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  • Sonic Team Muses Over Where Sonic Should Go Next


    The blue blur might be heading to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, but Sonic Team is keeping schtum over any future third party platform announcements, with Yuji Naka simply saying that the studio is "looking into all platforms."

    In an interview with Famitsu Weekly Magazine, the father of Sonic was asked about his development team's plans now that SEGA has become a third party publisher. Asked about whether Sonic Team was working on any other platforms besides GBA, Naka added that, "Sonic himself is probably thinking he wants to take a run on other platforms. I'm not sure which ones. We'll have to ask him."

    What a tease! But, if Sonic Advance is heading to Nintendo's portable, then it would make sense for Sonic to appear on the Gamecube home console as well. With Sonic Adventure 2 coming out in just a few months time, Naka-san's vague comments are understandable.

    Can you imagine Sonic on Gamecube, Xbox or PlayStation 2? Nintendo, ironically, seems the least crazy to us, but this is the world we're living in now. Embrace the future!

    Source: Famitsu (via IGN)

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