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  • Sonic Team Shares New Sonic Advance 2 Stage Details and Screenshots



    We got our first taste of Sonic Advance 2 just the other day with some screenshots of the game's opening stages, but today Sonic Team has launched the official Sonic Advance 2 minisite with some more images and bit more info.

    screens-advance2-sep2002-001.gif screens-advance2-sep2002-002.gif

    Each of the three Zones we've already seen - including Leaf Forest above - have a new screenshot added which can help detail a little more about the art style and approach of the game. Grind rails are back and seem connected to platforms this time around. Sonic Team says of Leaf Forest that 'there is a slightly artificial atmosphere', suggesting that this isn't as natural a forest as we are led to believe.

    screens-advance2-sep2002-004.gif screens-advance2-sep2002-003.gif

    Confirming what we reported before, Sonic Team says that this game will focus on 'speed' compared to the original Sonic Advance. Hot Crater, the stage seen above, features 'artificial objects in the rock surface' as well as a factory built into the volcano.

    screens-advance2-sep2002-006.gif screens-advance2-sep2002-005.gif

    This stage now has a name! Music Plant is described as a 'mysterious place with pop colours' and talks about objects that make sound when you touch them. As you can see in the Sonic screenshot above, it looks like there will be new moves to try out which will help you get around stages quicker.

    We're really loving the vibrancy of these screenshots and think Sonic Advance 2 is coming along really nicely. When we hear more about the game's features, we'll let you know.

    Source: Sonic Advance 2 Official Website

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