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  • Sonic Adventure Still in Dreamcast US Top 5 Chart


    Even after 18 months on store shelves, Sonic Adventure remains one of the biggest-selling Dreamcast games ever! Below is the latest Top 10 Chart for Dreamcast games, and as you can see the launch title is still riding high in the top  5. Full list below - keep running, Sonic!

    1. Phantasy Star Online, Sega, $51
    2. Crazy Taxi, Sega, $20
    3. NBA 2K1, Sega, $49
    4. Sonic Adventure, Sega, $20
    5. NFL 2K1, Sega, $50
    6. NBA 2K, Sega, $20
    7. NFL 2K, Sega, $20
    8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, Activision, $46
    9. NHL 2K, Sega, $20
    10. Metropolis Street Racer, Sega, $41

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