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  • Ken Penders Schedules Next Archie Online Chat Session



    It's that time again! Archie Comics writer/artist Ken Penders has announced that he is setting some time aside this month for another community reach-out session. If you want to learn more about the future plans for the Sonic comic series, or just want some background on stuff that's already happened, better prepare some questions now.

    The next online chat session will take place on 15 January, according to 'Bob R' on Penders' message board:


    Yep, Ken's finally reached that point where he feels he can schedule another on-line chat session. Join us on Tuesday, January 15 (raindate Jan 22) beginning at 8:00 PM Eastern time (that's 5:00 PM Pacific) to get the most up-to-date information on Ken's latest activities.

    Now that Archie is the only Sonic comic game in town, it's probably a good idea to take advantage of Ken's approachable nature and find out as much as we can about what's next for the US book series.

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