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  • Sonic Game Editor 'SonED' Turns Freeware


    Stealth, the creator of popular Sonic game editing software 'SonED', has announced that his program will be offered to users for free from now on. Previously, it was sold on a shareware basis for $15-30.

    "That's right, you heard me; you can download an entirely useful SonED without paying anything at all," Stealth wrote on his website Organized Chaos. "Contrary to popular belief, I have wanted this for some time. I wanted pretty much everyone to enjoy it."

    Beforehand, Stealth was offering a slice of the program for free while asking for a monetary donation to unlock the full features. While this is an unexpected move, Stealth says that this does put some barriers up in terms of obtaining funds to continue the software. "I still need some funds as of this moment... business is almost at a halt now."

    We hope that Stealth is able to balance letting the software go with continuing his work on the project; if you want to help support Stealth you can head to his website and do so there.

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