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    Indigo Rush

    The Return of Hiroshi Nishiyama

    I'm not sure what you're saying here. Alright, I'm about to flip a table. There's a significant difference between a compilation pack with a small game and an entire 12 Zone campaign with new features, Jango. I'm getting tired of the assumption that the rehashing of levels is something that Iizuka-san wanted but Whitehead and company didn't want; it's discouraging to know that a majority of people haven't considered that Sonic Mania would never have been as fully-featured if every Zone was original. While that might be considered the ideal situation to the more hardcore of Sonic fans, that is certainly not what the team had in mind; this was never stated, and and I'd love it if people dropped that presupposition. Quite frankly, you should respect Iizuka-san for putting up with a seemingly endless barrage of mindless cries for Sonic Adventure 3 and the vitriol for supporting the decision to use familiar locations and iconography from when the series was at it's most popular as if he's a nasty villain trying to sabotage the franchise, as opposed to waiting for him to cater to whatever concept you've canonized as the "right" direction for the series as most Sonic fanboys tend to do. There's biting the hand that feeds you, then there's disrespect. Do you want to pin blame on someone? Stop turning one single person into a bogey-man and take the time and effort to research on who's working in what area of each game, and you might come to find that it's not as black-and-white as blaming the person at the top of the pyramid; and even Iizuka-san has to answer to someone, but no one seems to think beyond Sonic Team when it comes to these thought experiments. His ambiguity of Mania's success has less to do regarding his faith in the concept or the team, and moreso on whether or not there was a demand for such a product, and because Sega had never hired a bunch of fans to make a game before to this extent. Of course he'd be a little nervous, especially after outsourcing things to Big Red Button. It's a miracle that Mania got the greenlight after Sonic Boom. Lastly, I'm not sure why you're bringing Sonic Forces into the discussion as if it's helping your point, which from my current comprehension seems to boil down to "I hate Iizuka because he doesn't make what I want," so pardon me if I'm having a difficult time seeing your perspective. I'm not going to participate in the shaming and disrespect of one man when he's not responsible for everything that's gone wrong with the franchise, as if his positive influence and consistency behind the brand hasn't been part and parcel to it's return to a generally positive critical acclaim since 2010, even after Boom happened. I don't care for Colors, for example, but I can't deny the influence it's had in bringing the Sonic brand into a better place regarding it's perception by the general public. And so this continues with games like Mania, where only pockets of biased Sonic fanboys with an axe to grind care that many of the levels are based off of places they've been before. Game design is a complicated, misunderstood and difficult industry to participate in, and after befriending people in the industry and listening to their stories and frustrations, I'll never complain about the way these things turn out, the way people like you do, ever again, because it's a complicated galaxy of people from different backgrounds, opinions, talents coming together to create a product that may never turn out the way they envisioned. Most Sonic fans have no idea what Sonic Mania's development process was like, even when we have a smorgasbord of interviews and accounts from people in the community to give us intel on the matter.
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    Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited (or Sonic 3 A.I.R. for short) is a mod... remake... thing of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It takes the Steam version of Sonic 3 and overhauls it using an external .exe, adding 16:9 support, Achievements (with unlockables attached to them, a la the Mania Medallions), options for both emulated and remastered soundtracks, level design tweaks, new control options (Tails can drop out of his flight into ball form), a Time Attack mode, and much, much more. Essentially, it's the Taxman version of Sonic 3 we've been waiting for, and the full game released today! I can't believe how quickly the remake's creator, Eukaryot, managed to get it all together - the full Sonic 3 & Knuckles experience is here, from Angel Island all the way to the Doomsday Zone, now in 16:9, 60fps, with smooth Mania style rotations and all! I've yet to play through the game in full, but this is a seriously impressive effort. I'm not sure to what extent we'll be seeing updates (I'd love the ability to play through the game with the prototype level order), but huge props to Eukaryot.
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    Might as well make this public now. I was gonna post this in announcements but didn't want to be cheeky... So I joined TSS in March 2012 and have written nearly 600 articles for the site, both news and original material, which is quite a lot. And.... Shortly into March this year, I made the decision that I would step down from my position as writer for the site. I figured given how long I've been effectively one of the main faces who brings you the Sonic news I should post a bit of a goodbye and why I'm putting down my keyboard to pick up a... uh... Keyboard! Why are you going? Some of you know that last year my health took a major nose dive which hasn't gotten much better this year. So does this have anything to do with that? Yes... But not in the way you think. Since I started having the health issues, I've tried to do some productive stuff to help me through it, first I made myself a small place on the internets which I really need to get back to doing at some point. But I then started to take my video making a bit more seriously, something which I'd wanted to do for a long time anyway but never really had a the time and the response has been quite incredible, far beyond anything I could have imagined and I'd really liked to dedicate a lot more time to it, especially since it lets me talk about games outside of Sonic and Sega which is also something I've wanted to do for a long time. And aside from releasing these completed projects, the process of making them is also making me a lot happier, far more than when I was just writing for TSS. So I feel it's the best for my health and... just the fact I'm doing something that a lot of others are also really enjoying if I focus on that full time. When are you turning red (Retired Rank)? NEVER! THERE'S ONLY SVEND TO GO AND THEN THE SITE IS MINE! MINE! MINE! AH-Hahahha! Well... Technically I'm already gone, I can't write for the site anymore, but I still have access to the staff area and something is being worked on which I've been dropping the odd input in so I imagine I'll wake up one day and find myself in the retirement castle with Flyboy Fox and all the other retired staff, I'll be sat in the corner working on videos, please visit and leave a muffin.. One with chocolate chips. But I've said I'll occasionally drop by for the odd guest article or help with a live-stream if they need a hand with something. Anything else? Not really, just like to thank all the wonderful people and friends I've met through my time writing on here, especially @Dreadknux for allowing me to write for so long without breaking anything (I'm still waiting for the money to fund my real life Death Egg). So I'm off to YouTube now to make videos, so feel free to subscribe to me there or follow me on twitter if you still enjoy telling me my opinion on Sonic is wrong! I'll still be a member here posting about the Sonikku and the Segagaga, but my new creative outlet where I make new content will be on YouTube and Twitter. So if you desperately miss my stuff or want to tell me it's 'wrong' I invite you to come along! Who is replacing you? Can they make nice sandwiches? I've not been involved in that conversation, but I think I know who my replacement is going to be and I hope you wish them all the very best. But I'll let them reveal that surprise in their own topic. Only I hope the reveal is something like this... But with my avatar on the hood, then when they lift it off it's their avatar. P.S. If you've made it this far, the moral of the story is @Dreadknux still hasn't funded my Death Egg!
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    Not possible. Sonic's one true love is chili dogs.
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    Eh. Their first album was better.
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    Not exactly news, but an Archie Sonic liveblogger I follow on tumblr wrote a pretty great piece on the grander issues with Penders's writing and characterization, his relation to other parts of the comic and the series as a whole. I knew I never liked a lot of his comics as a kid, but I never quite knew why or what was making me read something else instead of continuing with Sonic's comics.
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    The man will do and say anything for attention. I think we've known this for a while now. Can't say I expected to see him defending obvious case of statutory rape tonight though.
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    The interview was an absolute success! They were really impressed with my portfolio. As reward... gonna see Captain Marvel again!
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    Oh my God. Everything got so much worse when I left for a day. I'm not joking when I say that I was literally eating cake while reading the tweets and replies in this thread. Turns out Penders had a calling for entertainment all along. It just wasn't in comics. This is a man who created a fan-character and because he happened to be apart of the officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog comic, gets to brag about him not only having a Wiki page but feels its his civic duty to amend said Wiki page so that it says that he "TOTES BANGED SALLY ACORN! I mean, in case all the weird flip-flopping, excuse making, and shit that literally doesn't make sense wasn't a big enough clue, it's even more obvious now. He really wants people to know that he got to create a character that banged Sally Acorn guys. It's official now. Doesn't matter if it actually didn't happen. IT'S TRUE NOW BECAUSE HE WROTE IT IN THE IRON-CLAD WIKIA PAGE! TAKE THAT FUCKERS!" Though, another thing I want to point out that hasn't been stated about the 32 years remark is actually the part at the end of his statement. "Sally may be 16 in human year’s, but 32 in Squirrel years. Your arguments thus become irrelevant due to a legitimate storytelling point. I could go into Why this knowledge hasn’t previously been revealed, but I’m saving that for an actual story." Now that would have concerned me if he was talking about a story that A) Mattered and B) Was ever going to exist. But neither of those things are true so it's perfectly okay.
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    Well well well. It's been a while since I posted an update here, isn't it!? Howdy folks, how's it going? Today - 24 October (as it now is in the UK - don't you Americans get me on a technicality now! ) is a special day in the SSMB/TSS calendar. Namely, that it's this website's birthday! We launched in the Year 2000 - when everyone was just getting over the non-threat of the Y2K Bug, The Matrix was the biggest movie on the planet and everyone was catching on the Y2K aesthetic. That makes us 19 YEARS OLD. Whaaaaaat. This site is four years older than me when I first launched it. o_o; The next year will be the big 2-0, so I'm plotting some things for us all to do during that time. In the meantime, I thought I'd give this forum a little love as I realised that I had spent so much time tarting up the main site that the SSMB needed a new lick of paint. So here we are! A brand new, modern 'Sonical' theme for 2020! Do you like it? I spent a lot of time tweaking it for mobile use as well, so please let me know your feedback (any bugs should be reported in the Feedback and Bugs forum as per usual). And... for those of you that like your Night Mode settings, I also created a new 'Sonical Dark' theme too! All of the existing SSMB character themes will be converted into this new modern style soon, but for now I'm keeping them up just in case you really like the Shadow theme or something... But Sonical will be the new default, and I really recommend Sonical Dark too. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to celebrate our birthday with us in any way you like! I know how creative this forum can be! If you fancy making anything - art, music, banners, whatever - or if you want to just write some fancy words - please be my guest. I love hearing about your experiences on this site. Anyway, I'm off to have a bit of a lie down and paw through some old topics and news stories. Happy Birthday TSS!
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    Wow, that's almost everyone you need. Except people who can make video games.
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    Just want to point out that despite working on so many projects, Ian Flynn just launched the first five pages of Drogune, his own newly created comic series done alongside Adam Bryce Thomas. Ian announced he was doing this in 2017, just two years ago, and again, despite all the other comics he's writing for, movies he's watching, games he's playing, and podcasting he's doing, has still managed to get more of the official product out than Ken has for his thing. This is something Ken literally sued people in the court of law over. It was no doubt a heavy contribution to the end of the Archie books and this thread itself started in 2014. MARCH of 2014 to be exact, which means we were barely into the new year. Sonic Boom had just been announced as a thing that was going to exist merely a month before. Now we live in a time where its long since ended. This is unacceptable. There's no excuse for so little progress being made on a project that you fought in the court of law to obtain the rights to make. Its been more than half a decade at this point. My ugly, unintentional comedy story about a gross, human proportioned echinda whose actually an alien in a string bikini is long since overdue, Ken.
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    I drew a sketch of a fantasy character I have, and it looks so good! I can finally see how much I’ve improved, that I’m confident enough to share it!
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    Honestly, if they were going for references for references' sake, like I very much believe they'd go the route of referencing memes, or recent titles, as those are what would resonate most with kids who's watching this with Sonic. Maybe some classic stuff with Mania... ...but going to the extent that the animators/creators of this show are doing goes beyond that level. You don't just make references to Chaotix, AoStH, and a random issue of Archie Sonic (which only would've been widely available in one country no less), or hell - go to the effort of literally frame by frame recreating the intros of the original games, right down to the exact letter of animation that is present in that promo. I'm sorry, but it's extremely obvious that these references are being made by a group of people who actually know about the series, and enjoy it to a high degree, to go so far as to go beyond the games and extend the references to additional media like AoStH or Archie. What I'd consider a "pandering reference towards some kids" is placing Sanic into Forces via a t-shirt. I don't consider adding things that are actually smart references that require additional knowledge of the series to get as "pandering". If you didn't know about the Death Egg arc in Archie, it'll look like a generic Sonic comic cover. If you do, it shows how much research the creators placed into making this episode. Like using that same line of logic, you could basically use that as a black mark against Mania as well. "They're just pandering to Classic fans by putting Nack, Bean and Bark into the game via cameos". There's a pretty conclusion line of difference between pandering references for no reason, and placing in smart additional details that are designed as pure fan-service for fans of the series. The same way you can tell from the beginning that Mania is developed by a set of passionate fans who are in love with this series and want to do it justice, you can tell that the creators of KO are big Sonic fans and also want to do it justice as well.
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    First of all, Sean was extremely clear about knocking this off. Again, even putting aside how I feel reading this, it barely has anything to do with the topic at hand without some major stretches. If you insist on going on about this despite being told to stop twice, you'll be struck. Second, you seem very confident about talking for everyone in a group. If you ask me I would say that this sort of logic sets a dangerous precedent ("Don't worry, I won't misgender you... ...unless you _____"), and regardless of whatever someone may have done to "deserve it" it's not at all worth it! And on another note: what are you even talking about? Is this about the weird poem thing, because yeah that was definitely tacky, but at this point it feels like you're desperate to talk about some wacky new Penders controversy more than anything. I mean-- ...yeah. Be patient, Penders will inevitably say some puzzling thing that's relevant to Lara-Su, and we'll spend about a page or two going "That was kinda weird huh?" "Yyyyep."
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    Bad I've got no reason to believe Sonic Team are going to move on from their sloppy engine and worsening takes on the boost gameplay style when Forces sold well enough despite mediocre reception. We'll see the same outdated models, bland art and shallow gameplay that's all spectacle with no substance. Forces did nothing if not prove that SEGA do not have any idea (or that they don't care) what their audience wants. There was no effort put into making it a solid game there; it was a cynical plea to almost every fraction of the split fanbase. Fans who liked the early-mid 2000s games got their "dark" story with lots of characters and edgey new villain, Classic fans got Classic Sonic to play as, modern fans got the boosting and then there was the avatar for the huge subset of fans who make their own characters and just the general popularity of personal expression in games these days (there is of course overlap between these groups). None of these features are close to being fleshed out, and particularly in the case of the boost and Classic gameplay styles, they took the already flawed gameplay of Generations and proceeded to make it worse. I don't believe that these were conscious changes made to improve the games that some people disagree on, but rather were the result of an inexperienced team with poor direction, poor vision and poor understanding of what they even wanted to achieve. The choice was to make a bunch of things that looked like they were what fans wanted, and they didn't go to any lengths to really deliver. The gameplay was phoned in and lazy. Whatever Sonic Team try next, I don't think they'll be appealing to fans such as myself. They'll continue to go after thd lowest hanging fruit, rather than making a quality product that will appeal to a broad audience because requires more time and money (and the right talent). I can't comment on the content of the game, like additional characters, story or even gameplay style. They might move on from the boost, I guess? But even if they do, I'm really sure they won't do it right. Lost World was a mess, as were the avatars and Classic Sonic in Forces. It'll be a low quality game.
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    And now he's decided he wants there to be absolutely no ambiguity or confusion on the subject; He believes sex between a 16 year old and a 20 year old is perfectly fine. Of course, even as awful as that statement is, it's irrelevant since Geoffrey was actually 22. The comics (as written by Ken) said the events around Endgame were set in 3236. Sally's Data File said she was born in 3220 (making her 16), while Geoffrey's Data File that Ken recently released himself for TLSC says he was born in 3214 (making him 22). I shouldn't be surprised that Ken can't even remember information he recently released himself.
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    Ugh. What a rotten situation all around. I am STRONGLY in support of ending those creepy mass-produced "children's channels", but there's got to be a better way of doing that. You do know some parents buy games for their kids, right?
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    Welp, the end is here. My final art post and my final over all post on SSMB. I asked way back in May of 2018 if folks could offer me a Sonic character to draw, and boy, oh boy, did you guys pop out of the wood work to ask. So with out further ado let's do this! All done, just in time for Christmas! I was going to have one final post with Ray planting his old reaper staff into the ground (if you're familiar with the RP you'll know what I'm waffling on about.) and walking away but I got caught up in a lot of stuff... so instead I'm going to leave this here as my goodbye message. So long SSMB. Take it easy.
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    You want to know why Sonic and Shadow don't just kill Eggman? This is why. I'm not even going to fucking entertain this topic's existence. I'm thinking this series is genuinely not for you, so please stop talking about this crap here.
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    Man I am so happy with this drawing I did today of my character I wanted to share
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    If they brought back the classic style, but with new locations, then I'd be up for that. So far they haven't shown an interest in doing much of that, though. The classic shouts in the new games feel so arbirtary when the games aren't interested in their depth, themes etc. It should be the reverse where they try to embody these ideas in new ways that still fit the series. Like, levels like Final Egg, Grand Metropolis and Planet Wisp FEEL like they carry the spirit of the series without reading like a rehash. That's all I want.
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    (I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong board) Hello, supposedly we are going to get some Sonic CD prototypes dumps. I'm really excited because I read that these builds have scrapped zones.
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    Your Vest Friend

    Sonic Channel

    Waiting for a meeting to start. In the meantime, here's someone more than used to formalities.
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    Nigel Dobbyn 1963 - 2019 Nigel Dobbyn, formerly an artist on Sonic the Comic, as well as being an artist for 2000AD series such as Medivac 318, has passed away. He was 56. On Sonic the Comic, he was perhaps best associated with the Knuckles the Echidna stories. As ShayMay puts it best, "Nigel's beautiful, mysterious watercolours were perfect for the Floating Island adventures." I met Nigel a couple of times, but meeting him at Sonic the Comic Con will always stick in my mind. He was such a warm, friendly, genuine person, with a wealth of knowledge to share. He had such a genuine love of what he did, and for the people who loved his work. I'm absolutely heartbroken that he's left us, and at only 56.
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    Aaand we have a tiny LSC update. Oh, nothing as substantial as a new page, but that "Dr. Zephyr" has been sketched out. Though I wish to God he hadn't been. God, I mistook the collar of his outfit as being his neck folds...! You know, as a side note, but I cannot help but feel that this guy exists purely because Dr. Starline is enjoying a great deal of popularity thanks to IDW.
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    It doesn't really seem to have the same general vibe as a Sonic 2 track. Although Sonic 2 did have some songs with noticeably different tonalities. What an incredibly depressing world we'd live in if all our hard work and creativity would inherently be doomed to be lost to time just because it wasn't used in one video game released over 20 years ago.
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    Scored an interview for the University I applied for! Things are looking bright!
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    What's Sega UK gonna do about it? Put Denuvo into all future Sonic marketing material?
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    Heya! Looking back on how I was back then, it is a little cringy to see others fall into the same trap I did. If I learned anything this year is that if I was true to me the whole time, I would have been happier. I am happier now and my goal is to work over at galaxy's edge. But I wanna make it at disneyland for a year first which i';m almost there. the experiance has taught me to love who i am. anyway, happy holidays everyone from sonikku ^^*
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    A cartoon, similar to Sonic Mania Adventures, will be connected to Team Sonic Racing. Episode 2: Dangerous Distractions Episode 1: Dangerous Distractions Other Details: Characters will once again be mute This will only have 2 episodes (supposedly) Episode 2 premieres next month
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    can we please just enjoy a Thing for once
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    I'm just happy that a generation of youngsters are going to be exposed to Sonic in an earnest and genuine way. What I saw lacks the cynicism present in Sonic Boom, which I think is a nice departure, and I do love me some Sonic Boom, don't get me wrong. It's just nice to see Sonic framed as a popular dude without it being too mean (sorry, Tails).
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    They even got the screen fades from the Genesis games:
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    Honestly, the most depressing part is while that art of Knuckles looks completely off, the line-art at least of Lara and Julie from their Archie designs looks pretty good for once. And then you have their disgusting TL-SC designs behind them, almost as a painful reminder of "I hope you didn't like these characters because look what I'm doin' to them now!"
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    that argument is just so weird since that was used against gay people which Penders claims to support. Its also so outdated and ignorant. Accepting gay people and asexuals wont suddenly make more people gay or asexual. Straight people will always be the norm because homosexuality and asexuality are not common sexualties. Not to mention adopting and IFV pregnancy are all options??
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    Penders is not a troll, dont try to downplay the actions of his comments by treating it like he is trolling. It was also well known that he has hang-ups about asexuality before. Its just a little insulting and a bit funny since the man always claims he is progressive when it comes to minorities and different sexualies. This is the same man who was proudly saying he was the first to have a gay character in the comic book (Rotor) and that he was the only one who hired women to work on the book.
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    Ken, that's how trademark abandonment works, not copyright.
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    You crack me up, little buddy!
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    No offence, but are you even serious right now? The point is that yes, coding the AI for a mod of fangame thats actually a mod of Doom from 1998 is that hard. It's a fan game made for multiplayer and let me just stress one part there; "it's a fan game". I don't even know what you're expecting. Blimey...
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    3rd Day in without a Cigarette. Feeling it a bit this morning I gotta admit.
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    Blue Blood

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    In 2017 also: It was actually the first reveal of any Forces gameplay (lol at the fact that it was 40 seconds of running in a straight line on a level halfway through the game), reveal of the instrumental version of Fist Bump which was a fairly big deal in its own right, reveal of Flying Battery for Mania and a low-key tease for Press Garden. And because you seemed to completely forget that 2018 even happened: Reveal of Mania's physical release, the Plus Expansion which included the return of two characters not seen in over 20 years and the announcement of Mania Adventures along with a preview. I don't know what you're hating on, honestly. These panels are a nice way for them to reveal new things, and last year's panel was a particularly significant one. They've never promised us huge news, and the outcome has always been pretty significant with news and information that we didn't know before. What exactly would make the panels now worthwhile for you? If rather we got these fun panels with moderate reveals and announcements than no panels at all. But I do sincerely hope that they can arrange a proper stream this year. Previous events have all been streamed by individual event-goers because SEGA have been unable to get something official sorted. All that we know of thats currently on the cards is TSR and the God-forsaken live-action film. Unless they've got some surprises, which almost certainly won't be a new game if there is anything, the news will centre around those two things. Is that really so bad?
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    Seeing Tikal at all was a pleasant surprise. Seeing Tikal as a Force ghost was a massive plus.
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    Gonna talk about shadow for a bit, because I think its interesting in this context . That statement explains so many things, like that time shadow IIRC is going through this emotional time , questioning who he is as a person and the only thing ken pnders thought of sonic to say is " You should get laid " . Not to mention the bad love angles that no one cared about, the the actual assault that took place and everything else with scourge, what he did with rouge , ect ect. It might explain why the guy had to be forced by sega to use the character. Shadow is a character, from the outset who for the most part , outside of .... sparce instances does not show anything close to anything that would be a romantic interest in anyone, he might have legitimately not understood the character. He might not be actually be able to comprehend a character who just wants to do non romantic things. Its things like these where I have no issue with the new book wanting to stay far away from that.
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    Gameplay is kind of the key thing when you play a game, so that's a pretty significant factor. Good grief, really? You try pitching anything to the CEO of a company and see how confident you are that they'll roll with it. Sonic Mania was originally going to be four Zones with the mobile remasters of Sonic 1 and 2 packed in. Iizuka-san is the one who encouraged the Mania development team to turn it into a full blown adventure. You're making an assumption here, and you should know that doesn't fly in these sorts of discussions.
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    Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with this. Saying Star Wars fans have it as bad as Sonic fans is like saying L.A. can get as cold as Chicago in the winter. Yes, Star Wars has had its fair share of blunders over the years but for the most part, outside of its fanbase, it's still looked on fondly today. Hell, it's a pop-culture icon that almost consistently gets more praise than hate. Sonic, on the other hand, is the butt of every joke in the gaming industry (and probably soon to be in a similar situation in the movie industry). At this point, half of Sonic's output has been looked down upon. The closest Star Wars comes to that are the prequels and even those have their fans (hell it spawned an entire new generation of fans such as myself). They also happened almost two decades ago at this point so, for the most part, they're out of the public eye. On the other hand, Sonic seems to stay in the spotlight with shitty decisions on a yearly bases. I get that a lot of Star Wars fans are feeling down atm and they have reason to feel that way. Though, at the end of the day, y'all are still getting well made content constantly. Between the shows, movies, and what not they're all, at the very least, well put together and have actual effort put behind them. If a bad project props up, it's usually drowned with two other decent ones in the same period. That's a hell of a lot more than what Sonic usually sees nowadays. Like really, I know I'm going to step on some toes here, but TLJ wasn't bad. It made a number of controversial decisions in its narrative but calling it "the worst movie ever made" or some other bs I constantly see hovering around whenever it's brought up really leads me to believe that such people believing that haven't actually seen that many films. I get that you might not like the direction it took with certain characters and scenes (trust me, look at half the post I make in the MLP topic and you'll clearly see I'm a frequent flyer on that front), but to call the series doomed or to even attempt to put it in the same hole that the Sonic franchise is in just seems... well past dramatic to me. A few missteps every so often does not equate to decades of constantly questionable to downright shit output imo. Plus, truth be told, I say this all with the mindset that I don't even think the Sonic series is all that doomed so take that as you will. Hell, at least we still get content.
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    Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me that Penders was doing it as a show of how good his characters were - like his characters are obviously so cool and amazing that of course the official SEGA girls would want to be with them. Hell, even during his actual issues, one of his plot points was Rouge flirting and kissing Locke. I mean, to be fair, it was to try get to the Master Emerald, but it doesn't make it any less creepy, especially with his now announced plans for Sally.
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    Shantae 5 (Coming 2019)

    Boobs are good.
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    Given Yakuza Kiwami and Catherine Classic both shipped with no Denuvo, and now it's been retroactively removed from Yakuza 0 and Mania, it's safe to say SEGA is done with Denuvo. Which I'm happy to see.
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    Man this game about a war is...about war? Man who woulda thunk it. I mean not to be too snarky but I feel like the first third or so of the video was just trying to hammer in points that I thought were pretty obvious. The game's not really that subtle about its war themes, it's just that none of it lands due to poor writing and being played out by silly cartoon forest creatures. Also I don't think Tails was ever actually meant to be on par with Sonic in the classic games. Tails alone playthroughs aren't canon. I'd say what Tails is supposed to be in those games is closer to what you see from him in a Sonic & Tails playthrough (though probably not quite as incompetent as the simplistic AI); he follows behind Sonic, he sometimes bumbles into traps and enemies, he can help out occasionally, but ultimately it's Sonic doing the real work. I do agree that the games from SA on focusing on his unique strengths rather than him being another Sonic is the right move though. As for the actual subject of the thread, I'm not sure if I'd call it capital-D Depression, I'm neither a doctor nor do I have depression myself so I'm not sure I'm comfortable reaching for specifics like that, but they were definitely starting to do a thing where Tails was seriously affected by all the shit that had gone down. It doesn't ultimately work because, as you said, they immediately drop it, but Tails cowering at Chaos is clearly not meant to be Sonic Team or Pontac and Graff or whoever declaring that Tails sucks now and is a dumb cowardly baby because they hate him. The kid watched his best friend get the shit kicked out of him to the point that he's presumed dead, and he's gone through six months of watching their worst enemy take over nearly the entire planet; it's only reasonable that that'd leave some marks. As much as there is to criticize about all this it's frustrating to see it get written off as just bad writing or some kind of anti-Tails bias, especially when so many people are also hoping for the series to take itself more seriously. Like, more than Infinite the edgelord, more than Sonic being serious and not telling jokes, this is the series trying to do something meaningful and significant with one of its characters, and yes, it failed, hard, we all agree on that point, but I still think it's worth recognizing what it's trying to do. I mean if people are willing to give Infinite another chance for his supposed potential shouldn't this at least be acknowledged?
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