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    Happy June everyone! We're a little closer to The Sonic Stadium's 20th Anniversary (October 24th) and to continue our celebrations we've adapted the SSMB header so that you can see TSS' title banner evolution over the years. If you are viewing SSMB on Desktop, you'll notice on Sonical 2020 or Sonical Dark 2020, the header area includes a smaller 'TSS 20 YEARS' logo in the corner (always available in case you want a quick-link back to the landing page) and a random banner in the centre background. This area will show you a random banner from our 20 years in operation - from our very first logo from 2000 to our last banners back in 2015. We also have included almost all of our SSMB-user-created banners from back when we marked our TENTH anniversary in 2010. Man, how time flies - it's been ten years since that moment already! Some of the creators of these community banners are still on these forums today. We hope it will draw some positive nostalgic feelings for all of us. The next step here is for us to be open to NEW rotating banners. I'd like to explore ways we can have the community here today create the next generation of TSS/SSMB banners to mark our 20th anniversary. Let me know if you'd be up for getting your artistic hat on, and we'll formally kick off a campaign to create new banners soon!
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    It's actually happening! https://www.sonicstadium.org/2020/05/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-is-in-development/ https://variety.com/2020/film/news/sonic-the-hedgehog-sequel-1234619356/ After the huge roller coaster leading up to the first film, it's so surreal to see that a sequel is actually in the works. Tails is certainly a shoe-in, but I wonder if they'll try to rope Knuckles and Amy into the narrative? Do you think Jim Carrey will reprise his role as Eggman? Guess this can be the thread for Sonic the Hedgehog: 2 Fast 2 Foxy!
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    It feels weird walking into this thread feeling the exact opposite way I did coming into the original thread for the first film. If I went back in time and told myself that not only would have I watched the movie but enjoyed it and bought the blu ray but would also be anticipating the sequel, I'd contemplate kicking myself in the face and stealing my own lunch money, probably. Yeah no, I'm actually super excited to see what they'll do next. I wanna see the full Jim Carrey Eggman transformation. I wanna see what Tails' role is going to be and how he meets and works off of Sonic. I want to see if they actually keep Colleen for the film. I want to see if Tails' design is going to be given any tweaks or if what we saw was his finished look. I want to see if there's going to be more Sonic remixes within the soundtrack. I want to know what the deal with the Echidna tribe is. I want to know if Longclaw is alive. I want to know if Crazy Carl ever got his chainsaw back. I'm in. Sign me up.
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    TSSZ is gone?

    Yeah, this is quite a surprising turn of events. For what it's worth, I was supporting of TSSZ's coverage/amplification of news surrounding the BLM protests before the 'Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Forces comparison' tweet happened. I can certainly see the argument that, as long as you're not editorialising anything, letting your audience (who may only know about Sonic depending on what accounts they follow) know about a huge cultural event taking place is important. Even if he did go a bit ham on the retweets, but that's neither here or there. The comparison tweet was a misstep though, and should have resulted in a walkback from TSSZ. Sadly, that didn't happen - maybe it was heat of the moment (always a good reason to take a break from social media every now and then), or lockdown anxiety or something, but the response to community reaction to that particular tweet could have been handled better. It certainly doesn't necessitate a shutdown of the site. For better or worse, TSSZ has been an important part of the online Sonic community and we're all the poorer for it not existing (at the very least, in archive form). I hope Tristan takes a few days to cool off and figure out a new way forward.
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    Pretty sure the few follows I've lost on twitter over the past few days are just from *liking* BLM posts. Good riddance tho.
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    On one hand, I'd like to say that it's not that bad to speculate on what the project could become, as long as it's in the purely speculative "if this is a success, I could see animation being a suitable form for the adaption". But what Ken has said is fucking idiotic. First off - animation isn't any more or less viable in "quarantine era" than live action. Especially for a show. You still need a crap ton of animators/artists packed into a small building. This has been a direct reason why a crap ton of anime shows are now delayed to either fall, or next year - because no one can work on them. Secondly - it's irrelevant, and stupid. Ken hasn't released a book in 9 years since this fucking thing was announced. Not only would a animated series be utterly foolish when this book hasn't been released, especially since there's almost definitely gonna be a major recession, come the end of the whole mess, but the quarantine is going to be done and over long before Ken gets a single episode of animation done with his current work ethic. And if he tried to get funding, he'd probably get laughed out of the building. It comes off as Ken just trying to sound relevant for the sake of it, despite how dumb it makes him sound.
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    I've been back at modding Sonic Mania; for a while now I've wanted to be able to play Encore MSZ1 in Mania Mode instead of the Sky Chase act, but it's unbelievably hard to actually do that and have it work properly. I've finally got it working properly anywho. But the catch was the stage listing was now missing a slot, so the File Select menu was sending me to the wrong stages. ...so now I've added AIZ from Encore's intro in as an intermission zone between Hydrocity and Mirage Saloon, and I'm extending it a bit and adding some Mania Mode exclusive extras
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    The MFZ Sprite Archive Reborn

    Hey all, For many months now, I have been hard at work restoring an old website that some of us used to use long ago. Many of you may be familiar with the acronym MFZ, which stood for "The Mystical Forest Zone." For many Sonic creators, this place represented a creative place that held all sorts of comics and sprites. I for one used to use this site all the time for my personal projects. As of 2014, the site no longer exists with no way to access their archives except through the wayback machine. You no longer have to wait hours just to access your favorite sprites. I have now finished a complete restoration of their archive, including additions being made by our members to continue where it left off. There are plans for having a convenient uploading tool to easily add new sheets, but until I finish that part, all creators are welcome to join our small community in the forums or in our Discord. We are currently accepting new sheets to the collection, as well as encouraging anyone who wants to start their own sprite projects. I thought some of you might want to enjoy this resource for yourselves, and hope for old time sonic spriters that this will bring a bit of nostalgia for you. Sprite Archive: https://sgxp.me/sprites.php Discord: https://discord.gg/jxxTjzJ
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    I've been able to archive my TSSZ work.
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    I'm sorry, but other then this brief 12 seconds of footage and this very brief one second of footage, the full animated intro has never been released. Some of the animation cells for it have been leaked online. We don't know what the orginal music for the intro was, it can very faintly be heard in the 12 second video I linked, but I can't make it out. It sounds like it could be one of the unused instrumental themes for the show. You probably know all this already considering the effort you've put into this, but I thought I'd share for anyone else unfamiliar with it. It's possible the original intro is just sitting in a storage unit somewhere, just waiting to be preserved. Besides the music, this video is all we have of the original intro as far as I know. Good luck on your search! I'd love to see the full thing someday.
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    That moment when you just realized that Kirby's Epic Yarn is a pun. Yarn is obviously referring to the cloth aesthetic, but it ALSO can refer to "spin a yarn" ie: Telling a Tale. Kirby's Epic Yarn = Kirby's Epic Tale.
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    Welp, hope y'all ready for the Sonic cinematic universe.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I've searched for both Project DIVA and PSO2 Hedgehog Engine claims and can't find anything except public Wikis with no sources and various forum posts where people say "this game pretty so it must be using the Hedgehog Engine". So again, sources please. Lost World got a patch to unlock the framerate, which actually broke the game and made several levels impossible; collecting butterflies wouldn't trigger flowers to open and something went wrong with the Drill Wisp too IIRC (both were necessary to clear a number of levels). I'm not sure if they ever officially fixed this, but I'm going to hazard a guess and say that they did because I'm not finding much discussion about it. There's an option to disable voice overs, but it's so lazily done that the BGM volume still lowers for a few seconds at the points when characters are still supposed to talk. All of the Circus Tents were removed outright. They weren't exactly a highlight of the Wii U game but rather than remap the motion controls to regular buttons, they just got taken out completely and the numbers of animals you needed to rescue to progress along the map was massively reduced. It reeks of lazy to take them out completely. Lower the requirements to reduce the need to grind to progress, but just to cut out content like that... lazy as shit. Generations is so tackily done that is used the default VB icon on the task bar. It's got very limited graphical options available and you can't configure the games settings at all from within the application itself. Cutscenes frequently run out of sync with the audio regardless of the how well the rest of the game runs. I can't back it up from technical point of view, but from what I've heard the game is just poorly optimised. It also removed the bonus unlockable version of S1 that was included in the console versions. No idea if this was due to laziness or another reason, but it also seemed such a strange omission. SCD was built natively on the PC using the Retro Engine. But SEGA, in all of their infinite wisdom, hired Blit Works to port the 360 version back to PC who then broke the game's resolutions and scaling in the process. It looks constantly blurry as a result. Taxman spoke out on the issue, expressing his regret at being unable to fix it because it was not his version of the game. With regards to SA1HD and SA2HD, it also includes the console versions. SA1 didn't even support widescreen and improperly rendered different resolutions resulting in a blurry image. This is a bit of recurring theme actually, cause it also applied to S4E2 before fan outcry got it patched. Neither game made any effort fix the broken graphical effects of the GCN versions (and the additional ones of the original SADX PC version). Controller support is borked and in-game settings are again non-existent. The PC versions of Sonic games are functional. They work (apart from the time they broke Lost World), but they are as half-arsed as possible. Make sure the game boots up and it's ready to sell. It's sad that they don't do anything to make the games the definitive versions to play. Would it have killed them to rebalance the audio mixing in SA2?
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    That got real deep, real fast... It's neither destructive nor pointless to look rationally at the information that's available and draw some realistic conclusions/expectations from that. Have SEGA talked about improving Sonic multiple times in the past? Yes. Have SEGA delivered on that? That's subjective, although it would appear that they think they have work to do. Have they made a similar promise again? Yes. What will the outcome be? We've all got to wait and see to be sure, but we can make some predictions. Broken promises breed distrust, and bad experiences breed pessimism. If the sky is cloudy, but the weatherman says it's going to be sunny day even though it's rained for the past three days and you know he's been wrong before... you'll probably choose to take an umbrella with you when you go out. Is that pessimism or realism? Is it both? And maybe you'll choose to go out in shorts and a T-shirt anyway, but you'll take a change of clothes just in case you get caught in some rain. Do you call that cautious optimism? There's no self-entitlement or denying others their opinion here. SEGA have said something, and basically they're being told "pics or it didn't happen". It's most definitely both. Sonic Team make bad decisions and make bad games, and SEGA keep encouraging them to do so.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    It's worth noting that SEGA's first statement on focusing on quality wasn't specifically regarding Sonic; and I'd genuinely be hard pressed to say they haven't delivered on that front, ironically outside of their mascot. Sakura Wars got a great revival (with several Sonic alumni on board, no less), Yakuza's gone from strength to strength (apparently even Yakuza 7's gone down pretty well in the end), SEGA AGES is essentially the gold standard for ports of retro content, they've been licensing out their IP so we can get great new titles in series such as Streets of Rage and (after some teething problems) Panzer Dragoon. Puyo Puyo's come back to the West at last, PSO2 got itself a Western release, Valkyria got itself another mainline entry after the odd misstep with that Revolution thing; you get the gist. So to be honest, I don't despise SEGA, because I'm aware there's a lot more to SEGA and their promises than just the Blue Hedgehog. I think the Japanese team led by Kishimoto - the one that they keep handing 3D Sonic to, whether they're formally "Sonic Team" now or not - are more specifically to blame.
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    Metal should be a shoe in considering the quill Robotnik managed to get from Sonic. This would also make it so if Metal is in the movie it would increase the tension between both Sonic and Knuckles with the former's case being that Knuckles race/clan traumatized him in twisting his life upside down and the latter with Knuckles if it so happens that his race/clan got annihilated as they if it does take after the Adventure backstory with them wanting to seize power that doesn't belong to them (in the case of the Emeralds and Sonic's Speed) depending on what Knuckles is led to believe by the information given to him will find Sonic at fault for the total or near extinction of his race/clan or even Metal stealing the Master Emerald which Robotnik can then set up Knuckles to fight Sonic.
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    ...Do the NORMAL Sonic comics even have other language releases? Mobius Encyclopedia lists Brazil, Germany and France releases of some of the NEWER stuff, but nothing from before 2011. I know Japan is just NOW getting the IDW comics, but is this guy getting translations done for a follow up to a story most foreign audiences never read?
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Thing is, part of my reason for initially being lukewarm on SoR4 is that it was too different from past SoR games. I warmed up to it once I got a feel for it, but as a result I feel like it's a textbook example of how they can build on the old stuff, reworking mechanics such as the specials taking health, or the new emphasis on combos rather than just punch loops. They basically overhauled SoR's mechanics, without losing what makes it Streets of Rage. I dunno; I get wanting 'new stuff', but if I'm sitting down with a Streets of Rage game, I kind of want a Streets of Rage game. Same deal with Sonic. That's not to say they always have to stay exactly the same, but SoR4 doesn't. Mania doesn't either, although it could very easily have gone further and that's what most people want out of a potential sequel. I don't need some radical reinvention every game, because then we get stuff like sluggish mech shooting with no real sense of flow in its controls in 3D Sonic, and that's really not what I sit down for.
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    Happy June! Did some work on the SSMB header to bring back a rotation of ALL our classic banners. From 2000 to present day!
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    Indigo Rush

    TSSZ is gone?

    At the very least, there's been action taken to preserve some articles. @SSF1991 was able to salvage his work and archive it online. He shouldn't have needed to, Tristan should never have shut the site down, but thankfully a valuable chunk of our community history has been saved. If TSSZ does return, I am not confident in Tristan's ability to lead or manage it. He has shown time and again through his actions and demeanor that he is unfit for such a role, and if this whole debacle doesn't prove it, nothing will. I wish the best to all of the staff who were just as shocked at their loss of work. Hopefully they can also archive their articles and features and move forward to better things in the community.
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    Ya know, things would go a lot faster if you maybe, just maybe, got the ENGLISH release taken care of FIRST and then found your audience stateside before branching out into translations and international releases and the like. Especially when you make it sound like you're doing these as you make each new page.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I wish this was true. A lot of fans and channels have expressed this opinion, but by and large the media still seem to be reporting on with without such commentary. And some fans are accepting it without question too. I just ran a Google search for "sega to take time with Sonic" and the first results to come up were from 2009, both gaming sites and general pop culture portals. I know we're all used to this song and dance with middling results, but it's still quite sobering to see just how far back it goes. For a lot of people outside communities like this one, the recent comments from SEGA about "focusing on quality" will be the first they've heard of it. This could be because they're less familiar with the series and have only been playing the games for the past ten years or so. If we go back to 2010, the Sonic timeline is as follows: Mainline games from SEGA: Colours > Generations > Lost World > Forces. Two games generally regarded as really good, a dropped ball with Lost World and an average return to form with Forces. Racing games from Sumo: All Stars Racing > All Stars Racing Transformed > Team Sonic Racing. A decent Mario Kart clone in the form of a SEGA crossover followed by a truly unique racing game that was critically lauded and still a SEGA crossover and then a dissapointing Sonic-only Mario Kart clone with a gimmick. Boom games and the TV series: Rise of Lyric & Shattered Crystal > Fire and Ice. The franchise was presumed dead quite a while ago and was more recently confirmed as such. It got off to a bad start with the character redesigns, got absolutely torn apart with some of the worst recieved games of all time and then... just fizzled out with a sad little whimper. Other games: S4E1/E2 >Free Riders > M&S Olympics series> mobile games. Free Riders was a bomb that was swiftly forgotten about. The M&S series and mobile games are both just sort of there, upsetting nobody but just plodding along in the background to please kids and casual fans. The Sonic 4 series was met with initially positive reception from critics, but fans weren't so hot on it. By the time E2 rolled around, it was widely regarded as "too little too late" and SEGA sent it off to live on a beautiful farm somewhere with the Storybook series and Jet Set Radio Future. Mania and the movie: Well-recognised as an effort from fans and not from SEGA directly, Mania is the highlight of the past decade as far as the games go. And the movie was a smash-hit... also not from SEGA. Generations got great reception, but it's Mania and the movie that really set the world alight. Although I've never been more dissatisfied with the series than I am now, it's pretty much objectively true that the series isn't suffering quite as badly from terrible games as it was in the 2000s. That's the time when SEGA gave us ShTH in 2005, '06 just a year later, the Werehog and Black Knight. The announcement of Boom and subsequent release of RoL in 2014 is the only time that the series has dipped low as it did back then. The bigger problem is the series revelling in mediocrity now. There are no dumpster fires for people to gather around. Nobody cares when the series is this boring, and it's losing relevance. Maybe the fact that the series is suffering from its current straights will kick SEGA into action properly? Especially after an indie-developed retro-inspired game outdid anything they're put out in the past 20 years in terms of reception, and the movie has reignited general interest? It's all possible, but I'll believe it only when I see it. SEGA deserve a fuck ton of blame. If the developers of Sonic games are putting out bad games, then it's within SEGA's power to seek out new talent or outsource the games. Just because someone like Morio Kishimoto keeps getting put in charge doesn't mean he has to be in charge. They're also the ones to blame for interfering with the development of Sonic Synergy/Rise of Lyric, shifting development to the Wii U with an unsupported engine midway through development and forcing the game out for a holiday release. They're the ones giving Sonic games such a shoestring budget. They're the ones who have total control over the Sonic IP. Wrong. Try again. What's wrong with a bit of cynicism and pessimism? Both are pretty well-founded; SEGA have made these promises before, and they've very little to show for it. Nobody is saying "there is no hope, Sonic games will suck forever, you can't hope they will be good". If the teams are constantly changing and the games are still pretty poor... maybe the problem actually extends beyond the team? There's cautious optimism and hope, which is what I think most people are exercising. They come with expectations and past experience however. Everyone else is saying something more along the lines of "once bitten, twice shy", or "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". Could they stick to what the say? It's a possibility. I'd love nothing more than fro Sonic games to be good again. But have I got much faith in SEGA to deliver? Look at the facts: they've spent at least the last 11 years saying that they'll do better, and longer still dishing out sub-par games. A few decent entries have been sprinkled out here and there, but the showing has been largely embarrassing. I've got absolutely no reason to take them at their work until they show us otherwise. And past experience tells me to expect the worst. Everyone is waiting to see what happens, and many have learned not to hold their breath.
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    I drew a picture.

    I drew a picture.
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    I think after 20 years of dropping the ball, fans are just tired and exhausted at this point; you can only fail but so many times before people just lose all faith in you. Even if the next game does have a higher budget, there's no reason to assume that they aren't going to throw in some gimmick out of a misguided attempt at padding out game time. Alternatively, if there is no budget, we just get a game that isn't much better than Forces. There's really no reason to assume that they have learned any real lessons from this and we won't know until we see the next game and play it.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic 30th predictions

    @Raphael Martins Thanks for clarifying. Yeah, Sonic Team as a specific entity is a bit of a legacy and misnomer these days. You only have to look at the credits of Unleashed through Forces to see how inconsistent the team is. Even when you look at the handheld titles and games like Unleashed Wii, Sonic Team always gets top billing when in actuality the development teams are mostly made up of Dimps employees. Dimps' name only ever appears in the closing credits. You could argue that that's to save face after Dimps lost a lot of good faith in the Sonic community recently, but until S4E1 rolled around they were actually the ones dishing out the good Sonic games. Anyways, this what led to the whole "storybook team and main game team" confusion a few years ago. Iizuka is producer for the Sonic brand as a whole and some staff seem to constantly work on Sonic projects (like Kishimoto... unfortunately), but on the whole staff seem to cycle around a lot. Runners was supposedly made by Sonic Team, although the credits revealed it was mostly former SEGA Sports R&D staff IIRC, the guys who make the Olympics series. Any Sonic game made internally at SEGA is labelled "Sonic Team".
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    Nintendo, stop drip-feeding us new games on the Switch NES/SNES services. Give us what we want already: get Bubsy and Bubsy 2 on SNES and then you won't have to release a single other game on these platforms. You'll be done. We get the games we want, you don't have to keep worrying about it. Everybody wins.
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    For the sake of cohesion, I hope they don't add Knuckles and focus mainly on Sonic & Tails for the sequel; given that this will be the first time their dynamic can be explored in a different way. I want to see how this specific version of Sonic & Tails develop their iconic bond.
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    Another character they might pick is Metal, since he could be added without needing to spend too much time developing a character unlike Amy or Knux - though I could totally see them too (maybe save Knux for a Sonic 3 if they want to imitate that like all the Tails Sonic 2 stuff they'll likely capitalize on in marketing). All I can say is, I had no idea how much I would like the first film so it's really exciting that I can look forward to the sequel! Will be an incredibly different experience than the "hype" for the first movie, and that's great!
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    Got a new thread right here! I'm personally excited for the sequel. I was probably one of the harshest critics of the first one before it got an overhaul, and I'm happy to see them working on a new one. I hope they put their all into it.
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    I pity anyone who would write/draw/work for Ken. He's shown to be incredibly nitpicky over any art that isn't his, especially fan artists. The work they hand in would be skewed by him until its unrecognizable.
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    just remember that it wasn't SEGA hyping this up; it was some "insider" or something
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    Fanart... from me? What a rare sight! Here's my take on Kabbu, Vi, and Leif, Team Snakemouth from Bug Fables. I think I'm in love with this game. XD Highly recommended if you loved the classic paper marios.
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    Alternatively, he could always put out a call for artists to email him, give zero feedback (constructive or otherwise), then make claims on Twitter about telling said artists not having the desired skill set despite never specifying what he wanted in the first place. 😜
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    Now might be a good time to come out as ace. I just don't have that drive like many other people do. My family took it well. I don't know if I'm aro, though.
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    Based on some stuff I've seen people say in various places, I get the feeling they don't understand or care why those like me prefer to keep real life and politics away from escapism. I can't speak for everyone but at least for some of us, it reminds us that the world sucks, people are stupid, life is pointless and it makes us want to kill ourselves. I needed to get that off my chest for some reason. Maybe it's inappropriate. I'm not saying I'm planning anything so don't worry about that. But if this gets taken down, I understand... Oh, I'm also not demanding anyone keep the political stuff out of the status updates, I'm saying this purely for informative reasons and simply the need to say it.
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    Big Panda

    Sonic Headcanons

    In response to @Dr. Detective Mike in the Archie thread, here’s a headcanon about how the Archie Sonic multiverse works: Every Sonic continuity, and alternate realities relating to said continuities, all exist in one giant omniverse. The game reality is the Prime zone. From it spawned countless chains of other alternate realities. Some realities gain enough traction for a sub-multiverse to be built around it. The original version of the Archie Sonic multiverse was the most famous example of this phenomenon, spawning practically infinite realities, with a big cosmic barrier forming around all of it, effectively closing it off from the outside omniverse, resulting in a secluded multiverse in which Archie’s Mobius Prime was considered the one true zone of it all. Travel outside of the multiverse happened on incredibly rare occassions, such as when Eggman made contact with Mega Man’s world. The Super Genesis Wave not only obliterated all of these alternate zones, leaving the Archie Sonic multiverse a shadow of its former immenseness, but also destroyed the cosmic wall, allowing access to the outer omniverse, made evident by the travel to the different Sega and Capcom worlds in Worlds Unite.
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    Fucking hate Jake Paul. The fuck is a millionaire doing stealing shit?!
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    Chamomile #163
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    [Tweet] my art account hit 250 followers recently so I did a doodle to celebrate
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    I stopped make status updates about political issues and real life events because they make me crazy, they're more often than not, depressing and other times just f*cking tedious. I want to make an exception this one time. Seeing the public react to the tragic events of a Fire Fighter losing his business which was his dream he never even got to open. It was burnt down and looted. As of typing this, it's raised above $437,000. I don't know if that'll be enough to try again but it does rekindle my hope for humanity.
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    2D Sonic levels can also be blasted through in a few minutes with even the longest games as a whole having very short runtimes. Actually adapting the classics to 3D won't even fix this problem. It's a problem inherent to Sonic's design, 2D or 3D. The only solution to this problem is to stop considering it a problem in the first place. Accept that you're making a shorter, more replayable experience and focus on that. I can understand Sonic Team felt that a longer runtime was necessary to be competitive, but they're clearly beyond that mentality, so let's throw padding out the window altogether and just make the time you do spend with the player bliss.
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    Well, considering Paramount will want this to be their next Transformers, I can see them being more lenient on budget, but even still, they're in no position to be spending big. At the most we may get $150 million, to put it under Transformers and around TMNT. And even then, they will still want to be conservative with how these sets evolve for this 2nd movie. If there's big spending to be involved, it will balloon for a 3rd movie. The biggest thing Paramount is gonna want to market will be any new characters that show up, and the scaling up of any machine Robotnik builds. But they're going to be conservative in what they pull from Sonic because you can't get as big of a buzz without a new character to show. And if they want this to be a franchise, they'll definitely be holding back. Expect way more true to game robots for Robotnik, anything that looks like a kid would want to play with it or an adult to collect.
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    Dr. Mechano

    Bug Fables

    Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - which was released on PC back in November - just came out on consoles. For those unfamiliar, Bug Fables is a turn-based RPG that's very much in the vein of the first two Paper Mario titles; low stat numbers, timed action commands in battle, playable partners with unique attacks and on-field abilities, and an intricate "badge" (in this game medals) equip system that allows a great deal of customization over your characters' stats. Like Paper Mario, your characters have three stats - Hit Points, Teamwork Points (Expended to use special attacks), and Medal Points. Each Medal in the game costs a certain number of MP to equip, so leveling your max MP and collecting a variety of medals with different effects can lead to some pretty varied builds for your party. Players have a lot of choice in what strengths they want to focus on, and since Medals can just be swapped out on a whim, you don't have to commit permanently to these buffs; If you'd rather trade higher immunity to poison for higher max HP, or swap out boosted defense for boosted attack, just open your Medals menu and equip as desired. Unlike Paper Mario, you will not be recruiting 8 or so partners. You play as a team of three characters for the entire game, each with their own special ability. Vi the Bee can hit flying enemies, and throws a boomerang on the overworld. Kabbu the Beetle can pierce enemy defenses, and on the field can use his horn to slice through objects. Leif the Moth wields ice magic, which is useful both offensively and to freeze water and enemies on the field to solve puzzles. You can swap out the party leader with the press of a button to utilize each member's unique field ability, which is a bit like the Mario and Luigi games. Of course, that's just their gameplay applications. As characters, your playable party is quirky and memorable as well. Vi is a bit selfish and prideful, but never to the point of being unlikable. Kabbu is a levelheaded warrior who frequently has to reign Vi in, and he's also got a bit of a soft side for cute things. Leif is dignified and noble, even going so far as to use the royal "we" when speaking - and also proves to be a knowledgeable, scholarly type. The three of them play off each other's personalities well, and really do feel like a group of traveling friends. Also, this game has tons of optional dialogue. You can have party conversations for every map, nearly every NPC, and each of the three party members has their own unique commentary for every enemy in the game. I feel like this kind of thing goes a long way to fleshing out the characters while still making it something the player has to "opt in" to; if you want to just breeze through the main story, you totally can! But if you take the time to enjoy all the side conversations, you can really dive deep into the characters and world, and so far I've found it incredibly charming. If you enjoyed the early Paper Mario games at all, I can't recommend it enough. Links: Bug Fables Official Website Get Bug Fables on Steam Anyway, I just thought I should start a thread for the game. If you've played it, are playing, or are just interested in playing it, this could be a fun place to discuss the game! Whether it's the game itself, the story, your favorite characters (mine's Kabbu so far), or anything else related to Bug Fables. I'm only about a chapter and a half into the game so far, but I can say that this game absolutely lives up to classic Paper Mario's pedigree in terms of both gameplay and writing. So far the battles have been a decent challenge, and the first dungeon had a lot of interesting setpieces and puzzles that take advantage of your parties' unique abilities. I'd say that so far, Bug Fables is more demanding than the original Paper Mario games in terms of difficulty; not unreasonably hard, but it doesn't hold your hand either. (And if you want extra difficulty, you're able to get a "Hard Mode" medal early on that makes enemies extra tough, but offer more EXP) I'm definitely psyched to get back to it and play more!
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    Out of all the characters, I can see Metal Sonic working the most for the sequel. They'd replace Silver Sonic with Metal since he's better known and Robotnik would use the quill from Sonic he still he still has to power him. Big if though, since Amy and Knuckles need a bit more explanation.
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    This news was inevitable. Can't wait to see what the crew has up their sleeves for this one.
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    Speed Meme Art:

    Speed Meme Art:
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    The stream is starting in a few minutes so I'm making this post now. Iizuka is a special guest today. For [new] and [repeat] I'm going based on what has been shown on the stream before. Green Hills background while waiting for setup Start, Colors background with Wisps moving around. Honestly not bad looking for remote in my opinion. [repeat] Official hashtags are #SonicStationLIVE and #SoniSute (in Japanese, #ソニックステーションLIVE and #ソニステ) Introducing Sonic Series Producer Iizuka. This month's Otayori theme is "How to pass time at home" First Otayori: Amiru-san is playing Team Sonic Racing's story mode. News headline corner start [new] Sonic Olympic Games for mobile is now out for Apple and Android. Sonic Olympic Games JP Trailer Played I'm not gonna lie Iizuka's mic isn't the best so I might not be able to get all his info. But they are talking about Sonic Olympics. [new] Sonic Channel 15th Anniversary T shirt and Member card set. 3364 yen. (Japan only) Introducing Sonic Channel. Mentions the monthly wallpapers. Fan art corner mentioned. June theme is "Happy Birthday SONIC!". Coloring pages, papercraft, letter sets, etc. Sonic themed backgrounds for video calls. [repeat] GO SEGA 60th anniversary project. Website explaining SEGA. Special bag with 60th logo and Sonic on it. Bag shown. New commercial shown. End of News headline corner Goods review corner start [new] GO Sega 60th Puyo Puyo Sonic Goods. Shirts shown. Classic Sonic Rubber Strap keychains. Fans crashed the website. lol [new] Sonic IDW Volume 1 on sale in Japanese. 2300 yen. Previews of the Japanese version. [repeat] Sonic The Hedgehog DJ Style "Party" on sale June 17th, 2020. Includes non stop mix of 33 songs by Tomoya Ohtani. CD is 2,400yen. Will be on music streaming sites the same day. [repeat] Sonic the hedgehog DJ POPCULTCHA (full art from the new album cover) [repeat] Sonic LINE stamps (JP) on sale. 120 yen. End of Goods review corner JP Team Sonic Racing trailer played Sound Corner (temp name) start [repeat] Mentioning the 24 hour stream from last month, Sonic Sound Station. [new] Non-stop Music Selection Vol.2. Out today on music streaming services. [new] Non-stop Music Selection Vol.2 preview video. End of Sound Corner (temp name) Otayori Corner start This month's Otayori theme is "How to pass time at home" Haizuku-san uses Sonic music to cheer them up when they feel down. (His World, I Am All of Me, etc.) Makkusu-san asks how everyone spends their time at home they don't usually. Agehayuri-san "I bought the comic". Very short lol Rokuji-san said they played Sonic Adventure all Golden Week lol I can relate to that. Tokumeisabou-san talking about the difference between Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and worried about making friends. End of Otayori Corner 6/23/20 will be Sonic's 29th (the underline button won't turn off lol) Otayori theme for June is Happy Birthday SONIC! Next stream will be June 24, 2020 20:00 Japan time (close to the anniversary) End of stream
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    Experience says 'no'. He's said things like this in the past, mentioned 'possible' releases and then come up with nothing. Off the top of my head I can recall him gunning for a winter release, and twice he said he'd have it ready for SDCC. To say nothing of "Coming Soon in 2012!". Also.... call me crazy, but methinks he'd be better off if he just focused on getting Lara's story out before he decided to branch out into side-stories. Call it a hunch. Ah, but then, that would mean actually WRITING about his teenaged protagonist, and lord knows the guy hates writing teenagers.
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