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  • Ask Dr. Dre(ad): August 2001 Mailbag



    Welcome to Ask Dr. Dre(ad), and you are now within my clinic. I am of course, Dr. Dread, the GP with the most...y. If you have a burning question related to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, you can send them to me and I will make it my duty to prescribe you a satisfactory answer. You can also ask me about myself too, if you like. I mean, it's not like I'm able to get out much... staff cutbacks, you see.


    MP3s Killed The Radio Star

    Are you ever going to post the MP3s from your radio station? Many people enjoy listening to it but no-one gets to listen offline.
    By Shadow the Hedgehog

    A: Well now, 'Shadow', ^_^ I would gladly post up the MP3s featured in the Sega Sonic Radio Station, in fact, Dreadknux was about to do that same thing ages ago, near when the Stadium had that 'New Look' crap about it. But the matter of the situation was web space. Dread simply had no web space to begin with, and therefore putting MP3s up on the site for download would limit the space for the rest of the site.

    But, with Dreadknux thinking of opening a new web space account, and those good people at Topcities allowing 150 whole Megs of space, today MP3 downloads on the Stadium seem like a viable option now. Although, whether to put up MP3's or RAMs online is yet undecided. Would you rather RAM's or MP3's? E-mail your opinion to Dreadknux!

    Sonic SV Et Tu?

    Okay, I've checked the preview of Sonic SV2 on your site... and have the following questions:

    1. Is there a way to make the screen smaller so the graphics show up better?

    2. Does Diablo have a site I can check for the finished SV2?

    3. I have the Tails plushie, can ya send me the Sonic? (Erm)

    By StrataHyren

    A: Answers below:

    1. Possibly, but if there is a way, Diablo hasn't mentioned it to me yet. Maybe he's implementing it in now. It would be a good idea though wouldn't it?

    2. Well as a matter of fact he does! My pal Diablo does have a site all about Sonic SV2, just head on over to this URL: http://www.diablohead.50megs.com/ for his site, Diablo's Garage.

    3. As a matter of fact, I do have a Sonic plushie, but you can't have it, this baby's mine! ^_^

    Seeds of Change

    Hello Dr. Dre :), my name is Shane. I was wondering if you could tell me how to plant seeds in the Chao Gradens in Sonic Adventure 2. "Please help!"
    By Shane

    A: Ah, a mystery to behold, those darling buds of... Chao Garden. ^_^ Anyway, to plant the seeds found in your Chao Adventure 2 VMU game, simply play Sonic Adventure 2 on your DC, go to Chao World and go to a garden where there are Chao there. Go to the VMU Chao loader thing, and load up any Chao you are keeping, with the seed you won.

    One of your Chao will plant the seed, but you have to make sure he has won the watering can and the spade from the Chao races, in Chao Stadium. Once your Chao has both the spade and watering can, he will go off with the seed, an exclamation mark will appear from his head and he will get to work. Hope that helps you Shane.

    Show Me The Fangames!

    Where are the fan games? Like, a Sonic fan game site?
    By Tails

    A: Well, um, there are Fan Games for your delectation in the Sonic Fan Club, right here in the Sonic Stadium. But if it's more you're after, head to my buddy Rlan's site, Sonic Fan Games HQ. There are absolutely tons of Fan Games for your needs. Head to http://ssrg.emulationzone.org/fanmade/ for the site.

    Security Issues

    Where are the three Emeralds on Rouge's (5:00:00) stage? Pllleeeeaaassseeee?
    By lori68111

    A: First of all, calm it a bit OK? ^_^ Secondly, I assume you are talking about 'Security Hall' in the Dark Story. This is indeed a tight little level and to help you I'll give you some quick general information about the level.

    • If a clue hints to opening some safes, then you'll need to use the switches located on the very top floor. To get to the top floor quickly, from where you start the level go straight ahead, destroy the GUN car, and head left. There will be a hint box, with a big box behind it. Climb onto the big box and there'll be a spring. Hit that to go high up, then use the pulley to bring you up to top floor.

    • To unlock the red safes (the ones on the floor you begin the level on) go to the very left where you'll find fans that take you up and down. Use this to avoid the lasers and fall down at the end to hit the switch.

    • To unlock the yellow safes (the ones that are a level up from the floor you begin the level on) head for the centre where there'll be lots of lasers. Glide and avoid the lasers to find the switch at the back. You'll be able to climb the wall immediately behind the switch and glide out of the laser traps easily then.

    • To unlock the blue safes (the ones on top floor in the room you begin the level on) go right and avoid the lasers and robots until you get to the switch at the end of the passage.

    • You can only unlock one set of safes at a time. When you unlock the safes you want, head for the room you began the level on by falling down the hole you entered the top floor from. Go to the relevant floor in the start room (blue is the top, yellow is the middle, and red is at the bottom), find some closed safes. The middle of the safes will flash the GUN symbol when they are unlocked. Climb onto the middle, where the GUN symbol appears, and dig into the safe. The safe should now open.

    • Remember where the 'Block walls' are - you can find out what Block a wall is by looking at the letter on the relevant floor - one wall is Block A, the other Block B, and the third Block C. Memorise where they are, as some hints say 'Block A' or whatever.

    If it is problems with hints that you want, don't hesitate to e-mail me again - as a complete guide to Sonic Adventure 2 will appear at the Sonic Stadium very soon, I can only give you general level info for now. In the guide you will find the 9 most popular hints in each Knuckles/Rouge level among most things, so watch out for that.

    Sonic, He Can Really Move (To My Computer)

    Dear Dr. Dread, I have been looking for a place to download Sonic SatAM videos (not clips), but sadly any other site that I found so far did not have them available for download even though they said they did. So here is my question [ Where can a find a site that has Sonic SatAM videos still available? ]
    By Brian

    A: Well, first searchings founded no working vids for you whatsoever, sorry Brian. This is the ultimate crime in Sonic websites, when they say that they have the videos up for download. I tried many a place for Sonic SatAM video clips, or indeed any cartoon clips to help you. But, all the links on each site appear to be dead.

    But, thanks to a close pal to Dreadknux - Namely Andrew of Sonic News fame, directed me to a place where indeed, SatAM videos are available. Granted, there isn't much videos, but give Sonique a chance eh? To grab the vids, click on this link to be taken to FUS - Fans United for SatAM. More vids may be added soon, but hey, some proper videos have been found Brian. Hope that helps you.

    As Apple Pie

    Can I ask you some questions?

    1. Is this site American?

    2. How old are you?

    By Ben

    A: You may ask me some questions. How polite!

    1. No, indeed this site is NOT American, it's pure UK coolness, an STC (not Archie) loving site. Yep, the Stadium is a UK site, and proud of it! There's not many UK Sonic sites around, there are about three more that I know of.

    2. I'm as old as the trees and the daisies... nah not really I'm the tender age of 16. Ugh, college after the school holidays...


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