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  • 'Sonic Billiards' Breaks Out on Sonic Cafe Japanese Mobile Service



    We wouldn't have put Sonic down as a guy who likes the slow-paced action of the Billiards table, but everybody needs a lazy day every now and then. Sonic Billiards is the latest game to hit SEGA's Japanese mobile phone game service, Sonic Cafe.


    The i-Mode-compatible app allows players to play a classic game of nine-ball. You can either play against the computer across various levels of difficulty, or against a friend by taking turns alternately on the same device. In single-player mode, you can earn experience points for won games and pocketed balls, which allows you to level up. Higher levels unlock more abilities such as a longer directional line when taking a shot.

    2002-cafe-sonicbilliards2-1.gif 2002-cafe-sonicbilliards3-1.gif 2002-cafe-sonicbilliards4-1.gif 2002-cafe-sonicbilliards5-1.gif

    Source: Sonic Team

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