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  • Dreadknux's Diaries: Soon to Relaunch With Sonic Fan Club


    Message added by Dreadknux,

    This is a聽series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    I figured I should make up a new project that should involve the whole of the Sonic community. After all, that is what I'm here for. I looked at all the Fan submission sites - SFGHQ, SSRG, etc, and I thought why not have a fan submission section where ALL the aspects of Sonic fandom are included? It does make sense right? And thus, the Sonic Fan Club was born, and the first of its kind.聽馃槃

    I also wanted to revive Sonic Groove Choons FM, but without the crappy name, so it has been re-christened to 'Sega Sonic Radio'. Ah, not such a lary name now. ^_^ It also has a LOT more music to it than it did before, if people actually got over the cheesy name last time.

    I thought of adding a LOT more pages, so I made them, including the BETA games section, the Petitions section, as well as Sonic Fan Club. I was preparing the Sonic Adventure 2 information page, but I had to wait for the 23rd for that. Sonic Fan Club involves everything that is related to Sonic fandom - Fan Games, Fan Art, Fan Fics, the lot. It's strange though, it's such an innovative idea, yet people were pretty wary of the project at first.

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