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  • Noah Copeland’s Sonic Triple Trouble Remake is Finished and Released


    Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit, a fan-made remake of one of Sonic’s Game Gear releases, is officially finished and available for everyone to play! Download it here.

    The fan game has been in development for roughly five years, and completely remakes the Game Gear adventure with brand new levels, remade music, brand new bosses and special stages, a plot that recontextualizes the game as a follow up to Sonic & Knuckles, and even a fully fleshed out multiplayer mode with multiple game play types and a campaign! The game also has its share of brand new surprises, for anyone familiar with the Game Gear original.

    We’ve already had a few days with the game, and while our review is forthcoming, I can confirm here and now that the game is superb. We’ve previewed both of the game’s demos over the last few years, which you can check out here and here. We also interviewed Copeland a few years ago, which you can find here.

    You can expect some articles, videos and streams of the game from us over the next few days.

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