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  • Sonic Community to be Inserted into Upcoming Final Fantasy ROM Hack



    Fellow webmaster and official affiliate H Hog, the brains behind the excellent Sonanoid and Hoax submitter, is in the process of making a ROM Hack for the popular NES game, Final Fantasy.

    Instead of the usual characters, the people involved are in fact, members of the Moogle Cavern, another affiliate of the Sonic Stadium. The demo version of the hack has been played, and it features Kulock, H Hog, Showoff Boy, Crazy Mr Leo (or CraZee Boy as he is now known) and Avolin as the enemy at this stage.

    H Hog has stated that Dreadknux (me ^_^) will even feature as a final level boss. Now that I can't wait to see. Roll on the hack H!

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