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  • Dreadknux's Diaries: The Un-De-Fragging Thing



    Message added by Dreadknux,

    This is a聽series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    I had to defrag my computer, it was annoying, I tell you, so I couldn't not only use the PC, but defrag was not even working properly! Three days and it hadn't even reached 2%! Just kept going back and forward from 0% to 1% then 0% again >_<. I managed to give it a break and check my e-mails. Jesus! The amount of emails I had, I had never gotten anything like this amount before. Dead chuffed I was, as I counted all the submissions.

    After all that, I thanked Tristan - that must have been the source of the mad rush (about 20 in 2 days! ^_^) and checked the hit counter. Well over 1,100, and yet no-one still hasn't posted an image of the count. Ah well, looks like I'll have to re-arrange the main page to sort that out...

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