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  • SEGA Smashes 'Sonic on Game Boy' Rumour


    Not too long after we reported on a rumour that Sonic might be heading to Nintendo's Game Boy, Sega has made a statement about the situation. The blue blur isn't coming to the once-rival portable console after all.

    FGN Online cites a UK 'newspaper article' (they probably mean UK Official Dreamcast Magazine) which indicated that Sonic would hit Game Boy. But they followed up with Sega Europe reps who said that the rumour is false. All of Sega's divisions - Sega Japan, Sega of America and Sega Europe, have all denied that Sonic is hitting Nintendo's handheld.

    According to the Sega rep, the Dreamcast magazine "probably put two and two together to make five," referring to a smaller (even more outlandish) rumour that Sega would be making multi-platform games.

    We'll let you know if anything changes on this. But it seems like it was wishful thinking after all.

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