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    This is a series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    2001 has been quite literally the kick up the rear that the Sonic Stadium needed to land up there with the best! Who knows what crazy and wacky things I'll come up with that makes this site even more appealing to go to? Monthly logs will soon reveal all on what's going on in my sneaky mind...

    January 2002

    My New Years Resolutions!

    Don't worry, they're all good. ^_^ After the success of the Sonic Site Awards 2001, and the Sonic Fan Club, I think it's time I stepped things up a gear to get this site more noticed. It's ironic to think about how many people have visited this site compared to how popular my events are. Curious...

    The Message Board's not doing too brill either - Sonic Guy, VG, Omega and Neo are still there, but to be honest, one MB can't live on about five people alone. The Board needs more visitors and posters to survive, and apparently Sonic Guy and the others have taken it upon themselves (along with me of course) to promote the site more often. Hopefully, when the Sonic Stadium's relaunched again, more people will take heed...

    About the site, I found interesting things to use with my site. Javascript, it's fantastic, isn't it? Well, only the bit I use anyway. No, my site hasn't gone Java-nutty (I can hardly understand the bloody language) - I simply wanted a navigation bar that would be there on most pages for my site. That would solve the navigation problem.

    However (and this is why I never used the theory before), if I used HTML, I would need to update over 100 pages for the menu alone if a section was to be added. I learned that Java can help so that you can make a Java file, then embed it into as many pages as you like, and you only have to edit one file!

    Next - since the Navi Bar was HTML, and I needed it turned into Java, I quickly found an HTML-Javascript online program which is totally fantastic! Find it here: It's called DocWriter. That's the only Javascript I use for the Stadium, and all that I'll need for my site, so don't worry about your browser screwing, as it's even the most basic of Java. I am slowly going through the Stadium's new pages - it's gonna take me longer than the January 31st Deadline I set for myself, that's for sure...


    The last site design before I went on to SSNG...

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