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  • Sonic Amateur Games Expo Opens For A Second Show


    Last year, a bunch of cool fan game community guys organised an online event called the Sonic Amateur Games Expo. It was a showcase of upcoming projects that put Sonic into various fan-created gaming scenarios. Well, it was so popular that it's coming back for a second run this year!


    While the show was said to be a small, experimental affair in 2000, we're hearing that SAGE 2001 will be a hundred times bigger. There will be 20 virtual booths showing off demos of fan projects such as 'Sonic Robo Blast 2', 'Sonic Thirdscape' and 'Sonic Forever'.

    Best of all, the show will also be open for a five-day period! This should hopefully allow for enough time to download and try out the cool new works that teams have got cooking for you. Full details are available on the SAGE website here.

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