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  • SEGA Reveals Archie Comics' AoStH Beginnings



    To celebrate the 100th issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics, SEGA's official web portal has written up a rather nice feature about the book's history. Did you know that originally, the Sonic comic was meant to lean more heavily on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog than the Saturday morning Sonic cartoon (SatAM)?

    It's right in the article; after explaining that 'AoStH' was the first Sonic cartoon, made for syndication, with a 'Saturday morning action/adventure' series developed by ABC at the same time, SEGA.com's Newsblast writes:


    At first, Sega wanted the comic's art and storyline to conform to the syndicated series [AoStH], which they did for the first thirty or so issues. However, it soon became clear that the Saturday morning show's [SatAM] action/adventure thrust had become a surefire hit with Sonic fans. The comic then evolved into a unique hybrid of the two styles, with a heavier emphasis on action than on humor.

    Whenever a new Sonic video game came out, parts of the game's storyline also made it into the comic. When the Saturday morning show ended, the comic became the sole outlet for Sonic fans to get their regular fix of new stories about Sonic and his friends.

    The article also includes a rather nice roundup of the story so far, just in case new fans wanted to pick up from #100 and start enjoying the canon right away. Check out the rest of the article right here.

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