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  • SAGE 5 Opens - The Whole Event is a Fan Game!


    The Sonic Amateur Games Expo is officially open once again - but if you try to access the site today, you'll be in for a bit of a surprise. The entirety of SAGE 5 - booths, activities, special downloads - is only accessible via its own 3MB-sized Fan Game application! Now, that's meta!

    The fan game, which contains all of the usual information and booths you need, was made in editing software The Games Factory. You can play as a number of characters as they explore a virtual SAGE show floor, visiting booths and trying out games as you please. Depending on the character you pick, special mini-games are also unlocked!

    The Sonic Stadium is currently on a news hiatus as we rebuild our site, but we've included a feed from our friends at TSSZ News who will be present at the show to provide all kinds of SAGE 5 coverage. We will mirror the coverage on TSS via these feed links.

    Be sure to visit SAGE 5 now while the event is open! Enjoy the show!

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