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    *when you see members you've known for years becoming mods* late in saying this but congrats to the new mods!
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    Latest endeavor. This is a little longer than the length of a normal mechanical pencil for scale from top to bottom.
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    Since @VEDJ-F mentioned how the author must be feeling I present to you all the author of Bowserette's comic responding to the sheer memetic explosion
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    Shaddy Zaphod

    Finally a GOOD dub

    Finally a GOOD dub
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    Pretty much me towards the Internet right now.
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    "They call me Knuckles for a reason: because it's my name." God bless Sonic Boom.
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    I've been listening to some old Sonic sound font swaps, and while most are merely okay, not as good as the original etc, this one I think is actually a bit better.
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    Blue Blood

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    roses are red violets are blue BUT ENOUGH TALK HAVE AT YOU
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