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  • Play as Sonic in These PC Mods for Quake and Star Trek


    The great thing about the PC gaming community is that fans can create new (unofficial) content for their favourite games if they get bored. One particular PC user, known as Ryan 'Kaos' Daniel, has created character skins for FPS titles Quake III Arena and Star Trek: Elite Forces that allow you to play as the blue blur. Sonic with a shotgun!

    2001-quake-mod-sonic1.jpg 2001-quake-mod-sonic2.jpg

    Quake III Arena models

    The reviews for Daniel's character mods, according to Sonic HQ, are incredibly positive, with the Quake model in particular being 'one of the best-looking skins' yet. Extra skins include Super Sonic, a 'Cyber' Sonic and a fan-made character called Psycho 'Shadow' Sonic (not to be confused with Shadow in the upcoming Sonic Adventure 2).


    Star Trek: Elite Force Converted model

    You can download the skins for Quake III Arena here.
    You can download the skins for Star Trek: Elite Forces Converted here.

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