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  • Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #106

    Andrew P


    New details have come in for the next issue in the mainline Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series. Sonic the Hedgehog #106 will feature stories written by Karl Boller and Ken Penders, art by Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy and Ken Penders, and a cover designed by Spaz. Details of story, release date and cover after the jump.

    Sonic the Hedgehog #106

    Written by Karl Boller and Ken Penders
    Art by Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy and Penders
    Cover by Spaz

    "Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon, Part One"
    Princess Sally, Knothole Village's first ambassador, is sent on her first mission as an envoy of peace to the rest of Mobius. Sonic and the Freedom Fighters join her on her trek to The Hidden City of the Ancients. Before talks can commence, however, the Ancients ask the FF to help with a small problem they are having: a fire-breathing dragon.

    Knuckles in "Reunification, Part One"
    A mysterious echnida appears on the Floating Island. Rather than finding Knuckles, they find a place inhabited by The Dark Legion. Who is this echidna and what does it have to do with Knuckles?


    Sonic the Hedgehog #106 will be 32 pages, on sale for $1.99, and ships on January 11.

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