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  • Nintendo Gamecube - And Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - Launch in Europe



    Well, it's about bloomin' time! After launching in Japan in September and in North America in November, Nintendo has finally launched its latest console, Gamecube, in UK and rest of Europe today. Only took them seven months!

    Today - technically - is also the day that Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is released, as a launch title for the Gamecube, but it was actually made available for purchase last week. Still, there was no way to play it until today, so make the most of the game once you have that shiny purple (or black) cube hooked up to your telly.

    It has also been an excruciating wait for Sonic Adventure 2: Battle in the UK and Europe - the game hit store shelves in Japan back in December and in North America in February. Suffice to say, us European fans have the patience of saints!

    Happy Gamecube Launch Day!

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