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  • SEGA at E3 2001: Day 1 Coverage


    SEGA revealed more of their third-party publishing plans during the first day of E3, with SoA President Peter Moore confirming a slew of games for Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation 2.

    Top of the list for hardcore SEGA fans include Virtua Fighter 4 and Space Channel 5, which will be arriving on PS2 this fall in the US, along with the reveal of Crazy Taxi Next, House of the Dead 3, Jet Grind Radio Future and Panzer Dragoon on Xbox.

    Gun Valkyrie, SEGA GT2 and the next roster of SEGA Sports games (NFL2K3, NBA2K3, World Series Baseball 2K3, NCAA Football 2K3) will also hit Microsoft's new hardware, with the Sports titles in particular taking advantage of the console's online capabilities.

    NFL2K2 and NBA2K2 were also confirmed to have releases on Xbox and PS2 as well as SEGA's Dreamcast. Come back later tonight for more info on E3's lineup for tomorrow!

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