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  • Sonic Advance Will Feature Chao Connectivity With Sonic Adventure 2 Battle



    Interesting news - it sounds like Sonic Adventure 2 on the Gamecube will interact in some ways with Sonic Advance on Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. From what we understand, this will come in the form of a unique way to raise Chao on the move.

    According to IGN Pocket, the Gamecube version of SA2 will feature Chao Races, similar to those seen in the original Dreamcast version. However, to help grow and raise your Chao, you can connect a GBA to the Gamecube using a special communication cable, and use the handheld to boost the stats of your little blobby pet.

    On the Dreamcast, players can raise the stats of their Chao using their Visual Memory Units - they can download their pets onto the memory card and play Chao Adventure 2 on the digital screen whilst out of the house. It sounds like this will be a similar feature on GBA and Gamecube, but hopefully with the power of the new portable console we may see this 'Tiny Chao Garden' offer more elaborate features.

    Source: IGN Pocket

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