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  • Dreadknux's Diaries: The Kick-Ass Relaunch


    Message added by Dreadknux,

    This is a series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    Here I am, uploading all the files through CuteFTP into Angelfire, taking bloody ages because there's so much new stuff to upload. Then I realise that I have no more room. ARGH! I was in panic, I had one night to upload all my things. Then I noticed Topcities that did 150MB of space. Crikey! I signed up, uploaded, and the day was saved!

    The new look Sonic Stadium was launched on my birthday as well. Man was I proud! It took me six months, but I finally got the whole thing sorted! There were many things I had thought of but canned. One was a frame - I actually warned everyone on the tester main page that this would have a frame. But thanks to the top menu below the very top picture, and a little alteration of the main page, I decided it wasn't necessary after all.

    Below is the main page you saw when you loaded the site on the relaunch (click the image to see in full size). It was cool, but after a month, I decided to change it for the better. Now this site is perfect(ish. ... Alright then, it isn't. Hmph! 🙂 )


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