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  • Sonic Fan Artist Will Soon Be Working at Archie Comics

    Andrew P


    Interesting news from the Sonic fan community today, as it appears that someone from the fan artist world will soon be levelling up to join the official Sonic comic masters at Archie.

    According to Kedzie-K of The Sonic Foundation, "A well-known Sonic fan artist will be a penciller for the Sonic comics. The addition of this person will definitely make the Sonic comic's art quality rise a LOT." Kedzie didn't reveal any more information on who it was, as they asked not to be identified just yet.

    "In addition, this person will be working with Karl Bollers. The first issue he/she will start doing the art will be Sonic #108," he added. Sounds exciting! Whoever it is, congratulations are in order, so... congratulations!

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