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  • Artist Steven Butler Returning to Archie Comics' Sonic Series


    Good news for Archie Comics fans, as former artist Steven Butler has revealed that he will be returning to the company to work on the Sonic the Hedgehog series once more.

    Fellow mega-fan and host of Sonic R radio show Shayne Thames spotted Butler at the MegaCon in Orlando this week, and asked him about his career and current plans. He mentioned to her that he was "fixing to leave Powermark [the comic he is currently working on] and come back to working on the Sonic comics," although he gave no indication as to when that might happen.

    Shayne managed to get an audio interview with Butler as well, which will be played on TSSZ's Sonic R radio show later this week. So if you want to hear more about the news, keep an ear out for that!

    Thanks for the heads up, Shayne!

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