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  • Chao Can Be Good or Evil in SA2


    We knew that Chao Gardens were set to return in Sonic Adventure 2, but we've never seen anything like this before! It looks like you'll be able to now raise Good and Evil Chao!

    The latest update to the official Sonic Team website shows the image of an angelic and demonic Chao, that can apparently be raised by any of the characters in the game. There will even be Hero and Dark Chao Gardens, so you can make them feel right at home.


    A lot of other improvements are included in the Chao Raising element, too, including new items for your Chao to use (like TVs) and new races for them to participate in. Check out the screenshots here!

    sa2-chao-garden01.jpg sa2-chao-garden02.jpg sa2-chao-garden03.jpg sa2-chao-garden04.jpg sa2-chao-garden05.jpg sa2-chao-garden06.jpg sa2-chao-herogarden01.jpg sa2-chao-herogarden02.jpg sa2-chao-herogarden03.jpg sa2-chao-herogarden04.jpg sa2-chao-darkgarden01.jpg sa2-chao-darkgarden02.jpg sa2-chao-darkgarden03.jpg sa2-chao-darkgarden04.jpg sa2-chao-race01.jpg sa2-chao-race02.jpg sa2-chao-race03.jpg sa2-chao-race04.jpg

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