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    You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. The initial auditions for SONIC X were voice-matches. I was given clips of Deem Bristow and told to sound like him. The results of that audition speak for themselves, and are evident in the first several SONIC X episodes. Several weeks into the run, the production team informed me they wanted to lighten the voice to better service the comedy, specifically requesting Jiminy Glick-style peaks and valleys. I obliged, to their satisfaction. I'm an actor. (The goal of any working actor is to book as many rôles as possible, to the apparent dismay of some.) I adjust my performance to suit the script, and the desires of the director. In the franchise's darker games, I gave a darker read, as appropriate. For the lighter games, I play up the comedy to the best of my abilities. You can't please everyone. I don't have to be your favorite. I respect whatever opinion you have, because it's your opinion, and it's personal, by definition. The opinion that matters most is that of the producers, who choose to keep hiring me, and presumably approve of my performance.
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    I've already written a story about this on the news side of this site, but I wanted to make a note of all this right here too because SSMB has been such an important part of the TSS journey... but this year will be our 20th anniversary! Hooray!!! We've created some new imagery to promote the occasion, the banner can be found on our social media channels but I've also included it here. Over the years, we've had loads of SSMB members and site fans create fan art / fan banners for TSS and SSMB. It'd be awesome if anyone here got inspired to do the same for our 20th year on the internet! Over the years, Sonic Stadium has come to cover all sorts of things. The site and forums are still standing, but we had an Awards Ceremony, SEGASonic Radio station, Shadow Team fan game studio, Sonic Spriters Network resource, a TSS Network family of sites to wrap all of them together... and obviously we established Summer of Sonic, which is still going every now and then with new events. Even on the SSMB there's so much history to talk about over the last 20 years. We have had the Sonic Battle Stadium (a role playing forum which allowed members to battle one another), various events with account Badges up for grabs as prizes, SSMB community-produced music albums and much more! You guys have really helped to shape the story of these forums and the site, and I'd love for you guys to help celebrate this anniversary because it belongs just as much to you as it does to little old me. The big month is October 2020, but over the course of the year I'll be sharing various things on social media and on the main site (and on here too where it makes sense and doesn't get in the way). Retrospectives on our biggest events, best features, old looks and things like that. I hope you guys can join me in helping making this year one to remember for the site and forums! Here's to a great 2020! Happy New Year!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    IDW Sonic already put a character's sexual preference front-and-center in the second issue. If this children's comic can have Amy swooning hard over Sonic it can handle a character being bi.
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    I doubted. I wrote this film off as doomed to failure. I expected the only enjoyment I'd get out of it to be ironic. I was wrong. Sonic the Hedgehog was a fun movie with likable characters and a good (well, good enough for the tired "fantastic character comes to Earth" premise) story. I was invested the whole time and not one part of the movie left me feeling impatient or bored. The Sonic movie was... genuinely good? Let's start with Sonic himself. I feel like in a lot of spinoff media - and even the games sometimes - Sonic is often made too smarmy for his own good. But the movie gives a nice balance of confidence and good-natured kindness to Sonic's character. In a lot of ways, this Sonic - helped by Ben Schwartz's standout performance - comes off as more childlike and impressionable; He isn't quite the seasoned adventurer and experienced hero that he is in the games, and has this naive sense of wonder and uncertainty that you don't typically see in Sonic. But he still retains enough of his classic penchant for impatience, jokes, and charisma that he still feels recognizably like Sonic the Hedgehog. I thought it was a refreshing direction to take the character. Next up is Dr. Robotnik. Jim Carrey absolutely steals the show as Eggman. He nails the character's self-absorbed arrogance, his temperamental bursts of anger, his tendency to swing from boasting to enraged and back again without skipping a beat. He may be thinner and (initially) have a lot more hair, but despite the deviations in design, this guy is every bit the Dr. Eggman I know and love. He walks a fine tightrope; intimidating enough to give the story actual stakes, but still goofy enough to make the audience roar with laughter at his antics. It's classic Jim Carrey in top form. But hey, this movie also has a few original characters. And I don't just find them tolerable; I find them outright pretty great. Yeah, Tom and Maddie are surprisingly really likable supporting characters; They've got fun personalities, their relationship is honestly really charming, and they assist Sonic without outright overshadowing him or taking the focus away from him as the main hero. In a way, I think they feel like Chris Thorndyke done right. While I think it's fair to not like the whole "Sonic comes to normal Earth" premise, I also think that - if they're going to do a plot like that - they did a great job making Sonic's human friends feel like actual characters and not just bland audience surrogates. Donut Lord, Pretzel Lady, you two are alright by me. Of course, Robotnik has his own assistant, the fantastic Agent Stone. It was great to see movie Robotnik get his own "Snively"-esque character, and I think - for his relatively small time on screen - Robotnik and Stone had some great interactions. I definitely hope he's back in the sequel - which almost certainly is happening at this point, seeing how successful the film is. And that post-credits stinger. Looks like we're getting more game characters next time, which is great to hear. The Sonic movie's good. It made a believer out of me, and I absolutely recommend seeing it!
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    Even in a cute crossover like this, we still have to argue about our "ideal" versions of the characters lol. Its never going to end is it. Anyway, this was very cute and fun which is what I was mainly expecting. I don't watch KO much (though I might change that now), but I can tell the creators truly love the series and respect it's prestige with how many references they packed in. Like goddamn, there's one almost every minute but subtle enough that only long time fans would understand them while still being coherent. Sonic & Tails were very fun here, and I feel the difference between how they're written here and how they've been written in the games is just a level of sincerity and the presence of KO kind of enhances that. In the games, they're just kind of going through the motions and reacting to everything with a very dry and lackadaisical attitude and the one time they did try to add some conflict, it fell flat and unconvincing. Here, it feels much more genuine and reaches a much more satisfying conclusion. The presence of KO means Sonic & Tails have someone else to actually bounce their characters off of, which makes for a much more interesting dynamic. We've seen Sonic & Tails together forever, so it was nice to have somebody included into that dynamic and kind of change it in a way that makes it different. Yes, Tails getting randomly jealous by some new kid is a bit contrived, but the story doesn't reward Tails for his jealousy like it did in Lost World and he doesn't let his jealousy get in the way of doing the right thing, which makes him much more likable here than in Lost World. Sonic...doesn't actually act much different hilariously, it's just that his over inflated ego is compounded by KO fanboying over him, so Sonic himself comes off as less of a joke and more of an actual celebrated hero with status, so of fucking course he'd let it go to his head. It works for me because Sonic is still genuinely heroic even with an inflated ego; he's too full of himself to actually mentor KO properly (and Tails has to pick up his slack), but when the chips were down, he's still a hero (Jumping to save KO despite not knowing how to swim). Things like that make him feel like a flawed but still a righteous hero. He even reassured Tails that he'll always be his partner. I know everyone has their own ideals on these characters should be written, but I was really satisfied with this overall.
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    I want a true Solo Sonic game.

    I can't believe it's 2006 again and we don't have 14 years of shitty friends-free Sonic games to show that it doesn't actually change anything.
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    Okay, time out dude. This movie, from the very moment it was rumored, confirmed, and previewed, was anything but safe. It's very premise was risky—it’s a live action Sonic movie, basically outdoing Sonic 06 in realism. And given that comparison, it should have failed by that measure alone even with the redesign. The thought of a live action film of a series that had been struggling sounds like suicide for Sonic, yet against all odds and expectations, it succeeded. People aren’t onboard with an okay film. They’re onboard with a film that defied expecitations and became a hit despite everything in this franchise’s history telling people, and the fans especially, that this shouldn’t work. And more to that, they’re onboard with something out of this franchise actually doing well given its up and down history with success and failure. I’m not a fan of the direction this movie took, but I can appreciate that this movie shows that opinions and expectations aren’t set in stone, that it shows a high risk move that pulled off a decent reward, and that in spite of everything this franchise has been through better or worse that people still love Sonic even after years of being the butt of jokes. That’s not sometimes to take for granted.
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    Not exactly news, but an Archie Sonic liveblogger I follow on tumblr wrote a pretty great piece on the grander issues with Penders's writing and characterization, his relation to other parts of the comic and the series as a whole. I knew I never liked a lot of his comics as a kid, but I never quite knew why or what was making me read something else instead of continuing with Sonic's comics.
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    In fairness Sega probably doesn't even know what Sonic music they own anymore
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    Of course leaks are always legit. Now if you excuse me, I’m going back to playing Rayman and Shadow in Smash.
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    I 100% stand by the Eggman dancing scene. It's not like Robotnik dancing is unprecedented in this franchise: Eggman has a storied history of getting his groove on, and Jim Carrey is merely continuing that tradition.
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    I like how he breaks into random Sonic poses coincidentally right before Sonic shows up in the flesh.
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    Chili Dawg

    Sonic 30th predictions

    I for one, am feeling a bit frustrated at the fact that it seems every Sonic game from now till the end of the time is going to be a big anniversary blowout, every five years... Now if Sonic games are gonna take longer to make, that's fine, I'm not asking them to rush them out sooner than they should, that's the last thing I want. But if Sonic game releases are only ever going to fall on/around "important" milestone years... please stop caring about anniversaries. In the last decade we had, depending on how one categorizes Mania, 3 or 4 mainline Sonic games. One of those games is not based around revisiting old content from the franchise's storied past. I want the franchise to continue building a storied future, not celebrate Green Hill again and again every five years.
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    Actually Mr. Penders, it's like saying your echidna characters are based off Knuckles because almost all of them look exactly like Knuckles. Then again, I am a gamer so that may just be the OCD talking.
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    Well, yes, but also not really, sort of. I agree that fans haven't "solved" 3D Sonic, and it can be frustrating when even some of the best attempts seem to be just mashing together existing parts, as if Sonic Team has given us a puzzle and we just have to arrange the pieces properly. But also, fans aren't really supposed to be fixing things in the first place? We're amateur game designers at best, armchair designers more likely. Few fans have the knowledge, dedication, and time to actually try to implement their ideas and see how well they work, because it's not their job and likely not even their hobby, and actually making a game is a huge task. It's no surprise, or slight against them to say, that most fans don't have a fully fleshed out vision of what to do with Sonic. But that doesn't mean there aren't worthwhile ideas coming from the fanbase; partial solutions are better than none. And it's not some inherent failing that fan suggestions change as new games come out. You're supposed to take in new information and revise your understanding of the situation, not just stubbornly cling to the first thing you came up with. It's not just fans being fickle if they think the boost gameplay had potential to be something great back around Unleashed and Generations, but after seeing more of its failings in Forces they decide it'd be better to try a different direction. People are just trying to do what little they can to solve a problem that's largely out of their hands.
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    *are It's hard not to see Sonic's selection of color palattes in the Smash bros series as emblematic of it's relationship with the franchise overall. There are rumblings that Sonic isn't allowed to be portrayed as a different color than blue, so the team went with variants with emphasis on accessories to tell the difference. This is as good of a solution as you can ask for but I feel like this is an example of Sega's mandates harming the gameplay. It got a little confusing when there were four Sonics around. Most other characters in Smash have bold, distinct color pallets for alternate costumes. In Super Smash Bros Brawl's sequel, Smash 4, they loosened up on this. The alts are more distinct with a few of them having different primary colors for Sonic entirely. There's still more blue than I'd like but there's a little more variety here. The "Crystal Ring" alt and the purple alt that I like to read as a NiGHTS reference were my favorites. Ultimate reuses a lot of content from Smash 4 so the skins are ultimately the same. Still though I can't help but wonder how much Sega's influence hangs over his depiction in this series and how much of it is the creative team's own decisions. I'm sure both Sonic themed stages wouldn't have basically been the same without outside influence but I wonder if it was Sega or Sakurai pushing for Windy Hill in the game. Smash Bros usually goes to the latest game nowadays for stages so they can reuse the high quality assets without having to make new ones, so that's the most likely answer, but advertising the latest game works out pretty conveniently well for Sega too. Either way the lack of variety is disappointing as a fan of the franchise's various locales. And then there's the obvious topic of music selection. The Smash franchise is basically a dream for any VGM enthusiast as great composers from all across the industry come together to provide spins on eachother's work, but Sonic, one of the most acclaimed VGM collections around, is left out of this fun for reasons nobody is quite able to parse. Sakurai has hinted in the past that any lacking musical selection is usually down to the IP holder's restrictions. Most people have made the obvious connection with Final Fantasy's lack of music but Sonic fans have been wondering about our team as well. Sakurai went as far as to contact Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani to do remixes for the latest game, so he's aware of their popularity as composers, but Sonic still remains largely untouched by anyone. It's a strange and sad situation, especially since Nintendo basically let Sega's sound team have access to the entire Mario library for the Olympic games to excellent results. Now and again the idea of another Sonic character in Smash gets floated around. I don't expect this to ever realistically happen but it's fun to think about. Knuckles and Shadow would be my go-tos as a fan even if they're a little basic. One of my biggest beefs when it comes to actually playing as Sonic is his lack of kill power and one of the "sonic but stronger" archetypes would help with that while retaining some of his fun movement. I'd prefer Shadow for personal reasons though. Eggman would offer a lot more variety than anyone else as he has shown he's basically capable of creating anything in the games. Deeper cuts like Amy or Blaze that I'd really like are basically guaranteed not to happen but it's fun to think about mechanics like Amy's hammer jump and Blaze being able to overload her boost meter in that context. Overall though I'm glad Sonic himself is in the game at all even if his content isn't my favorite to mess around with. You could nitpick Smash as a piece of fanservice in a lot of ways but it's important to stop and appreciate the insane amount of work that went into what we have just the same. Sonic's reveal is still one of my favorite game trailers and while there obviously wasn't enough time to give him a more substantial role in the story mode having him save the day at the end serves as a nice apology. Sonic's animations were a little rough in his debut but they've spent the past two game tightening up his design and animations to the point where it's one of my favorite versions of the character to look at. There are a lot of callbacks in the way Sonic animates without completely regressing the character to his sprite like they did with Megaman. It's a good mix of old and new that keeps fans of all stripes happy. He's just bouncy and expressive with lots of little subtle animation tricks and tweaks the modern Sonic games don't do. THere's also little references hidden all over his moveset from obvious things like the hands on the hip pose/idle animation being a send up to the classic titles and attacks being inspired by the Sonic fighting games. You can tell that the animation team has a lot of enthusiasm for the character. It also can't be understated how much his moveset has been tightened up game after game. Sonic having two spindashes has always been a point of contention but I feel like it's gotten to the point where it works well enough that I wouldn't change it all that much. Both side B and down B are distinct and it overall keeps that simplicity that's at the core of the character's movement. Other tweaks like Homing Attack's wind up time being shaved off make him a much snappier, more aggressive character than when he debuted. It's a shame Ultimate dropped the trophy collection aspect because I had a lot of fun collecting them. It was nice to have a more tangible piece of my favorite characters in the game in some small way. What do you think of Sonic's representation in Smash? What kind of additions would you make in your wildest dreams?
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    The old design is what happens when you spend most of your life living in a gangster's paradise.
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    Bah! Everyone either 1 list their favorite 2 part of Lore that would smooth out the Grand Narrative, with little improvement for actual storylines of upcoming games. You want tangential improvement to the franchise? GIVE KNUCKLES HIS GOD DAMN DINOSAUR Why Knuckles leaves Master Emerald unprotected? Because it's guarded by Chomps, a god damn dinosaur. Is Knuckles bumbling fool? No, he's responsible owner of a god damn dinosaur. Will Sega be competent enough to make Chomps fun? Hard not to, he's god damn dinosaur!!! He's barely existing so they won't 'ruin the character'. He's a pet, so he's easy to include without stealing to much time. He can even be power-up, Yoshi style. And frankly, what franchise wouldn't be improved by adding a god damn dinosaur? And now you can't say Sonic Underground never did anything right.
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    I've been studying how Yuji Uekawa draws Sonic. It's a good start...!
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    I'm not about beating a dead horse. But what did you expect to happen when you posted in a discussion forum?
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    Happy June everyone! We're a little closer to The Sonic Stadium's 20th Anniversary (October 24th) and to continue our celebrations we've adapted the SSMB header so that you can see TSS' title banner evolution over the years. If you are viewing SSMB on Desktop, you'll notice on Sonical 2020 or Sonical Dark 2020, the header area includes a smaller 'TSS 20 YEARS' logo in the corner (always available in case you want a quick-link back to the landing page) and a random banner in the centre background. This area will show you a random banner from our 20 years in operation - from our very first logo from 2000 to our last banners back in 2015. We also have included almost all of our SSMB-user-created banners from back when we marked our TENTH anniversary in 2010. Man, how time flies - it's been ten years since that moment already! Some of the creators of these community banners are still on these forums today. We hope it will draw some positive nostalgic feelings for all of us. The next step here is for us to be open to NEW rotating banners. I'd like to explore ways we can have the community here today create the next generation of TSS/SSMB banners to mark our 20th anniversary. Let me know if you'd be up for getting your artistic hat on, and we'll formally kick off a campaign to create new banners soon!
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    COVID results came back NEGATIVE. PHEW. Now I just gotta ride out... whatever this is. Ow. Body aches. Owwww.
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    I love how for the past few months that any time that someone involved with the film farts, a select group of people get all hyped up because it surely must mean that a trailer is going to drop literally any day now.
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    Well well well. It's been a while since I posted an update here, isn't it!? Howdy folks, how's it going? Today - 24 October (as it now is in the UK - don't you Americans get me on a technicality now! ) is a special day in the SSMB/TSS calendar. Namely, that it's this website's birthday! We launched in the Year 2000 - when everyone was just getting over the non-threat of the Y2K Bug, The Matrix was the biggest movie on the planet and everyone was catching on the Y2K aesthetic. That makes us 19 YEARS OLD. Whaaaaaat. This site is four years older than me when I first launched it. o_o; The next year will be the big 2-0, so I'm plotting some things for us all to do during that time. In the meantime, I thought I'd give this forum a little love as I realised that I had spent so much time tarting up the main site that the SSMB needed a new lick of paint. So here we are! A brand new, modern 'Sonical' theme for 2020! Do you like it? I spent a lot of time tweaking it for mobile use as well, so please let me know your feedback (any bugs should be reported in the Feedback and Bugs forum as per usual). And... for those of you that like your Night Mode settings, I also created a new 'Sonical Dark' theme too! All of the existing SSMB character themes will be converted into this new modern style soon, but for now I'm keeping them up just in case you really like the Shadow theme or something... But Sonical will be the new default, and I really recommend Sonical Dark too. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to celebrate our birthday with us in any way you like! I know how creative this forum can be! If you fancy making anything - art, music, banners, whatever - or if you want to just write some fancy words - please be my guest. I love hearing about your experiences on this site. Anyway, I'm off to have a bit of a lie down and paw through some old topics and news stories. Happy Birthday TSS!
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I can't believe Amy and Rouge are fucking dead.
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    You know what, it's an article on the Sonic Stadium, so I may as well share my favourite SEGA memories: I was born well past SEGA's prime, and yet I felt the effects nonetheless. Gaming in my childhood started out as an "oh that's kinda cool" thing. But then my father gave me a Gamecube, and with it was a copy of SA2. I had never known Sonic or SEGA before this point, my life back then were racing games, Walt Disney movies and The Simpsons. But when I saw the cover to SA2, I was gobsmacked with how much attitude and colour dripped off the cover. And when I started up the game and saw the first cutscene, it was official, Sonic is the coolest person ever to have entered my life. Shadow the Hedgehog may have been the selling point of SA2, but he paled in comparison to Sonic. I think my life would have turned out very differently if I didn't get introduced to this game. Do my SEGA memories stop there? Oh darling, there was one place I always wanted to go to every time I saw it, most birthday parties I went to as a kid took place in one, and I still pop in every now and then if I get bored... I freakin' love arcades, and any arcade worth their salt had SEGA's Daytona USA. In almost religious fashion, that would be the first game I play, every time. SEGA made one hell of an arcade racer, and you'll always see someone playing it. Honestly, aside from Daytona USA, if you were looking for a good arcade game other than Time Crisis 4, it was almost a guarantee that SEGA had the good games. Seriously, check the publishers of a cabinet, it's likely that the game you really like is by SEGA. Even past SEGA's prime, their presence can still be felt. They've actually ended up one of my favourite publishers in recent years, because they've got quality offerings and oddball fun games. It's crazy, most people would think SEGA to be dead these days, but they're going incredibly strong. also they have hatsune miku, so sega is never gonna die anyway lol
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    Scoring and ranking are a big thing I enjoy when playing Sonic games. When I'm replaying a genesis title I'm usually judging my performance not on my time but how long it takes the score takes to calculate. If you can go and grab a snack before the next level starts you're doing a good job. Sonic Adventure 2 is the first game to feature a real ranking system, which puts the player's performance on the level more directly in their face than the passive jab of a low score. I've seen a lot of derision for this mechanic, which I think is fair from a certain perspective. The triumphant feel any player is supposed to get from completing a level at all is ruined when you're slapped with the face with a letter grade that directly calls school to mind and a statement, usually from your personal hero and best friend, Sonic himself, that that went a bit rough and you could do better. But some people, like me, take it as an invitation or a challenge. It incentive another go in me instead of pushing me away from the game, which I think is important. Sonic games by design allow you to stumble your way through to the end of a level without really learning how it all ticks, which might lead to an unsatisfying experience overall. A sort of "call to action" to play again is a good idea. But that's not the point of this topic. The ranking system is the icing on a scoring system I considered really fun on all subsequent replays. One where you're challenged to master the game's systems or at least get good enough at them for a stylish runthrough of the level. SA2...doesn’t have a ton of mechanics to master, but once you get to the point where you can start nailing levels with your eyes closed it feels great to play, watching sonic move through a level quickly, efficiently, and stylishly through your own input. Every Sonic level is designed to be pushed through without stopping, various chances to express how fucking sick you are being present in each one. Grinding on rails, well timed light speed dashes, opportunities to throw a trick in here and there or swing on a pipe. Sonic Adventure 2 is a fairly straightforward and linear experience but it managed to be chock full of these opportunities, keeping one of the more shallow and cinematic Sonic games more interesting than a lot of the games coming after it trying for the same feel. One of my favorite examples is the setpiece at the end of metal harbor, where the player is given the objective to grab onto a bar for safety during the missile launch. Running past the bar, pushing the clock, and grabbing one further up to the tip of the missile is rewarded with a score boost and a compliment by the game. The fact that you're open to play daredevil and even get rewarded for it is the type of intrinsic design I want to see over exploration for it's own sake. It’s a reward for thinking and playing like Sonic and I think that’s awesome. Most of the other setpieces are unfortunately not this dynamic, but the game is littered with this type of thinking in smaller ways like the bungee vines in Green Forest, the hoops hanging out over a time sensitive challenge in Pyramid Cave, and Final Rush drawing attention to the timing needed to do tricks off the rails. The game even compliments you for grinding on all 3 rails at the end of city escape quickly and sequentially. Sometimes one of the banes of 3D Sonic games, the homing attack chain, will even have a riskier offshoot for you to play around with. And the reward of playing a level perfectly is two fold: You unlock new content in game for doing so and you get to play out your own action sequence. The Boost games try a lot of stuff too but lean more on the side of watching things unfold. SA2 has a lot of it's own shallow spectacle but gives you a lot of chances to push even further and add onto that spectacle yourself even when it's unnecessary. There are other examples of this all across the series but none do it as well as this one for me. I want more Sonic games to be packed to the brim with these sorts of opportunities. Full on trick systems and taunts. More intractable environments that reward this sort of thinking. More feedback from the player character itself when you're doing something cool.
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    Eggman looks up to Gerald because everyone likes Gerald and he also wants to be liked by everyone. He doesn't understand or see the value in humanitarian efforts, just the part where he was praised for his genius.
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    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Can we make this the last of delay complaints in this thread. It's really obnoxious and IDW fans have zero idea how good they have it. And it's really not appropriate when the entire industry and beyond is in a situation that's difficult all over. It's getting to be like all the trailer begging we had to constantly tell people to stop doing in the movie thread. Go find other things to read or take up some new hobbies in the meantime.
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    New Holiday animation coming tomorrow!

    I'm just tired of any little good thing that pops up that people (including myself!) use as reason to lament the state of the franchise. Like I get it because I've done that before too, probably more recently than my brain is remembering in fact, but I tried stopping because it got obnoxious and because it actively hindered my ability to wholly enjoy something that comes along without getting mopey over it. It is disappointing that every single topic including this one has to have people going "why can't Sega fire Sonic Team and replace them with people who have never been involved in video games in their entire career" when we already talk about how bad they are in 99% of topics. Would it hurt to dial that number down to 98% instead? Also before anyone misinterprets what I'm saying here, I'm not saying you can't ever rant about the series in general, lord knows I have bones to pick with Sega's handling of Sonic much like most of you... but in my opinion, a topic about Sega doing a cute Sonic-related thing for pure funsies might not be the right place for it.
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    Wow, that's almost everyone you need. Except people who can make video games.
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    A quick PSA for the fanbase, seeing as I've seen it crop back up again here and there and it's quickly become a pet peeve of mine: if you still don't like what you see and aren't seeing the movie because of it, good for you. If you're genuinely excited and want to see it either way, I'll be totally honest right now and say I don't agree, but I can see why, and it's ultimately your choice and I respect that. But if you're going to see the movie to "see how bad it is", stop. Just stop. All you're ultimately achieving is convincing them to make more of the thing you clearly never liked, never would have liked and never will like, and it's a trap the fanbase has already fallen for in the games for the better part of a decade and a half. And if you had anything resembling a spine and a sense of impulse control, you'd start voting with your wallet so people high up actually have an incentive to get their shit together. It doesn't matter if you have some scathing critique or something lined up afterwards, because frankly they're not listening to you - because they obviously would have never let the project get this far if they were - and your time would be equally as productively spent inhaling a gigantic wheelbarrow of cocks instead.
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    Just want to point out that despite working on so many projects, Ian Flynn just launched the first five pages of Drogune, his own newly created comic series done alongside Adam Bryce Thomas. Ian announced he was doing this in 2017, just two years ago, and again, despite all the other comics he's writing for, movies he's watching, games he's playing, and podcasting he's doing, has still managed to get more of the official product out than Ken has for his thing. This is something Ken literally sued people in the court of law over. It was no doubt a heavy contribution to the end of the Archie books and this thread itself started in 2014. MARCH of 2014 to be exact, which means we were barely into the new year. Sonic Boom had just been announced as a thing that was going to exist merely a month before. Now we live in a time where its long since ended. This is unacceptable. There's no excuse for so little progress being made on a project that you fought in the court of law to obtain the rights to make. Its been more than half a decade at this point. My ugly, unintentional comedy story about a gross, human proportioned echinda whose actually an alien in a string bikini is long since overdue, Ken.
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    I drew a sketch of a fantasy character I have, and it looks so good! I can finally see how much I’ve improved, that I’m confident enough to share it!
  36. 14 points
    Tails in this short is insecure about his status as a sidekick in a way that makes sense for where they're trying to take it. Cartoon network shows now are mostly about teaching kids how to deal with feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. It makes sense that it turns out Tails was worried over nothing once he and Sonic actually talk about it. A simple premise but it has the basic follow-through and resolution that Lost World doesn't. In that game Tails's immature feeling are validated by the story and nothing was done with it despite the longer runtime. I'm pretty satisfied with Tails as a whole in this. I like the subtle characterization with him actually helping KO tangibly several times when Sonic proves to be a lackluster mentor. Sonic having an ego and being a bit of a blowhard is fine with me too. I think he's more interesting that way.
  37. 14 points
    Honestly, if they were going for references for references' sake, like I very much believe they'd go the route of referencing memes, or recent titles, as those are what would resonate most with kids who's watching this with Sonic. Maybe some classic stuff with Mania... ...but going to the extent that the animators/creators of this show are doing goes beyond that level. You don't just make references to Chaotix, AoStH, and a random issue of Archie Sonic (which only would've been widely available in one country no less), or hell - go to the effort of literally frame by frame recreating the intros of the original games, right down to the exact letter of animation that is present in that promo. I'm sorry, but it's extremely obvious that these references are being made by a group of people who actually know about the series, and enjoy it to a high degree, to go so far as to go beyond the games and extend the references to additional media like AoStH or Archie. What I'd consider a "pandering reference towards some kids" is placing Sanic into Forces via a t-shirt. I don't consider adding things that are actually smart references that require additional knowledge of the series to get as "pandering". If you didn't know about the Death Egg arc in Archie, it'll look like a generic Sonic comic cover. If you do, it shows how much research the creators placed into making this episode. Like using that same line of logic, you could basically use that as a black mark against Mania as well. "They're just pandering to Classic fans by putting Nack, Bean and Bark into the game via cameos". There's a pretty conclusion line of difference between pandering references for no reason, and placing in smart additional details that are designed as pure fan-service for fans of the series. The same way you can tell from the beginning that Mania is developed by a set of passionate fans who are in love with this series and want to do it justice, you can tell that the creators of KO are big Sonic fans and also want to do it justice as well.
  38. 14 points

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Some fanart from JoeAdok.
  39. 13 points
    I'm honestly really impressed how you're relatively close to Penders' design but it actually looks good. Quite good, in fact.
  40. 13 points

    Sonic 30th predictions

    Once again, this is the result of people spinning something Iizuka did that was positive into a negative. The original plan for Sonic Mania was to just straight port Sonic 1 and 2, and then have a small Sonic 4 style game, with 4 original levels. That was what Taxman and co pitched, as he said himself on Retro. But Iizuka said 'no, why don't we instead take these old levels, give them fresh new level design, and then add the extra levels too'. It wasn't that Mania was originally grander in scope and Iizuka knocked it down, Iizuka actually made it so we got more original content; because the level design in Mania's old levels being largely new is far more important than the assets being based on the old stuff (and even then, said assets were massively improved).
  41. 13 points
    To me, Penders' problem is very simple to nail down. From what I see, he doesn't. care. All he sees this project for, these characters as - is a gateway to fame, popularity, merchandise, and money, He's said the exact same thing in the past - that he doesn't consider comics to be an actual artistic medium, but rather just as a publicity tool to be used to push your franchise into a movie series. That's all he sees this as. Not as a good story, not as a piece of art - an excuse to get a fucking movie deal out of it. So many of his actions make sense when you cut out the idea of this being a artistic passion project, and instead - an excuse to make money from what he seems to think is a viable franchise. This is the same man who thought that the highest things on the priority list when it came to creating The Lara-Su Chronicles wasn't getting a book out, but instead - creating an app to sell it through, with voice acting, motion graphics, and all of this other needless bullshit that no one cares about. Creating merchandise that remained unsold on his Ebay page for years (and I know because I used to keep a tally on them for this very topic), and talking about making a goddamn movie out of it, claiming that since he knows the guy who made Iron Man's suit, that makes him qualified to make a movie. This man instead of actually finishing the project he has creating for nearly a decade now is focused on needless nonsense like translating the comic into every language under the sun, making tons upon tons of art prints for selling at conventions instead of actually sitting down and concluding the artwork for this "long-awaited" project, and so on so forth. Everything I've seen so far screams of something who wants to just skip the actual hard work needed to create a proper graphic novel, and instead skip right to the part where you get to make tons upon tons of merchandise to sell to people, and getting movie deals out of it. When you are unashamedly ripping off Sonic characters, and world-building elements that you had no hand in creating, right to the point of lifting them because you think since SEGA doesn't use them much anymore, that suddenly entitles you to ownership. This is a man who not only lacks creativity, but is actively using the project to try springboard a media empire instead of actually making something with passion in it.
  42. 13 points
    Adding to this, I get this strong sense that Ken doesn't realize how niche his stuff was and especially how niche it is now. He's a Z-list creator who worked on a popular licensed comic book during the dark age of comics and made something of a name for himself mostly by introducing pointless melodrama and ripping off various pieces of pop culture. Not only that but a comic that by the time it was canceled had undergone several retcons, and a massive goddamned reboot thanks to his own petty legal tantrums. The only audience he can hope for is people who are nostalgic for his writing, which probably isn't nearly enough to get his project to break even. Compounding this is a seeming inability to think about the proper way to market his work other than through his twitter, he absolutely needs to find an online venue to publish it, see if some sort of web comic site will partner with him, literally anything but just praying his fans will go screaming into the void of the internet to drum up a reader base that just isn't there.
  43. 13 points
    I've heard of moving the goalposts, but I didn't expect him to change the entire fucking sport in the process. This is just embarrassing.
  44. 13 points
    His response to having it pointed out that all his Echidna characters are ultimately influenced by SEGA and their Echidna Designe, given that they are all visually altered directly from Knuckles. Boy howdy, this is a new one for the Penders Hall of Fame. Last I checked, White People (or any Human Race) aren't a copyrighted, stylized take on an animal designed for a work of fiction. This guy is no longer scraping the bottom of the barrel- he's mining for the dirt underneath it.
  45. 13 points
    Was he really? To be fair, while I don't think anyone can really speak positively of his implementation, but Ken Penders did put a lot of ideas into the comic that had massive influence on the comic all the way up to the soft reboot. Whether or not those ideas were good for Sonic and how they affected the viewpoint of the franchise of the readers is a matter for a completely different train of thought, it does stand that he contributed a great deal of content and ideas that shaped the comics. Enough so in fact that him copyrighting his work and suing EA nd SEGA over Chronicles is something that a lot of fans are still reeling over. The man has influence, but I don't know if it is what he believes it is, it even any that he will ever be recognized for again since cutting himself off from the franchise through his own actions. It's hard to get what you want when you demand control of the black eye of the guy you punched in the face while proclaiming that they wouldn't even be recognizable without it.
  46. 13 points
    Its usually fairly amusing reading his insane delusional rantings on Twitter but that whole thing was actually physically painful to read. There is a bit of a breaking point as far as how much of a brick wall you can be in terms of resisting the admission of how obviously wrong you are. He's too desperate to find another angle to sue someone over these fucking echidnas. He's imprinted on them like that creepy Jacob weirdo from that Twilight series. He doesn't actually care about them either. He just needs ownership over something officially linked to the Sonic series because it'll, apparently, make him feel more like a legitimate "founder" of something as far as the series' lore is concerned. Just one huge, desperate ego trip.
  47. 13 points
    Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that. You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
  48. 13 points
    My dog will live to see Christmas and the new year!!!!!!
  49. 13 points
    How many times are people going to have to list the issues? For fucks sake, this happens on virtually every page. The jokes in the trailer were bad, the plot is cliché and totally unrelated to anything "Sonic" in the past, Robotnik is a mad scientist who looks and behaves nothing like Robotnik from the games, Jim Carrey is playing a very phoned in and generic "Jim Carrey villain" role, gottagofast, it's about Sonic and a random cop instead of the vast array of characters it could have used to varying degrees, it's an incredibly tone deaf film... I'm missing a lot out here and can't tell you enough just to read this thread to get a better picture. If you don't know what the issues are, you're choosing to be obstinate. The issues are subjective. You might not find a problem with them. You might even like them! Congratulations - you have found an opinion. Another opinion is that the original a Sonic design was ugly and needed to be changed. It's a widely held opinion, but an opinion and therefore subjective nonetheless. A big problem right now is that some people are allowing Sonic's design to cloud their judgement of the entire film. When the bar is set as low as it was by the first trailer with the awful Sonic design, anything that's marginally improved is prone to being mistaken for good, when in reality it's simply just a little less shit. And then there are the people who seem to think that the film deserves our time, money and respect because they fixed a problem that they were stupid enough to create in the place. FWIW, I think that Sonic now looks fine. I need to get a better look at his face, body proportions and movements, but it seems like they've come up with decent enough design for a 'realistic' Sonic in a live action film. Realistic Sonic and live action film are problems in and of themselves, but if those are the cards that are being dealt them then hand could be worse.
  50. 13 points
    So, Adi Shankar who is the executive producer of Dredd and the Netflix TV show, Castlevania respond to Jim Carrey’s reaction on the redesign.: Carrey’s comments were responded to by Shankar in a brief open letter, which he exclusively sent to Screen Rant. It reads as follows: Dear Jim, The audience isn’t “in on the creation” of the film you acted in. Sonic the Hedgehog was already created, decades ago. This film you lended your talents to adapted him incorrectly. It’s this perspective that Hollywood is entitled to dismantle iconography as it sees fit and reassemble it in ways that often bear little resemblance to the source that has led to the friction between gamers and the film industry. Best, Adi Source
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