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  • 'Sonic Golf' Mobile Game Tees Off on Japanese Sonic Cafe Service



    Looks like that Sonic Café experiment (using a toned-down Sonic the Hedgehog platform game) was a success, because Sonic Team has released another game in the Japanese Mobile Phone service. This time, however, Sonic takes a break from bopping Eggman and indulges in a spot of golfing.

    2002-cafe-sonicgolf1.gif 2002-cafe-sonicgolf2.gif 2002-cafe-sonicgolf3.gif

    Sonic Golf' challenges 'ketai' users to complete a 9-hole course with as few strokes as possible. Scores are uploaded and shared with other Sonic Cafe users, and 'prize money' is awarded to those who top the leaderboards. Whether this amounts to real prize money or virtual prize money isn't clear on the Sonic Golf website.

    It appears that one course will be available at a time, but new courses will be released over time, and can be downloaded when available by pressing the '0' key on the main menu.

    Otherwise, it's a pretty standard game of golf; choose your club, select the power of your swing, putt the ball in the hole and try to avoid getting any bogeys. Some screens of the game, via the Sonic Golf website, can be found below.

    2002-cafe-sonicgolf4.gif 2002-cafe-sonicgolf5.gif 2002-cafe-sonicgolf6.gif 2002-cafe-sonicgolf7.gif

    Source: Sonic Team

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