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    You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. The initial auditions for SONIC X were voice-matches. I was given clips of Deem Bristow and told to sound like him. The results of that audition speak for themselves, and are evident in the first several SONIC X episodes. Several weeks into the run, the production team informed me they wanted to lighten the voice to better service the comedy, specifically requesting Jiminy Glick-style peaks and valleys. I obliged, to their satisfaction. I'm an actor. (The goal of any working actor is to book as many rôles as possible, to the apparent dismay of some.) I adjust my performance to suit the script, and the desires of the director. In the franchise's darker games, I gave a darker read, as appropriate. For the lighter games, I play up the comedy to the best of my abilities. You can't please everyone. I don't have to be your favorite. I respect whatever opinion you have, because it's your opinion, and it's personal, by definition. The opinion that matters most is that of the producers, who choose to keep hiring me, and presumably approve of my performance.
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    Strassman’s apparently a COVID denier. There’s a huge difference between having an opinion and using your platform to spread lies about a pandemic that’s killed millions of people.
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    People who talk about kids shows broaching serious subject matter always oversell "DARK" so they don't have to feel embarrassed about watching a cartoon.
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    Hey everyone! This week it will be our 20th anniversary! How mad is that? Time really does fly, huh? I wanted to spend some time reminiscing about the good times we've had on this forum, over the two decades we've been around. Please feel free to post in this topic with your fondest memories. I will list a few of mine, in no particular order... Sonic Battle Stadium This was one of the first 'interactive' things I created to help drive the community and overall 'togetherness', and it was pretty popular at the time (2001). In fact the only reason it died really was because it required constant moderation and observation so people would pay attention to rules etc. SSMB members created their own 'mighty warrior' who would take part in the specialised Sonic Battle Stadium forum where they'd battle others for rings (which you had to keep a note of, like you'd keep a note of your stats etc on a piece of paper during a DnD game). You set yourself as an elemental type, chose some moves (which you could name whatever but had to assign damage points out of a limited pool - bit like creating your character in Skyrim). To kick off a match, they would have to alert 'GrandMaster Dreadknux' to initiate a battle. And I'd oversee the proceedings and make sure it was fair. It was a pretty cool mix of battling and online RPG creation - users wouldn't just list attacks that they'd make to their opponent, there'd be a whole backstory that they'd create for themselves. Things like, why they had beef with this other SSMB user (they never really had beef, it was mostly a roleplay thing), or during battles they'd give their attacks some written flair. And some really got into the 'lore', what little there was of it (members mostly created it for themselves). Anyway, it lasted a full season (where the finale was a tournament to whittle down to one person who'd face GrandMaster Dreadknux himself...), before introducing a second season which wasn't as popular. I changed the rules around a bit and I think people just didn't get into it as much. I wonder if we could do something automated, we could kick something like this up again... SSMB Music Projects It always amazes me how this community bands together to create some amazing content. The TSS Music project was like lightning in a bottle - several times over! And what's more, I really had nothing to do with it. A bunch of very talented SSMB'ers decided to club up and create the most KICK-ASS remix soundtrack the community had ever known... And then they did it three more times! There's the Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011, the absolutely INSANE 2012 follow-up, as well as two more albums under the name The Sound of TSS. I'm extremely proud of how creative our fellow Sonic fans are, and am hyper-proud of these collaboration projects. Maybe one day there'll be another one... until then, I'll keep listening to all of these albums when I'm working on the site or forum. SSMB Sings... I'm trying to figure out if you guys are all as good at singing as you are making remixes... we have a habit of making little collab pieces on SSMB, don't we? We did a Christmas sing-a-long one year, but my favourite is by far this rendition of Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2. We all sang it even better than Hunnid-P, I reckon. 10th Anniversary Banner Creation Contest This was just too cool to not mention. You will have noticed that we restored a lot of classic banners on SSMB over the last few months, before settling on this new header for our Anniversary week. Well, a LOT of those classic banners were actually created by SSMB members. They wanted to club together to make a set of rotating banners to celebrate TSS' then-10th anniversary (boy, time really DOES fly!). I'd love to do this again - when the new-look site TSS/SSMB comes rolling around, I'd love to kick off a community initiative like the good old days and have some collaborations once more. That Time We Got Really into the Chuckle Brothers and Started Calling Each Other Barry or Paul or Something I really don't remember that meme/trend, but I do remember it being weird. Mind you, it all kicked off because I have a habit of meme'ing the Chuckle Brothers into the Sonic Stadium when I get the chance (see April Fools gag above). So it's probably my own fault. SSMB Images From The TSS Vault... WARNING: Lots of images included. Click the spoiler tag to view them. Split by category. 2001: SEGA Sonic Message Board Title Banners 2002: SSNG Forums Title Banners 2002: Sonic Battle Stadium Awards 2001 - 2006: Random Banners Reminisce about the good times - both back then, and right now - in this topic! I will leave you with this gem of a screenshot from way back in 2009...
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    People get too caught up on trying to be 1:1 to the Genesis games that they lose sight of making a game feel tight, dynamic and focused. People also tend to act like that a lot of the decisions for level design and game feel in the SA games weren't things they actively decided to do with good reasoning. Though I used to believe this in the past, I don't think trying to pursue some super perfect physics and making really ambitious level design is the answer to Sonic. Despite everything being said about how 2D Sonic works there's still something to remember about it: it's simple. All of what it introduces is not only easy to understand, but easy to the point that there's no vagueness to it. In order for Sonic gameplay to reach an equilibrium, it needs to run on as arcadey principles as it can get while still maintaining a depth. This is why the homing attack, as it stands, already works. It makes things easy, and it has a simple trade-off in function: you either get a sure shot into an enemy while sacrificing momentum, or you don't but the reward is more retained speed. The homing attack doesn't need to send you flying forward; if anything fangames like Sonic GT (and other games made in, say, HedgePhysics/Bumper Engine) only teach that it shouldn't because it's really, really squirrely. Sure, you could always say not to do homing chains excessively because that's bad, and that'd be correct, but that's also just a simple "don't" instead of an entire plot recoursing. Speaking of 'momentum', fangames are obsessed with that. To a fault, even. The Sonic Adventure games put Sonic under a speed-cap when running, and pull back Sonic's speed and control the longer he's suspended in air. People can see these as limitations that hold back the gameplay from being what it truly is, but I think these things are meant to make control better. 3D movement allows for a lot more exploitation of building forward speed than a 2D game does, and fangames have only proven that when you don't try to cap Sonic's movement speed (especially in air) then there's a lot of soaring over massive chunks of environment, skipping entire setpieces and sometimes having air hang-time run into the 10+ second range. SA's lower speeds and "simplified" physics, while imperfect, were elaborate in design. "But Azoo", you may ask, "why don't the levels just be made bigger to accommodate that?". This is many people's answer, but I don't think it's the right one. Again, Sonic needs to retain a simplicity to it, and expanding these maps out to blown up size just to make up for how easy Sonic is to fly off the handle kind of proves... a problem. Sonic shouldn't need a massive map just to be considered viable, because big maps are overwhelming and confusing when the objective is "get to the goal". And you may argue to just change the game to be something else, but (as fun as that is to think about) Sonic shouldn't need a big reinvention of his game progression in order to work in a 3D space; and (before one brings it up) just because Mario did that doesn't mean they had to, as Mario's 2D gameplay works in 3D just fine (see Mario 3D World). I think a lot of these issues, most of all, come down to a misunderstanding of 'flow'. That became a huge buzzword for Sonic games in the past several years and what people want, but honestly I feel like the sentiment is misplaced. People seem to think 'flow' means 'move at a constant high speed from start to finish of a level', but forget that the very games they criticize (ie the boost games) are constructed on that while the games they praise (the classics) do not. 'Flow' in traditional Sonic gameplay is not about moving at a consistent high speed, it's about the level design organically flowing from one pace to the next. Classic Sonic games are constantly speeding up and slowing down the level design, with slower more trepidatious platforming areas, steady upward climbs, moderately quick slopey areas, and speedy set-pieces relying on semi-automation. This formula is honestly.. pretty much kept in the Adventure games, give or take maybe using dash panels too much. And sure, it's mad simple in comparison, but I'd give that less to the limitations of the game design and more so the limitations of what could be done then; whether that's due to time, money, understanding of 3D, or the hardware (which in the SA games' case, probably all four). Anyways, I typed a lot more than I intended to, but I think the honest truth is that we've already had classic Sonic gameplay in 3D. People just refused to take it or accept some of the decisions made, and I believe some of the decision-making done when converting Sonic to 3D only make more sense when you see how fangames tend to falter in mechanics or level design. Does that mean SA1/2 can't be elaborated on and that it's already perfect? Well uhh fuck no of course not, those games are kinda buggy and didn't get the chance to refine the concepts enough. But does that mean we already had the groundwork and all it takes is just applying what it learned? Absolutely. People just.. gotta slow Sonic down, give him some air resistance, and make tighter, compact level design that cares less about some cosmic philosophy to how Sonic should be and more about making a fun, varied platformer.
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    It's honestly funny when you think about it, because Penders' almost definitely would've had a legacy had he just not been such a dick about everything. Regardless of actual quality of his works, I think they would've still been appreciated. For better or for worse, Penders did pave the way towards a more story and lore driven universe for Archie Sonic, even if his lore and story weren't particularly good. I think what kind of sucks is that Penders did have some genuinely good ideas. He's not a great writer, but some ideas were good, and were utilised with Ian. Regardless of quality, a lot of people grew up with the world he helped raised up (I absolutely have to empathise this though - this was a team effort, thanks to the likes of Gallagher, Bollers and such on top of Penders). I do think had this whole thing had just been about royalties, and that was that. No domineering control freak nonsense, no approval stuff, no "letting me use SEGA characters in personal projects for profit", etc. Literally just Archie paying Penders (and by extension - the other creators) what he was deserved, we would all be singing a different tune today. We'd probably be on his side on the matter, and more importantly - he would've actually had a fanbase that might not like his work, but appreciate it all the same. @horridus has said it himself - he used to be a fan of Penders because he grew up with the work, but then when Penders kicked off this shit, it tainted everything else about it. Finding out that these stories you grew up with was created by a selfish, sad little man with petty vendettas against whoever he can get his hands on. The lawsuit did not kill Penders' legacy with this comic, Penders killed his own legacy with this comic. I am 100% on the stance of if Penders had been more reasonable, if he'd just moved on with his life and created new characters, a new story, and a new world, and just let Archie have his old works - albeit - with full credit and royalties, he would be fairly liked. Maybe not liked as a person, but if he kept his head down, his legacy would've remained untainted. His stories might not have been good, but they would've had nostalgic value, and appreciation from quite a lot of people who grew up with it. But since Penders had to raise such a massive stink, since he had to be an egotistical little shit, and insult people, and get his random Sonic OCs back, he forever tainted that legacy. He revealed himself to be a petty shit to the people who grew up with him. He caused all reprints of his work to be lost to the sands of time, and he practically forced everyone to return back to his stories with a critical examination to reveal that they were always terrible, and honestly have little to no value. As concepts for a better writer - maybe, but as written by Penders? Hell no. He lost royalities for everything he wrote, he lost a fairly decent chunk of fans, and he lost a legacy, and for what? For some misshapen mutated ugly versions of the characters someone from ten years ago vaguely remembers? He's a man who ruined the only small insignificant legacy he had for something that is doomed to fail. That's what it all amounted to. A failure. A big, fat failure. You know what other writers did? Moved On. Bollers went on to write for Marvel, including a widely praised run on a Emma Frost X-Men comic. Bollers is still getting work to this day. People still like his contributions and characters because he moved on and didn't ruin them with petty drama and bullshit (Hell, I'm in that camp - Mina is still one of my favourite characters in all of Sonic). The dude was a editor for Marvel, and is a senior editor for Valiant Entertainment now, and was nominated for an Eisner Award. You don't see him chasing down old glories and ruining his legacy, he's moved on and continued to grow it more and more. The more you read into Penders, the more sad, pathetic, and absolutely depressing it is. Behind the grandeur, and the bold claims, there's just an bad writer who never quite got over his one and only source of legacy, and instead of moving on with his life and trying to improve and make an even greater legacy, he's still pathetically chasing after old glories and the one thing that people had a slight liking of when someone else wrote his concepts and ideas. While everyone else moved onto better things, he's still trying to stir shit and convince SEGA, people, and possibly himself that he actually mattered in the grand scheme of things, and to SEGA. As mentioned above, what else is there to say than...
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    Congrats, you pointed out the difference. Shitty people don't deserve to live comfy lives, especially when their shitty views are actively harmful to others. Miss me with that shit.
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    Courtesy of illuminor, uploaded by Mefiresu. 1:37 to 2:07 contains a verse that can only be heard during the scene in which the gang is heading towards Robotropolis.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    IDW Sonic already put a character's sexual preference front-and-center in the second issue. If this children's comic can have Amy swooning hard over Sonic it can handle a character being bi.
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    I want a true Solo Sonic game.

    I can't believe it's 2006 again and we don't have 14 years of shitty friends-free Sonic games to show that it doesn't actually change anything.
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    Sonic 1 Prototype

    I'mma tell you all a story. I've been in this community since 2003, and while I've never been part of the Retro set I've followed Retro since way back when Wai still regularly posted on it and had his name on the site title. And this release today: Is the biggest one since that Sonic 2 Beta. So hopeless was the chance of ever seeing this one that I remember a couple huge hoaxes that centered around someone digging it out of their attic or whatever and faking some screenshots for the lulz. So many blurry screenshots, vague descriptions of level layouts and off-screen camera recordings of level snippets dug up over the past two decades almost. Sparkling Zone, Clock ORK Zone, the Marble Zone UFOs, the crazy Labyrinth background art, the physics ball at Green Hill. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/01/sonic-1-prototype-now-available-to-play-for-the-first-time/ It's all here, and all able to be checked out by the community for the first time. I was honestly nearly shaking when I saw Tracker start posting about it on Twitter.
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    So... Remember this? We had a big topic on this trying to find it and it was one wild ride... well... Here he is today! And yes it's genuine! We don't yet know who is responsible for both the repair and restoration or even who paid for it but... My God I didn't think this day would come! If you have absolutely no idea as to what this is or the story behind it. I've been documenting it a lot on YouTube so check out this playlist for the full story on this boy.
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    The way they've been used, yeah. They've essentially used the 2D sections as a way to avoid properly developing 3D gameplay; 3D sections have gotten progressively shorter and shallower since 2D/3D switching was introduced, being reduced to little more than high-speed spectacle moments, while the relatively more complex/interesting gameplay takes place in the 2D sections. Just check out this video, of all the non-boss 3D sections in Forces. It's...only 14 minutes long. And so little of it is actually meaningful 3D gameplay; most of it is made up of rail grinding, quick step sections, empty areas designed just to boost through, and groups of passive enemies for the avatar to blow away. If Sonic Team just wanted to make some 2D games once in a while, that'd be fine. If they wanted to make these 2D/3D hybrid games and could actually have the two halves complement each other, that'd also be fine. But I think it's clearly become a crutch to them, a way of making games that seem like proper 3D platformer/adventure games at a glance, but take significantly less effort to design and create. And for people who want to play actual 3D Sonic games, this half-assing of it is wearing very thin.
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    I'm not about beating a dead horse. But what did you expect to happen when you posted in a discussion forum?
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    The last time Ryan auditioned for Sonic, Sega wanted him to leave his union. I don't think Ryan is ever coming back in an official capacity to the series, so I'd get that expectation out of our head now.
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    Wedding Advice(or just congrats!)

    This is getting ridiculous now. All three accounts are going on mod queue and the topic will be locked until staff have decided this isn't a fucking troll. We're finding you're all logged in from the same device and the timing of activity like you have to take turns on a computer don't really help the case at all. We already fell for some lines about not believing you once, Levi, but I am not inclined to continue giving you the benefit of the doubt until I'm confident you're here in good faith. Oh, and would you look at that. Another account just registered. Yeah no, we're definitely not doing this.
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    Chili Dawg

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I for one, am feeling a bit frustrated at the fact that it seems every Sonic game from now till the end of the time is going to be a big anniversary blowout, every five years... Now if Sonic games are gonna take longer to make, that's fine, I'm not asking them to rush them out sooner than they should, that's the last thing I want. But if Sonic game releases are only ever going to fall on/around "important" milestone years... please stop caring about anniversaries. In the last decade we had, depending on how one categorizes Mania, 3 or 4 mainline Sonic games. One of those games is not based around revisiting old content from the franchise's storied past. I want the franchise to continue building a storied future, not celebrate Green Hill again and again every five years.
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    Actually Mr. Penders, it's like saying your echidna characters are based off Knuckles because almost all of them look exactly like Knuckles. Then again, I am a gamer so that may just be the OCD talking.
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    Well, yes, but also not really, sort of. I agree that fans haven't "solved" 3D Sonic, and it can be frustrating when even some of the best attempts seem to be just mashing together existing parts, as if Sonic Team has given us a puzzle and we just have to arrange the pieces properly. But also, fans aren't really supposed to be fixing things in the first place? We're amateur game designers at best, armchair designers more likely. Few fans have the knowledge, dedication, and time to actually try to implement their ideas and see how well they work, because it's not their job and likely not even their hobby, and actually making a game is a huge task. It's no surprise, or slight against them to say, that most fans don't have a fully fleshed out vision of what to do with Sonic. But that doesn't mean there aren't worthwhile ideas coming from the fanbase; partial solutions are better than none. And it's not some inherent failing that fan suggestions change as new games come out. You're supposed to take in new information and revise your understanding of the situation, not just stubbornly cling to the first thing you came up with. It's not just fans being fickle if they think the boost gameplay had potential to be something great back around Unleashed and Generations, but after seeing more of its failings in Forces they decide it'd be better to try a different direction. People are just trying to do what little they can to solve a problem that's largely out of their hands.
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    It's more like you can say whatever you want, doesn't mean everyone else has to put up with fucking bullshit. Some people getting mad at someone saying something stupid on Twitter really isn't the same thing as the government policing speech. And opinions can be disagreed upon. When someone is using their platform to further spread an opinion based in misinformation or conspiracy theories, then it's fair for people to talk about it and air their grievances. Before you even start about Twitter likes and how people shouldn't be rooting through them or whatever; Twitter puts people's likes on the timeline whether they want to fucking see it or not. And hell, she didn't even just "like" things, she commented them too. You are not a moderator on this message board, so you can knock it off with the backseat modding. This is a thread about voice actors in the Sonic cast collectively getting fired because the big brand wants to, and a few of them turn out to be unsavory people so it just coincidentally works out for them, and if that's what people want to talk about, then so be it. It's relevant whether you like it or not. Either move on or find a constructive way of redirecting the conversation instead of acting like everyone else has to shut up for your sake. And whatever reply you have, you can save it and go complain to an admin if it bothers you that much. I really don't care.
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    I like Schwartz as Sonic in the movie and he'd be fine in the games too. But man, I really loved Smith in the role. He's the longest serving English VA for Sonic and he did a fine job of it. He breathed a lot of life into the character, giving him a new lease even if the scripts took a beating around the same time that he joined. His take on the character was so different to all the others. And whilst I understand that his voice never sat right with a lot of people, I quickly came to see Smith as the Sonic voice in a way that Griffith could never manage. This really is a shame. The guy seemed to genuinely love the role too. He was always so on it, especially with the social media engagement. Feels cruel for the guy to be stripped of the role he loved and was great at, especially if it was some bullshit corporate decision. Now I've got to wonder if we're guessing right and Schwartz is going to take over, or if it's going to be someone new. A lot of the English cast got replaced in recent games. Knuckles, Silver, Zavok, Blaze and Omochao were all replaced in TSR and the most recent Olympics games, and Tails was replaced when Boom started. I wonder if it's all creative reasons, if it's regarding pay and unions or what. I won't be upset if it's Schwartz, but at the same time it'll irk me regardless because the movie doesn't need to impose on the rest of the franchise. I don't think we have anything solid to go on regarding Pontac and Graff, right? Just that they haven't officially contributed since the last game and it's unlikely they'd update their CVs before any new game has been announced. But yeah, I see your point. Colours (and Free Riders) ushered in the big 4Kids replacement, coinciding with the new writers. If there's a big shake up, I'm neutral towards it until we have more info. Let's just hope that we're not losing any other quality actors. Pollock survived the 4Kids exoddus, but none of the other good 4Kids cast did. After Cindy Robinson got off to an awful start as Amy, after Boom rolled around she became fantastic in the roll and it'd be a shame to lose her. Others though, like Thornton as Shadow or Kyle Hebert as big... yeah, they could leave and I'd not be at all cut up. They already replaced Knuckles with a naff sound-alike.
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    SonicTubers being hacks is nothing new, sadly. As Wraith put pretty much perfectly, the reason the likes of Premydaremy get so hilariously pissed off over the lack of Sonic news despite claiming to be over Sonic or whatever, is because regurgitating Sonic news is all they have. People aren't watching their shlock for them, it's just more Sonic content (if you can really call it that) for people to stuff their faces with. God forbid they learn how to make actually interesting videos, that's effort! (On that note, props to Cybershell for coming back and showing them how it's done. I didn't get the hype at first, but now I've watched his stuff I can tell he's a good dude).
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    The first line in the first leak was... "I'm a playtester for Sega of America". QA/Playtesting isn't done at SOA. That right there is the end of it.
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    This thread is 423 pages long and almost 7 years old and issue 1 hasn't been released yet.
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    Happy June everyone! We're a little closer to The Sonic Stadium's 20th Anniversary (October 24th) and to continue our celebrations we've adapted the SSMB header so that you can see TSS' title banner evolution over the years. If you are viewing SSMB on Desktop, you'll notice on Sonical 2020 or Sonical Dark 2020, the header area includes a smaller 'TSS 20 YEARS' logo in the corner (always available in case you want a quick-link back to the landing page) and a random banner in the centre background. This area will show you a random banner from our 20 years in operation - from our very first logo from 2000 to our last banners back in 2015. We also have included almost all of our SSMB-user-created banners from back when we marked our TENTH anniversary in 2010. Man, how time flies - it's been ten years since that moment already! Some of the creators of these community banners are still on these forums today. We hope it will draw some positive nostalgic feelings for all of us. The next step here is for us to be open to NEW rotating banners. I'd like to explore ways we can have the community here today create the next generation of TSS/SSMB banners to mark our 20th anniversary. Let me know if you'd be up for getting your artistic hat on, and we'll formally kick off a campaign to create new banners soon!
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    I'm honestly really impressed how you're relatively close to Penders' design but it actually looks good. Quite good, in fact.
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    COVID results came back NEGATIVE. PHEW. Now I just gotta ride out... whatever this is. Ow. Body aches. Owwww.
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    Okay I'll give it a go. Under Ken's pen, Geoffery St John was a sexual predator who was an asshole for the sake of it. Under Ian's pen he had reasons added for being a dick, even regretted it and felt ashamed on how his marriage went. Under Ken's pen, Evil Sonic was an annoyance who came in to sleep with anyone he could. Under Ian's pen, he changed his identity, had an identity crisis, became a threat and became a one woman guy (from the looks of it). Under Ken's pen, Locke was a monster who microwaved his son, abandoned him, showed no love in his heart, yet we kept being told he was a good father. Under Ian's pen, Locke realised his mistakes (not without almost doing one more, but he realised it) and pleaded with the Master Emerald to give his son a life, in exchange for his. If I recall, Ken has stated he intended to write these 3 characters the exact same way he always did if he continued. He was offended Locke died heroically and wanted him to die a disgruntled old man, filled with cancer (I think it was cancer, right?). He has made it clear Ian never got Geoffery, which is why Geoffery's libido is never mentioned any more. He says Scourge was better as a petty mimic, rather than a fleshed out character. I will never understand this abstract of a human being, he is too far gone in the dark pit of ego to even remember what humility is.
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    To everyone who wished me and my family well condolences in the wake of my Nana's death today, I send deepest thanks. She was the last of my grandparents left alive and she'll no longer suffer, but it still is awfully sad. The support is highly appreciated.
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    The one mandate I don't agree with is that they can't call Sonic's home planet Mobius, I think they should bring the planet name back for the sake of world building and making it feel like the world the live in has an identity.
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    Why Shadow matters

    In every series, everyone has that one character that just clicks for them. Maybe it was their design, maybe it was their personality, maybe it was their gameplay, but the fact remains is that this character has hooked you and you are now a fan of them. That character for me, was Shadow the Hedgehog. So, after Sonic Adventure came out, the boys over Sega started to immediately work on the sequel. It was Takashi Iizuka that decided that the game would focus on the contrasts of "good versus evil", and decided that Sonic would have a new rival that worked with Dr. Eggman against him. Iizuka and Shiro Maekawa both brainstormed this character's look, personality and how he would interact with Sonic. As you can see, Shadow went through many different concepts before his finalized design was used. Oh, and one of those brainstormed ideas between Iizuka and Maekawa? It ended up being one of the most memorable interactions between the two characters in the game. (Yea, I used the Japanese cutscenes. I'm a weaboo, fight me) ----- So, I'm like 9 or 10 years old and I finally convinced my Mom to get me my own video game system. Since my brother already had a PS2 and she sure as hell wasn't getting me an Xbox, so the Gamecube was the only option for being the "kid-friendly" console. First game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Now this wasn't my first foray into Sonic, I was actually already familiar with the series before because I would play both the PC version of Sonic & Knuckles as well as Sonic 3D Blast with my brother and he kind of was a fan before me. I was really too young to understand the series, but I had a basic grasp of who the characters were; it was just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. When I got Adventure 2, I thought I knew what I was in for and then the first thing that catches my eye was this. Like for real, my young brain was so dumbfounded by this; I knew who Sonic was, I knew who Tails was, and I knew who Knuckles was. I was extremely confused on why there was a black and red Sonic on the cover alongside the actual Sonic. (Yea, I didn't care much about Rouge at this stage, I guess I was spared : V) Naturally, my curiosity took hold, I opened the game and picked the dark side first to get my answers. On a side note, I thought it was pretty cool to play as Robotnik and just started blowing shit up. But he wasn't the one who I was here for. After the first level, I get to the first cutscene when Eggman releases Shadow and even HE confuses him for Sonic as well. And yea, I know it's easy to look back on this and laugh at it now because yea, Sonic & Shadow look nothing alike; but bear in mind, I was a child. There was literally only ONE Sonic that I knew of, so having another character who looks so similar to him but not quite was considered a shock at the time and I'm sure that was the developer’s intentions. So, this "dark Sonic" is named Shadow. You play as him and he plays literally exactly like Sonic. Not only does he LOOK like Sonic, but he has all of his abilities as well. The cutscene afterward establishes his personality is far more subdued and dourer than the "normal" Sonic and then he takes off. Now my brain is going into overdrive with trying to understand just who was he. Why does he look like Sonic, why is he as fast as Sonic? As I'm going through the game and more about him is revealed, I slowly but surely grew fascinated by this character and his story, and by the end where he's sacrificed his life in order to fulfill another's wish, I was genuinely moved and a bit saddened. ---- So why do I like this character so much? Well, to me anyway, he is pretty much the definitive rival and foil for Sonic. Iizuka wanted to create a character that was just as cool and capable as Sonic, and needless to say, he succeeded. Like for real, this character blew the fuck up after his debut and he was pretty much all anyone could talk about in my small circle of friends. There was just something about him, he was just as cool as Sonic, but had his own style about it that made him stand out as well. And he was probably the character that got the most under Sonic's skin at the time; Sonic was laidback, confident and assured of himself. There wasn't anything or anyone that could phase him and then here comes this POSER stealing his style and accusing him of being an imposter, Sonic wasn't having that shit. For the first time ever, Sonic was pissed off and when you can piss off the normally unflappable Sonic the Hedgehog, you're definitely a big deal. But beyond his relationship to Sonic, there was also his story arc...which, yea, in hindsight I can understand the complaints about it being unfit for the series and they probably shouldn't have gone with something so...grim for this series. But at the time, I never felt that way. I grew up watching Mufasa and Littlefoot's Mom dying, this shit was Carebears compared to the trauma I got from those movies. But I can understand that if you grew up in the 90's with Sonic, this type of stuff would feel extremely out of place and alienating to you. But for better or worse, all of that just served to make Shadow stand out even more. He wasn't JUST an evil Sonic clone; he was a character with his own story to tell and had his own reasons for his actions. Was it a bit TOO out of place for what came before? Maybe, but that story did its job at getting the audience to care about him. And hey, we can complain all we want about his story arc and how it was handled, and how much of a blight he is on the series (and lord knows that we have...), but the conclusion to said story arc is honestly pretty symbolic for the series as a whole. To keep moving forward and Never Turn Back. Like honestly, it's such a fitting end of an arc designed for a character designed to mirror Sonic, and I honestly consider it a better end than the one he got in Sonic Adventure 2. I could complain how he has been handled and misinterpreted through the years because of shoddy writing and meme culture, but I've done that plenty of times and I wanted to reflect on what makes the character special to me and his place in the franchise. I understand that his archetype is not everyone's cup of tea; some people prefer more lighthearted and whimsical characters and have a distaste for darker antiheroes, but I feel there is some merit in a character that serves as the antithesis to the lighthearted nature while still embodying the series' ideals and philosophies, but in his own way. He may not always be represented well and regardless of how you feel about him personally, there is absolutely no doubt that Shadow has firmly established himself in this series as one of its most iconic figures. On a side note, hey Sega can we keep him as a playable character from now on plz.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I can't believe Amy and Rouge are fucking dead.
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    When I translated this story three years ago *, he provided me with just (bad) scans of the pages. * He recently asked me to translate the story. Which I did. In 2017. He forgot and was ready to pay a second time for that work.
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    You know what, it's an article on the Sonic Stadium, so I may as well share my favourite SEGA memories: I was born well past SEGA's prime, and yet I felt the effects nonetheless. Gaming in my childhood started out as an "oh that's kinda cool" thing. But then my father gave me a Gamecube, and with it was a copy of SA2. I had never known Sonic or SEGA before this point, my life back then were racing games, Walt Disney movies and The Simpsons. But when I saw the cover to SA2, I was gobsmacked with how much attitude and colour dripped off the cover. And when I started up the game and saw the first cutscene, it was official, Sonic is the coolest person ever to have entered my life. Shadow the Hedgehog may have been the selling point of SA2, but he paled in comparison to Sonic. I think my life would have turned out very differently if I didn't get introduced to this game. Do my SEGA memories stop there? Oh darling, there was one place I always wanted to go to every time I saw it, most birthday parties I went to as a kid took place in one, and I still pop in every now and then if I get bored... I freakin' love arcades, and any arcade worth their salt had SEGA's Daytona USA. In almost religious fashion, that would be the first game I play, every time. SEGA made one hell of an arcade racer, and you'll always see someone playing it. Honestly, aside from Daytona USA, if you were looking for a good arcade game other than Time Crisis 4, it was almost a guarantee that SEGA had the good games. Seriously, check the publishers of a cabinet, it's likely that the game you really like is by SEGA. Even past SEGA's prime, their presence can still be felt. They've actually ended up one of my favourite publishers in recent years, because they've got quality offerings and oddball fun games. It's crazy, most people would think SEGA to be dead these days, but they're going incredibly strong. also they have hatsune miku, so sega is never gonna die anyway lol
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    And yet I kinda want to. Like the experience might be miserable, but my mind is racing at the thought of both drawing those characters better and more legitimately horrifying. Ok here I gave it a shot, can't wait to be told it's too disney or whatever. (And he'd be right to as I've said disparaging things to him on twitter, so)
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    Sonic Adventure 2, Style, and Scoring.

    Scoring and ranking are a big thing I enjoy when playing Sonic games. When I'm replaying a genesis title I'm usually judging my performance not on my time but how long it takes the score takes to calculate. If you can go and grab a snack before the next level starts you're doing a good job. Sonic Adventure 2 is the first game to feature a real ranking system, which puts the player's performance on the level more directly in their face than the passive jab of a low score. I've seen a lot of derision for this mechanic, which I think is fair from a certain perspective. The triumphant feel any player is supposed to get from completing a level at all is ruined when you're slapped with the face with a letter grade that directly calls school to mind and a statement, usually from your personal hero and best friend, Sonic himself, that that went a bit rough and you could do better. But some people, like me, take it as an invitation or a challenge. It incentive another go in me instead of pushing me away from the game, which I think is important. Sonic games by design allow you to stumble your way through to the end of a level without really learning how it all ticks, which might lead to an unsatisfying experience overall. A sort of "call to action" to play again is a good idea. But that's not the point of this topic. The ranking system is the icing on a scoring system I considered really fun on all subsequent replays. One where you're challenged to master the game's systems or at least get good enough at them for a stylish runthrough of the level. SA2...doesn’t have a ton of mechanics to master, but once you get to the point where you can start nailing levels with your eyes closed it feels great to play, watching sonic move through a level quickly, efficiently, and stylishly through your own input. Every Sonic level is designed to be pushed through without stopping, various chances to express how fucking sick you are being present in each one. Grinding on rails, well timed light speed dashes, opportunities to throw a trick in here and there or swing on a pipe. Sonic Adventure 2 is a fairly straightforward and linear experience but it managed to be chock full of these opportunities, keeping one of the more shallow and cinematic Sonic games more interesting than a lot of the games coming after it trying for the same feel. One of my favorite examples is the setpiece at the end of metal harbor, where the player is given the objective to grab onto a bar for safety during the missile launch. Running past the bar, pushing the clock, and grabbing one further up to the tip of the missile is rewarded with a score boost and a compliment by the game. The fact that you're open to play daredevil and even get rewarded for it is the type of intrinsic design I want to see over exploration for it's own sake. It’s a reward for thinking and playing like Sonic and I think that’s awesome. Most of the other setpieces are unfortunately not this dynamic, but the game is littered with this type of thinking in smaller ways like the bungee vines in Green Forest, the hoops hanging out over a time sensitive challenge in Pyramid Cave, and Final Rush drawing attention to the timing needed to do tricks off the rails. The game even compliments you for grinding on all 3 rails at the end of city escape quickly and sequentially. Sometimes one of the banes of 3D Sonic games, the homing attack chain, will even have a riskier offshoot for you to play around with. And the reward of playing a level perfectly is two fold: You unlock new content in game for doing so and you get to play out your own action sequence. The Boost games try a lot of stuff too but lean more on the side of watching things unfold. SA2 has a lot of it's own shallow spectacle but gives you a lot of chances to push even further and add onto that spectacle yourself even when it's unnecessary. There are other examples of this all across the series but none do it as well as this one for me. I want more Sonic games to be packed to the brim with these sorts of opportunities. Full on trick systems and taunts. More intractable environments that reward this sort of thinking. More feedback from the player character itself when you're doing something cool.
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    Eggman looks up to Gerald because everyone likes Gerald and he also wants to be liked by everyone. He doesn't understand or see the value in humanitarian efforts, just the part where he was praised for his genius.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can we make this the last of delay complaints in this thread. It's really obnoxious and IDW fans have zero idea how good they have it. And it's really not appropriate when the entire industry and beyond is in a situation that's difficult all over. It's getting to be like all the trailer begging we had to constantly tell people to stop doing in the movie thread. Go find other things to read or take up some new hobbies in the meantime.
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    “That explains your OCD!” What the fuck are you talking about, Ken?
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    My prediction is be that Sonic Team has an entirely new alien aproach to the gameplay, world and characterization of the Sonic series that comes out of nowhere. And then to "appease" the fans, they will throw darts at the Magical Formula's (Green hill zone, classic Sonic, Shadow, Wisps Etc.) that all Sonic fans love. Whichever they hit (Possibly all of them) will be blindly shoved into their weird alien game with zero understanding, context or respect for any of em. And I'm 90% sure something Sonic adventure esque is coming, the winds are clearly blowing in that direction. But whatever it is, it'd be a Sonic 4 type of deal, brainless surface level fanservice with none of the machinery that makes it tick. Especially the rumor of a Free-To-Play Chao garden mobile phone game makes too much sense not to happen. If a Sonic Mania 2 is coming, it won't be the under the radar little fangame the first game was, this time it'll have the suits of Sega heavily breathing down their necks. So I expect a lot of "Improvements" to the Mania formula that'll drain everything I liked about the first one away. Boy, I'm cynical. I wonder why. At least I'll expect the music to be good.
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    A story of redemption? What did Sonic do? Sleep with Tails' girlfriend again? Kill his parents? 😂 "Tails... I'm already a demon."
  44. 13 points

    AMERICA: 2020

    Yeah we're not doing this. Armed terrorists attacked the US Capitol building at the behest of the president of the United States. Get these stupid bullshit Sonic comparisons off this forum.
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    Clock: *turns from December 31st 11:59pm to January 1st 12:00am" Sonic Youtubers:
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    Sonic 30th predictions

    Once again, this is the result of people spinning something Iizuka did that was positive into a negative. The original plan for Sonic Mania was to just straight port Sonic 1 and 2, and then have a small Sonic 4 style game, with 4 original levels. That was what Taxman and co pitched, as he said himself on Retro. But Iizuka said 'no, why don't we instead take these old levels, give them fresh new level design, and then add the extra levels too'. It wasn't that Mania was originally grander in scope and Iizuka knocked it down, Iizuka actually made it so we got more original content; because the level design in Mania's old levels being largely new is far more important than the assets being based on the old stuff (and even then, said assets were massively improved).
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    To me, Penders' problem is very simple to nail down. From what I see, he doesn't. care. All he sees this project for, these characters as - is a gateway to fame, popularity, merchandise, and money, He's said the exact same thing in the past - that he doesn't consider comics to be an actual artistic medium, but rather just as a publicity tool to be used to push your franchise into a movie series. That's all he sees this as. Not as a good story, not as a piece of art - an excuse to get a fucking movie deal out of it. So many of his actions make sense when you cut out the idea of this being a artistic passion project, and instead - an excuse to make money from what he seems to think is a viable franchise. This is the same man who thought that the highest things on the priority list when it came to creating The Lara-Su Chronicles wasn't getting a book out, but instead - creating an app to sell it through, with voice acting, motion graphics, and all of this other needless bullshit that no one cares about. Creating merchandise that remained unsold on his Ebay page for years (and I know because I used to keep a tally on them for this very topic), and talking about making a goddamn movie out of it, claiming that since he knows the guy who made Iron Man's suit, that makes him qualified to make a movie. This man instead of actually finishing the project he has creating for nearly a decade now is focused on needless nonsense like translating the comic into every language under the sun, making tons upon tons of art prints for selling at conventions instead of actually sitting down and concluding the artwork for this "long-awaited" project, and so on so forth. Everything I've seen so far screams of something who wants to just skip the actual hard work needed to create a proper graphic novel, and instead skip right to the part where you get to make tons upon tons of merchandise to sell to people, and getting movie deals out of it. When you are unashamedly ripping off Sonic characters, and world-building elements that you had no hand in creating, right to the point of lifting them because you think since SEGA doesn't use them much anymore, that suddenly entitles you to ownership. This is a man who not only lacks creativity, but is actively using the project to try springboard a media empire instead of actually making something with passion in it.
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    Adding to this, I get this strong sense that Ken doesn't realize how niche his stuff was and especially how niche it is now. He's a Z-list creator who worked on a popular licensed comic book during the dark age of comics and made something of a name for himself mostly by introducing pointless melodrama and ripping off various pieces of pop culture. Not only that but a comic that by the time it was canceled had undergone several retcons, and a massive goddamned reboot thanks to his own petty legal tantrums. The only audience he can hope for is people who are nostalgic for his writing, which probably isn't nearly enough to get his project to break even. Compounding this is a seeming inability to think about the proper way to market his work other than through his twitter, he absolutely needs to find an online venue to publish it, see if some sort of web comic site will partner with him, literally anything but just praying his fans will go screaming into the void of the internet to drum up a reader base that just isn't there.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I think that's an interesting perspective and it makes a lot of sense for a control freak like Eggman; at the end of the day, he wants to feed his own ego and be recognized for his skills and abilities and he expresses that by trying to take over the world. Mr. Tinker showed that Eggman could literally get all of the love and recognition he wanted if he used his skills to help people instead of conquering them, but that would mean Eggman would have to admit that his entire philosophy and beliefs were wrong and for an egotist like him, that's simply unacceptable. So he doubles down on his worst traits as if to convince himself that he does not need to be Mr. Tinker for him to be recognized. It's interesting because it shows Eggman undergoing a negative character arc so to speak; rather than understanding his worldview was wrong and becoming a better person from it, he doubles down on believing his own lies and goes even further off the deep-end.
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    Was he really? To be fair, while I don't think anyone can really speak positively of his implementation, but Ken Penders did put a lot of ideas into the comic that had massive influence on the comic all the way up to the soft reboot. Whether or not those ideas were good for Sonic and how they affected the viewpoint of the franchise of the readers is a matter for a completely different train of thought, it does stand that he contributed a great deal of content and ideas that shaped the comics. Enough so in fact that him copyrighting his work and suing EA nd SEGA over Chronicles is something that a lot of fans are still reeling over. The man has influence, but I don't know if it is what he believes it is, it even any that he will ever be recognized for again since cutting himself off from the franchise through his own actions. It's hard to get what you want when you demand control of the black eye of the guy you punched in the face while proclaiming that they wouldn't even be recognizable without it.
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