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    runners revival giving me flashbacks to 2015
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    Already, two major issues with this - firstly - the animation being the standard style sucks. Zombie Island has one of the best art-styles in the whole series, and I wish they would've replicated it's hand-drawn, and darkly shaded style as opposed to this. Secondly - the zombies weren't the villains in Zombie Island, the major twist was that they were victims of the actual villains that were trying to warn the Scooby gang so they don't end up sharing their fate, and at the end of Zombie Island, their souls were freed, destroying the zombies. It makes no sense for them to be back, nor for them to be attacking the gang.
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    Super Mario 64's code has been decompiled. Native ports to other platforms, including PC, is finally possible:
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    Well, at least Hans Zimmer's score on the Lion King 2019 is good. Yeah, its the same stuff but spruced up and added bits. Like a 'Sonic Generations Modern' version.
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    Happy birthday, buddy!

    Happy birthday, buddy!
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    Issue 3 is here btw: https://m.tapas.io/episode/1460794
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    speaking of naruto runners...

    speaking of naruto runners...
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    So Mufasa's death from the remake got leaked and Holy shit it's so bad it's hilarious and painful
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    Life is scary

    Life is scary
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