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    Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited (or Sonic 3 A.I.R. for short) is a mod... remake... thing of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It takes the Steam version of Sonic 3 and overhauls it using an external .exe, adding 16:9 support, Achievements (with unlockables attached to them, a la the Mania Medallions), options for both emulated and remastered soundtracks, level design tweaks, new control options (Tails can drop out of his flight into ball form), a Time Attack mode, and much, much more. Essentially, it's the Taxman version of Sonic 3 we've been waiting for, and the full game released today! I can't believe how quickly the remake's creator, Eukaryot, managed to get it all together - the full Sonic 3 & Knuckles experience is here, from Angel Island all the way to the Doomsday Zone, now in 16:9, 60fps, with smooth Mania style rotations and all! I've yet to play through the game in full, but this is a seriously impressive effort. I'm not sure to what extent we'll be seeing updates (I'd love the ability to play through the game with the prototype level order), but huge props to Eukaryot.
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    Episode: "Please buy Mania Plus"
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    Are we in a new dark era?

    Maybe you should because, uh...maybe Lost Levels aside those are all good games? SMB2 US is weird but it's still a solid game that ended up adding quite a bit to the Mario universe, the NSMB games got kinda samey but they were all fairly solid and fun games, and Galaxy 2 is great. I'm not saying Mario has an entirely flawless record, but I'd struggle to call any Mario platformer bad, and he's certainly not had anything on the level of Sonic's biggest failures.
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    You want to know why Sonic and Shadow don't just kill Eggman? This is why. I'm not even going to fucking entertain this topic's existence. I'm thinking this series is genuinely not for you, so please stop talking about this crap here.
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    Sonic Forces Anniversary~

    Ah, Forces. A game that failed to meet even my rock-bottom expectations. I was turned off from the very first teaser, and everything revealed after only confirmed or exceeded my worries. Modern Sonic's gameplay is a mess. The boost gameplay has managed to get even worse, with levels being shorter, more linear, and more automated than they've ever been. I've argued for years that it's a rotten style that we desperately need to replace, but I'm still shocked at how far it's fallen; I could at least understand some of the appeal when it was big, fast, and flashy, but now it's just completely rotted out. Classic Sonic continues to prove that "classic" is just a cheap gimmick in Sonic Team's eyes. There's literally no reason for him to be here other than Sonic Team being able to say "hey look Classic Sonic is here! From Generations! And those other games you like!". The closest thing to a narrative justification for his inclusion is that he cheers up Tails, but this amounts to him showing up, being a Sonic, and this apparently cures Tails' depression instantly. And his gameplay is, of course, still trash. They've apparently tweaked some values since Generations, but they still haven't bothered to figure out how classic Sonic gameplay actually works nor do they have the guts to genuinely try to come up with their own take on classic Sonic, so it's basically the same broken mess again. The Avatar character maybe manages to be the least awful of the three styles, but that's no compliment. As a player-created character the customization options are pretty weak, with the focus largely on unlockable clothes and accessories that tend to result in characters that look overdesigned and out of place, while options that more properly define a Sonic character's design like species, hair, and color patterns are disappointingly limited. Their gameplay is little more than a stripped down version of Modern Sonic's; swap the homing attack for a no-less-automated grappling hook and the boost for one of a few wispons to chew through excessively large hordes of passive enemies and that's about it. The wispons are largely interchangeable as weapons, and the wisp powers associated with them are a crapshoot; some are decent, some are bad, and if you choose the wrong wispon for a level, well, you get nothing, sucks to be you. And of course the tag-team gameplay fixes nothing with either character. And the story is no better. It's an absolute waste of the "Eggman wins" concept, an idea that you can only really try once; instead of getting a world that actually feels like Eggman has taken over, he gets pushed entirely into the background in favor of the dull and unfitting "war" theme and the complete non-entity that is Infinite. And that guy, fuck me is he bad. Nothing more than the most generic edgelord villain personality combined with a power that could have interesting uses but in practice is only ever used as brute force. We don't even get anything close to a proper motivation until Shadow's campaign, and the answer still doesn't make any goddamn sense. They couldn't come up with even one interesting idea to do with this guy; he shows up, he's evil, he beats you, you beat him, he dies, the end. Not that anyone else is much better, of course; Eggman, again, is pushed entirely into the background, Modern Sonic just does the usual Sonic heroing thing with his early defeat never actually meaning anything, Classic does nothing, anything interesting with Tails ends as soon as it begins, the copy villains are a narrative bust, and most of the resistance just stands around talking at you the whole time. The Avatar is the closest to having any kind of actual story arc, and that just amounts to "I'm scared and I suck but I'm gonna try hard and Sonic believes in me so now I'm strong!". Except it doesn't even land since you can already do crazy grapple hook flips and take out tons of enemies from the first level and the only indication that he's not already basically a superhero is that he stumbles in one QTE. It's just, like...everything is bad. It's not an utterly broken game like '06 or RoL, but from start to finish every choice they made was the wrong one. I can only hope that Sonic Team's learning the right lessons from this and from Mania, but given they made this mess in the first place, I don't have much faith in them figuring it out.
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    A Solo Sonic Game

    No. Just no. No more solo Sonic. No more minimalism. No more "roots". If you look back on the last decade of Sonic games and your biggest complaint is that Tails is too relevant then I'm sorry, but I think the problem may be you.
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    Well for one, I don't think anyone was asking for a 1:1 recreation of a game's plot in the film format. Just something that was faithful enough to the source material. Secondly, I think you're really underselling one of the franchise's core strengths in the first place: Sonic's basic character appeal Sonic's a mascot cartoon character, made in the same way Mario, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, and many other cartoon characters were created. As a result, nearly everything about him, from his looks to his abilities to his character, is all chosen in a way to be as appealing as possible. They aren't designed with relatability, a sense of normalcy, grounded realism, or any of that in mind; in fact they're specifically outrageous, off-the-wall, and exaggerated nearly 100% of the time. But behind all the crazy is some form of almost inherent appeal, that takes the uncanny and re-brands it into something oddly compelling. Sonic didn't just become popular because of his gameplay; it was that combined with his character appeal that skyrocketed him into stardom. Even the spinoff media such as the comics and TV shows managed to become massively popular on their own, and those only had Sonic as a character to sell them. And in polls in the late 90's to early 2000's, Sonic was consistently the most popular character in the industry, eclipsing Mario himself. The same Mario that's going to be getting his own movie later on in the year, riding off nothing but his own status and appeal as a mascot character, as well. You could make the argument that only kids are interested in characters and series like these. That their era has come and gone, and the point of designing intellectual properties around these principles no longer has much merit... but whether that's the case or not, this is, in it's most basic sense, the character's core identity here. So why on earth should the series' first cinematic debut be attempting to "draw in new fans" from a crowd that would never even think to identify with the character and main franchises' fundamental basis and central premise, while simultaneously trying to hide - if not push away - it's identity as much as it possibly can in the process? Why not capitalize on what we already know works with Sonic, and build from there, drawing in new fans from how good of a Sonic movie it is instead? Sonic isn't exactly some worthless dead-weight character that needs to be propped up here; he was and still is one of the most popular and appealing cartoon characters in the world. They just need to work with that. "Why you should care about Sonic as a character" isn't answered by having a grounded direction with human characters and realistic tones. That's just the other side of the coin that Sonic was on in the first place, in terms of appeal. And that appeal Sonic specifically identifies with - the zany, out-there kind - is what's there to get people in the seats, in front of the TV, or behind the controller in the first place. The reasons for why you should care about Sonic as a character, if there are any, come afterwards, regardless of the setting.
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    Made using Photoshop CC & Illustrator.
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    Well I'm going to place money on this being Ice Factory. That's the only place it really could be with that volcano in the background of one shot. Only one level in the franchise has that trait (even if it was stupidly never used in-game). Not to mention the factory machines around the place. As for the gameplay footage itself... gotta say, I'm still not impressed. Visually, everything looks like a damn downgrade from what we got with ASRT about 6 whole years ago. It's ridiculous honestly. Even the 60fps they're aiming for doesn't seem to be all there because this footage was choppy af like the E3 build. Not even the in-game character renders look good imo. By "Winter" they better mean March fucking 19th because this game doesn't look anywhere near where a current day cartoon racer should be. In terms of the team mechanics, they're something that I'm still pretty iffy on but when compared to some of the negatives... they somehow came out ahead. Basically, there are enough interesting maneuvers here where I can say that this all could work. I'd still prefer a single racer mode as I know there are a lot of ways this could all fall apart thanks to some poor teammates but I am willing to give it a shot. & Knuckles... man, what did they do to you? That ain't Travis. Here's hoping this was just an error in editing the trailer (they do have a history when it comes to Sonic trailers oddly enough) or a placeholder as I'd really hate to see Travis go... especially for this new voice. It's not good imo. Oh yeah, and we've known about this game for about, what, 5 months now and have still only seen 2 stages in action (no I don't count CGI rooftop run (tho i do fear what this game's visuals are about to do to my baby))? dats some gud marketing rite der an't it tbf they did just get off a press cycle for both a $5 dlc and a toaster so maybe we'll see things pick up soon I know I'm coming off as pretty cynical here and I do apologize for that seeing as it's really the last thing this place needs. It's just... when I went into the year asking for a spin-off game that was with the mindset that they wouldn't trip over these basic things like limiting the roster to 15 flipping characters. I'm still excited to see what the story mode is like (the game even having one is still earning it points from me) and the online modes but really... looking at this next to the ASR series and even a bit of Riders... I expected a bit more. Hopefully my views can change as things progress.
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    Modern stories are bad, Adventure stories are bad, Classic stories barely exist. I'm tired of fighting over which bad stories this series should be trying to imitate.
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