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  • The Sonic Hacking Contest Is Returning For 2023!

    Ready, Set, Procrastinate!

    You probably aren't surprised, as it happens every year. But still, it's reassuring to see that, indeed, it's happening. So, the Sonic Hacking Contest is returning for another year. If you're not familiar with the event, it's where Sonic fans can showcase their Sonic game mods and hacks. Content can be submitted to the Contest division, where they will be evaluated by judges and in the running for trophies. If that's not appealing, then there's always the Expo division!


    So, what has changed this year? Not that much. There are 2 major changes this year, however! The first one is that Sonic 3 AIR has received some more representation on the 2D PC judging team this year, something that, unfortunately, wasn't the case last year.

    The second major change is the introduction of entry limits. A user can submit no more than 3 entries to the Contest, but a team can still submit as many as they want. It is also being encouraged to merge multiple entries into a single one when possible, and for participants to send a message to the Contest's staff if the limit is difficult for them to stick to.

    And of course, the Contest Week dates were confirmed too! There was a little debate on changing the October time frame, but it was ultimately decided to stick to it. So, for this year, the Contest Week will be held from October 16th through 21st.

    Via Twitter

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