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    When Sonic is trying to hide evidence that the Earth isn't flat
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    patrick trying to go super saiyan according to the new DBS rules
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    Ok so on Discord there is a BoxBot team event going on and i am on team banana so we got this thing, to help us win the event!! (go bananas!!)
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    Also, Colors has some of my favorite level themes in any Sonic game. Giant cakes, Chinese-themed aquariums, brightly-lit neon spaceships? It honestly still kinda bothers me they chose Planet Wisp to represent the game in Generations. It's a decent level, but it doesn't hold a candle to the others imo.
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    crap, cant embed vids while volunteering at church and forgot to do this when i woke uhhh... Morning!
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    So here's a fun fact; Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles weren't always the holy grail that they're treated as today. They were derided for while being solid games in their own right, did not change the formula much and many felt it was too similar to Sonic 2. In fact, outside the fanbase, Sonic 2 is generally the one that everyone remembers.
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    Yo guys, heads up - Steam sale on Sonic games right now, starting at 75% off for everything. Both Adventure games for less than five bucks is an absolute steal. Only there for just over a day as of time of writing so I wouldn't leave it too long.
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    Yeah I’m just gonna log off now. Talk to everyone after KH3. Officially now going dark from here and most social media for real
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    I hear talk of a series of Spider-Ham shorts that might be made and mmm... ...me neeeeeds it.
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