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  • Rumour: Sonic Adventure Gamecube Will Feature More Improvements Than SA2 Battle


    We know now that Sonic Team intends to port the original Sonic Adventure to Nintendo's Gamecube console, following the success of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. But according to a new report, the developer intends to put a lot more effort into adding new features than they did with SA2.

    From Sonic HQ, "Sonic Team told a Japanese magazine that the Gamecube SA1 port would have more improvements than SA2: Battle did." They cite an interview that was posted on IGN's forums (via their own), which we can't currently find - and Sonic HQ themselves are not 100% sure of the information, so we're flagging this as a rumour.

    But, given that SA2 Battle was a Gamecube launch title (and Sonic's first third-party outing) we can believe the idea that Sonic Team wanted to focus on a quick port just in case it didn't sell well... now that we know it has, it opens the door for the developer to spend more time on future Gamecube projects. Great news, if true!

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