to read them. Here's to many more years of TSS, many more projects from the staff and community, and many more years of celebrating our love of Sonic the Hedgehog.
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    Yesterday was the anniversary, huh? Sorry I missed it. I've been spending the last couple months on Twitter. I hate it. I really FUCKING hate it. It's Tumblr 2.0, since that site shot itself in the foot. And outside of a few close cool people I know, everything is black and white there, either the "with us or against us" mentality on EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING. I dunno why I keep going back. It's too addictive. It's like they designed it to be that way.
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    So technically you own Sonic CD Stream.
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    I wish I could be a number one gamer just like Ryan. I'm just not a collector like I used to be. I'm a washed up gamer.
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    it also has the blue & yellow spheres from Mania's special stage so it might be both
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    Had a dream the next Smash fighter was revealed at the Game Awards...and was a Golden Axe character lol. And honestly? I’d be into it. If Microsoft got another rep, I think Sega could get another too
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