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  • Dreadknux's Diaries: The Message Board Revived - Again!



    Message added by Dreadknux,

    This is a series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    Not much happened other than myself trying to revive the Message Board (yet again - this was the fourth time, and was really getting me down). However, I changed the name (from firstly, the 'Sonic Stadium MB', to 'Dreadknux's Forum', to 'Dead Sonic Forum' [when I lost it for a bit]) to the 'Sega Sonic Message Board'. I used a cool looking background which I came across by accident by colouring in Sonic and Shadow on Paint. ^_^

    It was good to begin with - Krammnim and H Hog started appearing regularly, and even Joshknux put his two pennies in, before disappearing - from the Moogle Cavern, my MB and, possibly, the universe. o_O

    The idea that Neon Chaos and I had seemed to be merely a spur of the moment, which is a shame, although it probably would have broken a bond and friendship between two webmasters if it didn't work. I guess we're better off working alone...

    The Sonic Fan Club is finally getting attention, thanks in no small part to the addition of the Sonic Hoaxers Club (for hoaxes, obviously). I was aware of the madness that would come if this got popular, as I learned from poor Kulock of the Moogle Cavern.

    And it rings true now - I haven't had the time really to update many of the hoax pages, which means poor Ultimo has about 40 odd images lying on my hard drive instead of on the site where it should be. Probably because of the exams I had this month in college, my new learning place after high school.

    Neh, it's OK, it's better than school; I get more time off. ^_^

    The Sonic Site Awards Phase II, in which the most popular submissions from PHASE 1 in each award category was put in polls, closes the end of this month too. After that, it's up to me to count the votes, and I'm planning a special Radio Station Broadcast - live to everyone listening, of the results.

    I have it all worked out, just hope my modem/Live 365 can keep up.

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