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  • SonicVerse Team Announces Online Fan Comic Convention

    SonicVerse Team launches a fan comic convention online.



    Fan comic production group SonicVerse Team has announced that it will be launching a brand new online event that is being tipped as, 'SAGE for Comics'. The convention, called SVTcc (SonicVerse Team Comic Convention), will take place every March, June and December - with the first show kicking things off just before Christmas 2002.

    Fellow fan comic groups can register to set up a booth where they can show off their latest graphical projects. There will be awards up for grabs for the comics that impress the most, and SVT head 'SonicAdventurer' has revealed that a number of big names have already signed up including Other-M and SU2.

    Read the full statement from SonicAdventurer below, with details on how to register and where you can find the event when it goes live!


    Hello, ladies and germs. This is SA speaking of the SonicVerse Team. I recently announced a big event that'll take place three times a year. It's an online comic convention called SVTcc. Of course, the name is pending upon it's first event so we'll see how that goes. But anyway, for those of you who want to get an idea, refer to the past few SAGE events (for those of you who are famliar with SAGE).

    SVTcc will commence starting this December and from there it'll take place every March, June and December. Basically, this is an open event/contest that'll span for two weeks. Anybody who creates fan comic can enter. You are required to make your own booth (like in SAGE) using your own webspace (sorry, I'm not offering any due to the already many hosted sites).

    All your booths will be linked back to the main SVTcc page under the booths section. When the event opens, people will come and look around. It'll be the biggest fan comic event ever with a GREAT sum of comics to look through. At the end of their reading, they'll vote for their favorite comics (by category) and at the end of the two weeks, the polls will be counted and winners will be issued with small custom awards handed out.

    We already have Other-M, Shadow the Comic, Sonic Shadows, Christine Chong's comic and SU2 signed up for this event, to name a few. I'd like to see the Sonic Ideal, and others join in on this. You don't have to have a team, you don't have to have a comic series, it could even be just comic strips. They'll all be classified into categories.

    In closing, I just want to mention that I'm going to be opening the SVTcc page tomarrow with instructions on how to sign up and details on the event. I hope that word of this reaches out to as many people as possible so we can make this event big. I'll announce the url of the SVTcc page tomarrow. Till then, sleep well people!

    New information about the comic convention has finally been released. Go to the following address and bookmark it, because this is the address where the comic convention will be held:


    We already have comics enlisted in this coming event: Other-M, Shadow the Comic, SU2 and Sonic Shadows to name a few. I've heard of other's interest to join, but no confirmation yet. Christine Chong's comics may make an appearance there.

    This page I just linked you to should explain all. Thanks for listening.

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