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  • SEGA: Next Sonic Game Will Be Announced in July

    New Sonic game to be unveiled at World Hobby Fair.

    We won't have to wait much longer for details on the next Sonic game, as SEGA has announced that it will be unveiling Sonic Team's new project during next month's World Hobby Fair in Japan.

    The news comes via SEGA's official messaging on the World Hobby Fair website, where the company mentions that it will announce the next Sonic game at the show. No other details - not even platforms - were shared, but there are rumours that this could be the first time Sonic will appear on Microsoft's Xbox console.

    SEGA will also be showing off Super Monkey Ball 2 at the event, as well as a rare Chao download for attendees. Plenty of special souvenirs will also be able to be purchased, so that's nice for those with fat wallets too!

    World Hobby Fair takes place in Japan on July 13 and 14. We'll let you know what news comes from it as soon as it happens.

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