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  • Ken Penders Selling Last Remaining Stock of Classic Archie Covers



    Collectors of the US Archie Sonic comic - pay attention! Writer and artist Ken Penders has announced that he will be selling the remainder of older covers that he has in his inventory. But you had better be quick, as there are only a few copies left to grab from the first 100 issues.

    In an announcement on his website, Penders revealed that "I've discovered I have less than 20 original Spaz Sonic covers, and once those are gone, the only ones available will be anything from [Issue] #117 onwards. Currently, the earliest cover I now have available is #29."

    The covers that Penders has available include #41, #44, #59, #65, #66, #69, #70, #73, #78, #79, #86, #88, #91 - #95, #97, #101, #110 and #114. You can also bag a cover to Sonic Super Special #1 and #15 as well as Sonic Quest #2, Sonic Blast and Sonic Triple Trouble, on top of five or six available Knuckles covers, if you're quick enough.

    "These are one of a kind collectibles that once they are absorbed by fandom at large will be extremely hard to come by in the future," Penders warned. "Due to increased demand and low inventory, the lowest price on any cover will be $200."

    Ken says you should keep a close eye on his message board to stay updated on issues that go out of stock from hereon out. If you're interested in a cover, best get moving. Good luck!

    Via Sonic HQ

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