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  • Take Care of A Good Chao Pal in Latest Japanese Sonic Cafe Title



    SEGA's next mobile phone game for its Japan-exclusive subscription service focuses on the adorable Chao A-Life system. 'Nakayoshi Chao' (なかよしチャオ), which loosely translates to '[A] Good Friend Chao', has players taking care of a 3D animated Chao as if they were a Tamagotchi.


    It's a game built specially for the DoCoMo iMode 504i series of phones, which is the latest model and can produce 3D graphics. The Chao can interact with you using detailed gestures, facial expressions and voices. If you play with the Chao and take good care of it, some of its friends may come to play as well.

    You can build a little happy family of multiple Chao, and also redecorate the Chao's room as well. Sounds like a cute little distraction, after a series of parlour and leisure games featuring Sonic. Give the blue blur a break and spend some time with your A-Life friends.

    2002-soniccafe-chao1.gif 2002-soniccafe-chao2.gif 2002-soniccafe-chao3.gif

    Source: Sonic Team

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