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    With time to mull it over, I think if I had been at the SXSW Q&A my question would been to Iizuka, asking about the appearance of Mother Wisp in TSR. Namely I'm just sorta curious as to whether that was a concept the primary team came up with for the Wii version but never used, or whether it was a creation of the DS game's team (since her canonicity has always been somewhat in question).
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    @Kiah It's been a while hasn't it? Just want to know if you been doing alright
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    Holy Crap #7. on this list. I'm in tears.
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    Miles: Into the Milesverse

    Miles: Into the Milesverse
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    Don't think a sentence has ever filled me with as much dread as ''the next Sonic game is currently in development''
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    Boy wouldn't it had been some hilarious if in SA2 Eggman took the fake chaos emerald like Tails had planned but the cannon still functioned?
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    I've been on Discord too long and keep forgetting that *surrounding a fragment with asterisks* doesn't automatically italicize them anywhere else.
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    Whenever a clip from Community is posted someone always asks where it came from then it makes me sad that the show doesn't get the recognition it deserves

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