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  • Bootleg Zone: Sonic 6 (Game Boy)


    Giggle. Another pirate attempt at trying to slap Sonic on where he wasn't supposed to be - namely the Game Boy during the '90s. You'd be forgiven for thinking that, upon playing this ROM, that it's strangely familiar - that's because it's nothing more than Speedy Gonzales! Yes, indeed. Playing the game however is anything but fast or entertaining...


    You can usually tell if a game's hacked. First of all, the person who hacked it will front his name on everything he can, making him or herself heard. Second of all the gameplay is utter rubbish. Now usually in a Sonic game you can tell the usual stuff that happens. Sonic spins when jumping etc. And you will definitely know that there has never been a Sonic 6 ever, especially for Game Boy.


    I gotta hand it to the guy who made this ROM, you must be very talented. Making the sprites for this game must have taken you ages to make. Although on the other hand, programming the engine must have been a doddle, as this ROM is really 'Smurf's Adventure' in disguise! You can even make out a Looney Tunes theme at the title screen. You could have tried to make it less obvious.

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