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  • Sonic Advance Sales Hit 1.7 Million

    Sales for Sonic's first Game Boy Advance outing have impressed SEGA.



    The Sonic sales train keeps charging ahead at full speed, as SEGA has announced that sales of both Sonic Advance and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle have passed some significant milestones.

    During a press conference, SEGA revealed that Sonic Advance has sold 1.7 million units worldwide. That's a huge number, and 200k more than Virtua Fighter on the PS2 - a much more popular console than the GBA. Just demonstrates the power of Sonic!

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Gamecube has also performed very well, with SEGA also announcing that both the Gamecube launch title and Super Monkey Ball have sold 1.2 million units worldwide. Unfortunately, figures for each title weren't given, but we suspect that SA2 Battle would have contributed to a larger piece of that pie.

    Source: tSf News

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